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Carolina Alcazar

illustration of Commissioned by Principia magazine, science magazine published in Spain. Conceptual editorial illustration about climate change and how our diet is increasing it. It is a digital illustration looking to achieve a more analogical texture and feeling.
illustration of It is an illustrated recipe for kids. Submitted to Illustoria magazine.
illustration of This is one of the illustrations included in a personal project recently produced. This tiny story of 12 pages talks about summer in Scotland and it was produced digitally using Clip Studio Paint.
illustration of Illustrated front cover for Holyrood magazine. Political and current affairs magazine published in Scotland. This cover has been created for an annual health issue. The illustration was made mixing ink drawings, vector illustration and hand made textures, finishing it in Adobe Photoshop.
illustration of Poster illustrated and designed for The Meadows festival. It was planned from a 4 colour palette, creating digital characters, heading typography and design of each marketing material, including a program with a festival map, banners for social media and extra posters for the festival after-party.
illustration of Editorial spot illustration commissioned by La Factoría Prisa to be published in Savia magazine, a trade magazine for the travel industry. The illustration was produced using acrylic paint an afterward digitally retouched in adobe photoshop to obtain the real colours produced by the acrylics.
animation of Stunning traditional animation and sound design. Visual created Carolina Cancanilla from acrylic paintings and pencil drawings on Photoshop and Premier. Sound design created by Luis del Pozo using Pro Tools.


Carolina Cancanilla is the pseudonym for Carolina Alcazar, an illustrator from Andalucía working worldwide from Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work practice is focused on communicating complex concepts using a vivid pictorial style full of warm colors. She works for different media such as La Maleta de Portbou magazine. Diario Sur Newspaper, Revista Savia, Principia magazine, Soberanía Alimentaria, Biodiversidad y Culturas, Hot Rum Cow, Holyrood Magazine, BBC History. Also, she has worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for music festivals and community projects such as The Edinburgh Meadows Festivals, Girls Rock School Edinburgh and The Edinburgh Anti-Repression Forum. Besides her freelancing work, she is an in-house graphic designer for Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland.


Acrylic, Animation, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Mixed Media, Painterly, Realism, Special Effects, Type Design, Concept Art, Vector, Rich Picture


Humor, Book Covers, Children, Children's Products, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Health, Holidays, Industrial, Medical, Music, Political, Posters, Product, Science, Transportation, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental, Branding