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Sara McCall-Ephron

illustration of Personal work. fairytale, retro, dark, bright, classic illustration, golden age, children, children's book, tunnel, church, fantasy, Hansel and Gretel, rainbow, bother and sister, nostalgic, nostalgia, colored pencil, ink, vibrant, stained glass, colors, storybook, two children, bundled, coats and hats, holding hands, mittens, lost, mysterious, magical forest. standing, church-like, hall, trees, small faces, expressive, surprise, worry.
illustration of Personal work. watercolor, colorful, impressionistic, tie dye, happy, sneakers, red, tee shirt, overalls, running, rainbow bridge, rainbow, yellow cat, cat, feline, chasing, fairy, stars, glowing, night sky, sky, magic, fairytale, inspirational, spiritual, uplifting, friendship, youth, youthful, fun, adventure, exploring, child, children, children's book, textural, atmospheric, smiling, laughing, space, cosmos, milky way, bright, African American, ethnic, magical nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Book cover. Children raise money to bring clean water to a village in the Amazon Rainforest. A portion of the proceeds from this book, which I illustrated, go to the non profit, Rainforest Flow. magical realism, water, bridge, different cultures, friendship, environmental, tropical, Peru, Amazon, underwater, flowing, bubbles, sand, seashell, child sleeping, animals, bird, Toucan, frog, tree frog, botanical, bird of paradise, butterfly, blue morpho, palm leaves,
illustration of A portion of the proceeds from this book, which I illustrated, go to the non profit, Rainforest Flow. Classroom discussion about clean drinking water. children, school, elementary school, lesson, class, classroom, collaborative, learning, education, faces, children's faces, expressive, thoughtful, environmental education, multi cultural, diversity, communication, community, environmental,  activism, teacher, students, children's book, children's book illustration
illustration of English style, red, double decker bus, transports, urban passengers, ukulele player, businessman, grey hat, sleeping, man, old lady, purse, curious baby, sightseeing, exotic birds, parrot, owl, stork, flamingo, pelican, cardinal, and others, on a road tour. Baby, mother, coffee, bus driver, bus, double decker, children, children's book, stylized, retro, wheels, Richard Scary, Busy Town, colorful, bright, classic, classic illustration, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of nursery rhyme, animals, frolic, dancing, singing, light of the full moon. full moon, moon, fairytale, classic children's book illustration, dog, cow, cat, anthropomorphic, musicians, bass, upright bass, bass fiddle, fiddle, violin, botanical, rose, flower, night, sky, clouds, moonlight, moonlit, shadow, hilltop, spoon, dish, stars, happy, grinning, fun, humor, whimsical, marriage, top hat, wedding veil, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Beatrix Potter, children, children's book, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Nursery rhyme, classic style, golden age, fox, goose, lady, gentleman, walking stick, tipping his hat, windy, England, Brighton, cobblestone, stormy, boots, old fashioned, period, cottage, seaside, pink, blue, watercolor, pencil, ink, anthropomorphic, fairytale, children, children's book, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Beatrix Potter, Wolf in sheep's clothing, psychological, women's issues, metaphor, edgy nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of A space ship sailing through the cosmos, gets stuck in an eddy, Saturn laughs while the stars sing a
illustration of Dreamcat visits at night. cat, dreaming, dream, sleep, sleeping, girl, child, sleeping child, pajamas, winged, wings, angel, animal, moon, night, night time, bed, bedtime, stars, open window, billowing curtains, children's story, children's book, protection, protector, spirit animal, spiritual, new age, mystical, mythical, striped cat, big eyes, kitten, mysterious, dreamy,
illustration of Personal work. Children's story, Dream, cat, glow, full moon, night, sky, night sky, rolling hills, countryside, sheep, fields, Scottish, English, girl, child, pajamas, riding, flying, fly, wings, clouds, farmhouse, chimney, smoke, trees, bucolic, purple, shadows, moonlight, poetic, pond, giant, children, children's book, classic, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac,  Beatrix Potter, spiritual, uplifting, freedom, happiness, peaceful, transcendent, dreamy, magic, magical, friendship, nostalgia
