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Vadym Solowski

illustration of Cover illustration for the most popular Polish newspaper: Gazeta Wyborcza.

In recent years, Poland is in stagnation, but there is hope that it will get out of this impasse.
illustration of I was invited to take part in a great initiative by and drew a pro-ecological poster🌿

This eco poster encourages cutting down on our harmful waste and air pollution.
illustration of What does talking about the ‘rainbow plague’ lead to? What connects the Polish right-wing with the American alt-right? How much manipulation of fake-researches and statistics by right-wing politicians in debates and during public appearances? 

Such complex topics are the main theme of this issue of the polish magazine ZNAK, for which I drew this cover illustration.
illustration of Are you sure you are in a cage?

Sometimes we set ourselves up, that we do not have the opportunity, forgetting to look around. 

This illustration was shortlisted ar World Illustration Awards 2019.
illustration of Two on Tour (To Say Nothing of the Dog). ‘Two’ — are modern poets, the ‘Tour’ — is European, and the Dog — is imaginary.

The Tour started with my 'native' city — Warsaw, in honour of what I drew a poster.
illustration of Every year festival presents about 60 concerts with approx. 300 artists from Poland and abroad. Total number of spectators is around 40.000. 

Festival is the biggest Polish Jazz Festival and one of the biggest in Europe.
illustration of Illustration for the Pismo. Magazine
illustration of The cover design for the latest issue of the Contemporary Lynx Magazine, the main theme of which is Climate Catastrophe / A Greener Future. 

The cover consists of three parts, on the main page is a hole that is complemented by the second and third page of the magazine. 

This issue revolves around such topics as sustainability, biodiversity, living in harmony with nature, renewable energy, slow-fashion, zero-waste design, slow-living, and a greener future 🌎.
illustration of The illustration is dedicated to 'La Grande Librairie' (which means 'The Big Library') – a very popular french TV show on prime time that talks about books and literature. 

It was a Back-Cover illustration of the French quarterly 'America' (for the issue published in January 2020), whose editor-in-chief Francois Busnel is also the host of the 'La Grande Librairie' TV show.
illustration of Me, when I am trying to stay positive despite a lot of 'trash' thoughts inside my head.


Vadym Solowski is a Nuclear Power Engineer who became an Artist, Illustrator and Art Director.

 He adores to tell stories, catch feelings, make connections, encourage reflection. And eat pizza. He tries to use "a language of symbols" which — like music — is understandable for everyone. 
 Most of his time he devotes to illustrations for magazines, posters, covers. 

From time to time he also binds words in sweaters or stories and sometimes he presents some of his ideas in installations or performances at artistic exhibitions.

 His posters travel to different parts of the world — Spain, Bolivia, the Netherlands, India, Italy, Russia, Slovakia and others

. He currently lives in Warsaw but wants to move to Barcelona and die in New York.


Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Mixed Media, Pastel, Decorative, Crayon


Humor, Animals, Editorial, Health, Leisure, Music, Nature, People, Political, Posters, Sci-Fi, Technology, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Environmental