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Sara Gironi Carnevale

illustration of Illustration for Resist! Volume 2 about Women’s March of 21st January 2017
illustration of Conceptual, Digital, Editorial, Nature, Environmental
illustration of Personal project about migrant crisis and intolerance in Europe.
illustration of Personal project about Brexit mess.
illustration of Cover illustration for deVolkskrant Opinion section about sexual harassments in movie industry.
illustration of Rejected cover proposal for The New Yorker summer issue 2017
illustration of Cover illustration for a Master Studio catalogue.
illustration of Personal project.
illustration of Illustration for Artwort Magazine.
illustration of Illustration for Science Magazine about one of the biggest fraud in scientific field.


Sara Gironi Carnevale is an awards winning Italian illustrator. In 2014 she graduated in Communication and Graphic Design at the Italian institute for Design, in Turin. After working for a few years in the advertising field, in 2016 she decided to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator. Among the clients she works with: The Washington Post, Scientific American, the daily Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Corriere della Sera - The Italian leading newspaper, Science Magazine, Politico Europe. In September 2019 she published with Magazzini Salani her first graphic novel "Io non sono Islam".


Conceptual, Digital, Concept Art


Book Covers, Editorial, Education, Health, Landscape, Medical, Nature, People, Political, Science, Scientific, Sports, Travel, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Environmental