illustration of Illustration for an article exploring the idea that elderly women look forward to their birthdays, waiting to die, until afterwards, whereas, men saw the milestone as a hurdle, and died before. Seniors, old age, death, woman's issues, men's issues, health, age, birthday cake, candle, senior citizens, jumping, leaping, dancing, falling, cane, hat, atmospheric, dark, conceptual, symbolic, psychological, psychology, emotional, children's book, stylized, love, marriage, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Happiness is a summer's day, freedom, childhood, summer, summertime, youth, swinging, swing tree, oak tree, leaves, clouds, nature, outside playing outside, blue skies, flowers, grass, kittens, cat, cats, animal, playful, playing, butterfly, butterflies, girl, child, summer dress, laughing, happy, innocence, children's book, children's illustration,
illustration of Three friends, whose families have immigrated to America from different countries, share memories and special things from home. Children, pigeon, bird, Latin America, Trompo, spinning top, Peru, summertime, burka, Ethiopia, Muslim, middle eastern, Riq, tambourine, toys, multicultural, ethnic, migrant, children, child, children's book, friendship, friends, inspirational, unification, standing, sitting, shorts, tee shirt, smiling, happy, figurative, nostalgic, nostalgia, summertime
illustration of Neighbors form a circle of love and unity around a magical tree, Tree of life, heart, birds, parrot, toucan, owl, swan, pelican, flamingo, pigeon, robin, songbird, dove, spiritual growth, multicultural, community, people, togetherness, solving problems, urban, summertime, city, family, baby, mother, holding hands, circle, migrant, immigrant, acceptance, united, tree, symbolic, peace, friendship, children, children's book, metaphor, working together, psychology, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From a series of audio children's books I wrote and illustrated. Best friends love having messy, muddy, outdoor adventures together. Especially if there are slugs, and other slimy critters involved, on a rainy day. mud, raindrops, rain boots, raincoat, slicker, splashing, jumping, smiling, happy, fun, red hair, children, dog, treehouse, magic, squirrel, nut, worms, scientist, chemistry, laboratory, leaves, tongue, slobbery, slobber, wet, grey day, humor, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From a series of audio children's books I wrote and illustrated. A visit from tiny friends and relations. gouache, child, children, children's book, family, relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts, red hair, blue eyes, child, tee shirt, stripes, tea pot cracker, biscuit, spool of thread, dog, tongue, slugs, shoe, bed, old fashioned, suit, elves, tiny people, parasol, visitors, tea cup, fairytale, colorful, humor, funny, humorous, The Borrowers, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Illustration from a series of original children's audio books I wrote and illustrated. fat, greedy, dog, insatiable appetite. He's eaten a dumpster of garbage, happy stupor, egg cartons, broken eggshells, trash, insects, rotten, banana peel, delectable discarded leftovers, disgusted, children's book, children, animals, fly, flies, cartoon, expressive, anthropomorphic, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From a series of audio children's books I wrote and illustrated. A-slug-hunting-we-will-go. Best friends have the best of times. adventure, cooking, disgustingly, delicious, delicacies. children, children's book, friendship, dog, worms, slug, bucket, drool, slobber, slime, summertime, barefoot, outside, nature, flowers, blue sky, bugs, lab coat, pigtails, red hair, smiling, happy, walking, marching, procession, light hearted, fun, funny, digital illustration, friendship, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From a series of audio children's books I wrote and illustrated. A rotten banana split, cherry, red ants, on top. Yum! child, boy, red curly hair, dog, best friends, eating, shovel, spoon, bowl, licking ice cream, messy, happy, children, children's book, big eyes, cartoon, manic, excited, giddy, hungry,  famished, humor, fun, funny, comical, stylized, retro, watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, eating a banana split, ice cream sundae, making a mess.
