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I was hired to create an MMA Sponsor shirt for Bang4Bang Fight Gear. The shirt was worn by Toby Misech in Bellator 235. You can see more on my Behance page:


VectorChef Design Studio

illustration of If you love video games and sci-fi, this piece is a mix of both. Chrono Trigger is a role-playing video game that involves time travel much like the popular BBC show known as Doctor Who.

Keywords, Anime, Design, Graphic, Stylized, Vector, Comic Book, Game, Sci-Fi, Tardis, Fan Art
illustration of The following is a crossover of two legendary video game characters. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) and Captain Price (Call of Duty Modern Warfare).

My concept was to have Price talk with Solid Snake on Snake's Codec. Price is not much for chatter which makes this ironic in a funny way.

#design #digital #vector #stylized #game #parody #military #gamer #videogame #illustration
illustration of I wanted to create something unique with elements from Hawaii using plants and various patterns and tattoo markings. This Hawaiian octopus known as He'e uses these elements to camouflage itself like it would in the real world.

Keywords: Vector, Pattern, Design, Ethnic, Nature, Stylized, Textile, Hawaiian, Education, Octopus
illustration of Solid Hawaii is a Hawaiian apparel company that's based in the island of Maui. This illustration depicts various plants that are native to Hawaii.

Keywords: Design, Vector, Ethnic, Logo Design, Logos, Surface Design, Textiles, Apparel, T-Shirt Design,
illustration of Keywords: Owl, Vector, Graphic, Design, Digital, Animals, Lifestyle, Ethnic, Editorial, Environmental, Nature
illustration of Keywords: Vector, Animals, Ethnic, Nature, Editorial, Wildlife, Stylized, Textiles, Graphic, Design
illustration of The logo you see here was created for a British born cake maker that currently resides in Texas. She wanted a different take on the usual boring cake/wedding cake logo. I created this design based on a
illustration of I want to take food illustration to the next level. This pot of beef stew is what you need when you want a nice, hearty meal !

#food #recipe #meal #foodillustration
illustration of Believe it or not, this entire bowl of ramen is a vector illustration. I wanted to take food illustration to the next level.

#ramen #recipe #japan #yum #tasty #udon #restaurant #umami
illustration of A digital rendering of a cupcake made entirely in Photoshop.

Keywords:  Digital, Stylized, Editorial, Education, Food, Food/Beverage, Packaging, Recipe, Cupcake, Dessert
illustration of This is a character named Corsair who is on a concept version of a Forever Stamp.

Anime, Cartoon, Design, Graphic, Vector, Greeting Cards, Posters,
illustration of Ori Fest is  Tahitian Dance Festival that performs in Las Vegas and in Arizona. The event is held twice a year. My illustration was created for their t-shirts, flyers, and on social media. This particular design and event is dedicated to a dancer named
illustration of Animals, Food, Food/Beverage, Nature, Stylized, Wildlife, Graphic, Design, Fish
illustration of Keywords: Animals, Education, Environmental, Food, Nature, Wildlife, Vector, Design, Fish
illustration of I wanted to create a unique twist to your usual watercolor paintings. This was a concept I devised for a fictitious Nevada Zoo flyer. 

Keywords: Animals, Book Covers, Editorial, Education, Environmental, Nature, Wildlife, Watercolor
illustration of I wanted to incorporate items that were part of my childhood during the 80's and 90's. Combining a VHS Cassette, a cassette, and a turntable was a wild concept that was a fun venture.

Keywords: Vector, Music, Lifestyle, Vintage, Retro, Lifestyle, Design, Editorial
illustration of Keywords: Vector, Realism, Technology, Medical, Health, Technical, Graphic, Design, Scientific, Science
illustration of I wanted to create a unique concept using Japanese characters to form an image. Japanese culture reflects on their attention to detail and pride themselves with the highest quality possible. 

Basically, we are seeing the entire forest and not just one tree. In this case, it's thousands of handwritten Japanese characters in the shape of a Yamaha FZR-1000.

Keywords: Concept Art, Digital, Fine Art, Technical, Stylized, Vector, Technology, Transportation, Yamaha, Lifestyle
illustration of I wanted to create a unique concept using Japanese characters to form an image. Japanese culture reflects on their attention to detail and pride themselves with the highest quality possible. 

Basically, we are seeing the entire forest and not just one tree. In this case, it's thousands of handwritten Japanese characters in the shape of a Yamaha FZR-1000. 

illustration of The Riversquatch is a special Sasquatch. This one has learned to associate himself with society. Some say that he's the true party animal !

Keywords: Sasquatch, Vector, Nature, Wildlife, Textiles, Masculine, Editorial, Humor
illustration of Enchanted Forest is a three day cannabis friendly event that's held in Oregon by Sweet Tey's Catering. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Oregon homeless. 

Keywords: Design, Digital, Lifestyle, Stylized, Flyer, Print Design, Events, Cannabis
illustration of The Chocobo Racers are characters that were inspired by playing the Final Fantasy RPG game series.

Keywords: Anime, Game, Comic Book, Vector, Digital, Cartoon, Concept Art, Stylized
illustration of The Hawaiian warrior helmet you see here is also know as an
illustration of The taro plant design incorporates the islands of Hawaii within it. Poi is a side dish that is made from the taro plant and is a natural addition for Hawaiian dishes.

Keywords: Agriculture, Environmental, Ethnic, Food, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Nature, Textiles, Stylized
illustration of The concept of this piece came from combining an idea and the spark to execute a concept to reality.

Keywords: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Vector, Posters, Editorial, Education
illustration of Technical pen drawing of a cantaloupe.

#fruit #cantaloupe #yum #produce
illustration of Branding, Logo Design, Stylized, Technical, Vector, Education, Industrial, Information Graphics, Technology, Logos
illustration of Keywords: Branding, Logos, Vector, Design, Stylized
illustration of 108 characters were colored in Photoshop after being hand sketched and put together on four sheets of writing paper.

Keywords: Anime, Cartoon, Concept Art, Digital, Line with Color, Stylized, Children, Youth
illustration of Keywords: Vector, Stylized, Ethnic, Nature, Graphic, Design, Education, Editorial
illustration of Keywords: Pen & Ink, Fine Art, Transportation, Editorial, Stipple, Americana, Lifestyle, Realism, Line
illustration of This is a Photoshop illustration of an online couple I've known for some time.

Keywords: Digital, Stylized, Realism, People, Portrait,
illustration of An Illustration of Lee Hee Jin (one of the members of a K-Pop group called Baby V.O.X.)

This was done with a pencil sketch and finished with Photoshop.

Keywords: Digital, Film/Entertainment, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Celebrities, Music, People, Stylized, Korean


I'm a Las Vegas based graphic designer and illustrator that's worked on a variety of projects from logos, illustrations (hand drawn, vector, digital), apparel design, and and other print design work. When I'm not designing for clients, I tutor graphic design students.


Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stipple, Stylized, Technical, Watercolor, Decorative, Pattern, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Anime


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Industrial, Information Graphics, Medical, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Textiles, Transportation, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Environmental, Branding, Surface Design, Logos