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LeMondeBenzodiazepines copy.jpgJDD03 copy.jpgCover01 copy.jpgfrance-americapaper portraitstatisticfacepaper treeLe goeland qui sait miaou_editorialpaper shadow_editorialglass_editorialhandshake_editorial SYLVIE SERPRIX Sylvie is a French illustrator currently living in Paris. After receiving her Masters of Graphic Arts, she began freelancing with assignments that included documentary drawing, web graphics, and 2D designs background for video games. She now works with newspapers and magazines, regularly collaborating with Le Monde and Liberation. To date she’s done 15 children’s book covers and her children's books have received many awards, including the Incos Prize 2014 and City of Cherbourg Prize 2014. Her book Arrête de lire! has been translated into Chinese and Korean. Sylvie also creates art for logos, posters, portraits, and participates in exhibitions.