illustration of From a series of audio children's books I wrote and illustrated. Best friends. A boy and his dog. Summer, summertime, running child, happy, smiling, grinning, curly red hair, mischievous, tongue, hound, floppy ears, droopy, drool, saliva, slobbery, buddies, shorts, striped, tee shirt, suspenders, stylized, flowers, bumble bee, barefoot, waving, hands, child, children, children's books, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From an original children's book about bullying I wrote and illustrated. School fun, clay, hand building, preschool art class, kindergarten, art class, school, children, young children, youth, playful, creative, creativity, art, teacher, students, worktime, working together, kids making art, classroom, painting, easel, seated at a table, sitting, chairs, table, children having fun, children's book illustration, children's book
illustration of From an original children's book about bullying I wrote and illustrated. School. Preschool, kindergarten, little girl, pigtails, red hair, running, dancing, smiling, teacher, happy, reading, reading nook, students, children, window, morning, sunshine, happy, classroom, children's clothing, children's book, child, class, classroom, nostalgic, nostalgia, child psychology,
illustration of From an original children's book about bullying I wrote and illustrated, a boy learns to navigate over a stormy sea of turbulent emotion, red airplane, conflict, flying, pilot, aviator, airplane, goggles, scarf, windy, storm, big wave, waves, ocean, sea, stylized, cartoon, pigtails, water, clouds, lightning, blue sky, children, friendship, colorful, spiritual, new age, child psychology, metaphor, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From an original children's book about bullying. boy and girl, children, child psychology, laughing, teasing, blonde, red hair, pigtails, ponytails, winking, snickering, hands on hips, blue jeans, airplane, scarf, making fun, fun, funny, happy, worried, setting boundaries, red, Maryjanes, Keds, sneakers, socks, hand in front of mouth, friends, kids, fists, children's book, children interacting, playing, nostalgic, nostalgia, retro
illustration of The three little kittens who lost their mittens, nursery rhyme, classic illustration style, turn of the century, felines, frolicking, countryside, snow ball, ice skating, frozen pond. ice, snow, sweater, ballet, pattern, textile, clothing, fashion, fairy tale, family, cats, cat, kitten, mitten, children's book, anthropomorphic, tree, hat, ice skates, fun, happy, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac,  Beatrix Potter, outdoors, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of nursery rhyme, Jack rabbit, jumps over a candlestick. Reminiscent of, classic style, the golden age of illustration. Watercolor, pen and ink, on board, painterly, colorful, magic, magical, fairytale, stars, gold, rabbit, hare, bunny, jump, leap, fly, candle, wax, dripping, flame, fire, candlestick, candlestick holder, night, nightime, long ears, fluffy tail, child, children, children's book, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac,  Beatrix Potter, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Book cover, from one of my original children's books. The Man with the Little Head, wishes he could make his head bigger, and tries everything he can think of to make his head grow. psychology, metaphor, retro, cartoon, European, painting, painter, brush, palette, artist, suit, French, beret, bowtie, cat, pet, animal, easel, floral, flower, sunflower, vase, still life, portrait, self portrait, blue, classic, stylized, Vincent Van Gogh, children, children's book, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Personal work. exploration of different watercolor techniques. colorful, atmospheric, fat cat, fishing net, jar with stars. cat, feline, fishing, stylized, impressionistic, fairytale, storybook, night, night sky, painterly, glowing, yellow, green, purple, magic, magical, fantasy, children's book, fantasy, texture, textural, moody, colorful, vibrant, watercolor, spiritual, new age, psychology, symbolic, peaceful, resting, soothing, allegorical, anthropomorphic, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Personal work. Liquid watercolor, and salt were used to create vivid colors and the illusion of, dappled light. underwater, seascape, bubbles, tropical fish, yellow cat, cat feline, animal, swimming, swim, fish, Yellow Tang, Dory, Parrotfish, atmospheric, movement, tie dye, batik, luminous, bioluminescent, ocean, waves, water, vivid, bright color, sealife, sea, texture, textural, impressionistic, Asian, decorative, textile, children, children's book,
illustration of Nursery rhyme, colorful, classic style, reminiscent, golden age, classic children's book illustration. Pen and ink, watercolor, and gouache. Baby chick, chick, rooster, father, cock a doodle doo, shoe, feathers, sun, gold leaf, pocket watch, staff, inset, fairytale, hen, waistcoat, vest, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac,  Beatrix Potter, classic, nostalgic, nostalgia, classic, period, old fashioned
