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Bénédicte Caillat

Represented by

The Bright Agency


Bénédicte was introduced to watercolour during a cold and rainy Easter holiday, aged 9, and hasn’t put her brushes down since. She embarked on a Degree of History of Art followed by a Fine Arts school qualification and, in 2001, her love of warm weather and blue skies (ha!) brought her to London where she continued to paint while working in publishing before deciding to make the leap to committing to illustration full-time. She now creates watercolour illustrations for cards, stationery, and editorial briefs, among many other projects, while also continuing to work on larger scale paintings in acrylics. A few of Bénédicte’s favourite things, in no particular order: deep colours, vintage papers, cooking, countryside landscapes, black and white movies, pop and classical music, illustrated travel books, brush strokes on raw canvas, and the Mediterranean.