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Susie Ang

illustration of Two extraterrestrial lovers are enjoying the dandelion season on earth, having a massive fun.
illustration of This illustration tells about girl power in the wilderness, that big girls don't cry and no damsel in distress, but fighting with lightsabers. Pardon my wild imagination.
illustration of Bidding his lover a farewell through only a letter, a man departed his house, his life, for good, to the untraced unknown, leaving her heavily broke down.


Susie Ang is an architect graduate and a self taught illustrator. During her younger years, she began practicing art with pastel and watercolor. Later, she found interest in creating stories and spaces with mixed media. In most of her works is her personal experience of various themes in life, as not only does she love to retell but also lives up to them in a way she loves and cherishes. She also writes, swims, and daydreams whenever her time is available.


Digital, Figurative, Mixed Media


Editorial, Fantasy, Romance, Feminine