illustration of From Calvino's, Invisible Cities. A city that admires its, reflection, paranoid, windows, keep a careful eye out. Urban, fantasy, literature, houses, buildings, psychology, water, mirror, woman, nude, submerged, contrast, new age, eyeball, eyes, watching, voyeur, voyeuristic, crescent moon, stars, romantic, sensuous, sleeping, dream, repose, imagination, mountains, watercolor, ink, colorful, edgy, dark, symbolic, symbolism, psychological, surrealistic, Salvador Dali,  nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Personal work. Wolf dog is longing for a hot meal. Inspired by the Scottish countryside outside of Edinburgh. Scotland, English, cottage, picturesque, chimney, smoke, cloud, river, stream, burn, footbridge, bridge, grassy, flowers, Fairytale, folktale, grey, canine, smell, sniffing, pensive, wild, domestic, nature, path, atmospheric, sunny, spring, summer, children, children's book, wolf, dog, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Beatrix Potter, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Oil pastel, watercolor, ink, and, colored pencil, were used to create this image from one of my original fantasy stories. Adelaide Sky is an adventurer, traveling from another world, exploring strange new lands, and helping those in need. friends, wet, umbrella, mushrooms, rabbit, dog, creatures, puddles, raincoats, rain boots, drip, dripping rain, children, children's book, character, fantasy, imaginary, imagination, aviator, goggles, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Personal work. Environmental commentary, climate change. The spirit of Earth, sea goddess, crying, sea water tears for her children, and the future of the planet. Oil pastel, watercolor, iceberg, melting, stars, night, ocean, sea, water, waves, sea creatures, whale, crab, orca, jellyfish, squid, dolphin, turtle, shark, environment, global warming, symbolic, poetic, psychological, poster, book cover, political, children's book, children, social consciousness, conservation, mythology, symbolism,
illustration of Personal work. Moonlight woman, ascending. moon, stars, oil pastel, ink, city, alien, feminine, female, floating, light, dark, night, sky, country, nature, conceptual, new age, spiritual, transcendence, icon, goddess, earth, world, uplifting, hope, joy, symbolic, textural, impressionistic, painterly, editorial, children's book, decorative, night sky, children's books, psychological, embellished, Gustav Klimpt, Klimpt, romantic, cityscape, landscape, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Style, Fashion, influencer, reality star, shoes, women's, pin up, clothing, flapper, boots, mules, high heels, closet, shopping, getting dressed, bustier, stockings, blonde, Madonna, Marilyn, garters, men's, bombshell, curves, comic book, Will Eisner, curvy, lingerie, femme fatale, gangster, retro, bombshell blonde, pin up girl, pin up, attitude, stylized, retro, vixen, consumerism, fashion addict, fashionista, self image, Vogue, overindulgent, shopaholic, boutique nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of conceptual, high heeled shoes, pain, suffering for fashion. foot and
illustration of Colored pencil, ink and gouache were used to create this moody representation of US politics, Politicians-or sharks, from each political party are represented by their red and blue ties and literally consume each other over the capital building, depicted as a dollar sign, in a frenzied pursuit of power, influence and money. symbolic, symbolism, anthropomorphic, dark humor, rain, atmospheric, faces, aquatic, social commentary, shark, animal, atmospheric, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From an article examining sociopaths, how one child can become a social deviant, while other siblings are normal. Symbolic, animals, bird, farmyard, nest, chicken, hen, chicks, vulnerable, helpless, eggs, hatching, cracked, wolf, carnivore, hungry, wild, dangerous, food, victim, predator, mother, babies, surprise, fear, shock, scary, nightmarish, anthropomorphic, psychological, dark, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac,  Beatrix Potter, children, children's book
illustration of Personal work. Fox News, reality tv, Mesmerized,  hypnotized. devices, lull us into inaction, a state of submissive, passivity. A rude awakening when reality comes marching in. television, media, social media, Facebook, Instagram, reality, news, broadcasting, network, newscaster, talking head, war, suburban, husband, wife, bed, audience, dark, cynical, blood, guns, troops, soldiers, militia, revolution, psychological, psychology, sleeping, watching, voyeuristic, voyeur,
illustration of Stocks and Commodities magazine. The emotional highs and lows of the stock market, symbolism, gremlins, demons, whispering, dire warnings, market volatility, fear, paranoia, Day Trader, financial, financial insecurity, anxiety, Wall Street, trading, money, investment, broker, gain, loss, spreadsheet, computer, pencil, poke, jab, dark, cynical, humor, sci-fi, nail biting, stylized, colorful, business man, suit, tie, psychological, psychology, mysterious,
illustration of Independent film poster, Flesh Suitcase: drug smugglers ingest heroin filled balloons and  bad things happen. Concept art, poster, film noir, dark, atmospheric, lurid, neon, crime drama, cinematic, character, suitcase, retro, bald, goatee, glasses, surreal, surrealistic, painterly, nightmarish, symbolic, psychological, dreamlike, mysterious, comic book, Franz Kafka, Kafkaesque, absurd, absurdist, humor, satirical, dark humor, strange,  open suitcase, period style, nostalgic,
illustration of Ever feel held prisoner to robocalls or telemarketing? Telephone, phone, rotary, sales, salesman, advertising, captive, captive audience, prisoner, bed, bedroom, worried, harassed, housewife, cartoon, dark, satirical, humor, colorful, psychological, editorial, children's book, children, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Mr. Mogul, his fortune built on the labor of the unknown, unsung worker. money, wealth, rich, powerful, boss, bald, fat, short, cigar, tuxedo, women, pin up, curvy, pearls, lipstick, escort, movie star, starlet, bow tie, femme fatale, Will Eisner, comic book, textural, atmospheric, stylized, classic illustration, art deco, Louise Brooks, fur stole, social commentary, political, financial, socialist, poster, oppression, star, worker, class, movie mogul, labor, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of Eve, the snake charmer, temptress, cavorts with the serpent. suggestive, come hither, collage, reptile, snake, serpent, symbolic, original sin, art deco, Tamara de Lempicka, pin up, femme fatale, reclining, atmospheric, stylized, bathing suit, bustier, Louise Brooks, bob, cut paper, decorative, fashion, women's issues, curvy, starlet, poster, book cover, design, mysterious, graphic, plants, foliage, decoration, woman, vamp, female, pose, nostalgic, nostalgia, comic book, edgy, evocative
illustration of Personal work. Charcoal, Pen and ink, oppression, economic disparity, migrant women, mothers. Symbolic, animal, cat, panther, baby, bed frame, mattress, wingtip shoe, crush, crushing, landlord, tenant, illegal immigration, power, powerless, women's issues, social justice, social issues, feminist, political, subversive, money, class, Me Too, psychological, oppressed, abusive, abuse, poverty, victim, stepping on, fighting back,
illustration of Anorexia, eating disorder, skin and bones, fasting, non-nutritional, sugar, sugary food, junk food, model, modeling, fashion, fashion industry, fashion magazine, peer pressure, teenage issues, women's issues, media, Kate Moss, body dysmorphia, diet, dieting, starvation, skeletal, donuts, sprinkles, frosting, dark, cynical, youth, puberty, insecurity, self image, self harm, psychological, psychology, dark, anxiety, anxious, clinical, sick, damaged, teen, teenager, girl, tragic, depression,
illustration of Jello lady. watercolor, anthropomorphic, movement, food, figurative, curvy, voluptuous, whipped cream, cherry, cherry on the top, yellow, orange, red, jello, wiggle, jiggle, smiling, happy, body positive, female, woman, woman's issues, lifestyle,  nude, shake, colorful, stylized, pin up, painterly, loose, drawing with color, light hearted, fun, nostalgic, nostalgia
illustration of From a series of accordion fold formatted zines I created. Trump, Donald Trump, politics, political satire, satire, comics, zines, political illustration, political commentary, cartoon, cat, pussy, pussycat, grab that pussy, quotes, president, Access Hollywood, me too, women's issues, feminist, sarcasm, edgy salty humor, yellow, green eyes, original cartoon character, anthropomorphic,
illustration of From a series of accordion fold formatted zines I created. Donald Trump, Trump, political illustration, political commentary, political satire, yellow cat, yellow, cat, pussy, pussycat, dominatrix, dominant, latex, leather, whip, mask, original cartoon character, feminist, me too, women's issues, comic, zine, culture, social commentary,
illustration of From a series of accordion fold formatted zines I created. Donald Trump, Trump, political, political, politics, president, U.S. president, United States, election, commentary, political cartoon, comic, comix, zine, satire, social commentary, caricature, cynical, dark, edgy, nightmarish, dystopian, anthropomorphic, rabbits, lemmings, bullying, business suits, cliff, precipice, jumping,
illustration of From a series of accordion fold formatted zines I created. Trump, Donald Trump, politics, political, Putin, Political commentary, political satire, satirical, political cartoon, Russia, Russiagate, corrupt leaders, corruption, US politics, US president, president, caricature, kicking the ball down the road, globe, world, earth, corruption, allies, zine, comix, comic, election, election fraud,
illustration of From a series of accordion fold formatted zines I created. Donald Trump, Trump, naked, politics, political, political commentary, political cartoon, satire, satirical, political satire, Russia, Russiagate, golden shower, blackmail, leverage, prostitutes, corrupt, corruption, American politics, American president, caricature, comic, comix, zine,
illustration of b&w illustration, black and white, science fiction, pencil, pen and ink, eating, butterflies, butterfly, moth, fetish, fetishist, sadistic, vamp, cruel, stylized, femme fatale, dominatrix, drawing, sci-fi, fiction, character, powerful woman, comic book, Will Eisner, figurative, female, queen, leader, sitting, snacking, gloves, long gloves, body conscious, fantasy, graphic novel, vixen, alien, hair in a bun, widow's peak, graphic, textural, line drawing, nostalgic, nostalgia


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Charcoal, Collage, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Impressionistic, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Motion, Vector, Rich Picture


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Posters, Romance, Science, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban