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Turtle Nesting

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Turtle nesting is an amazing time of year. In the Northeast it happens in late spring. These ancient animals emerge from the water to lay their eggs.

Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson

illustration of This small critically endangered tortoise, pyxis oblonga is native to Madagascar.  It is found in the Spiny Forest.  Last winter I had the amazing opportunity to see these incredible animals in the wild.  This painting is based off of my experiences there. 
tortoise, tortoise conservation, wildlife, nature, animal, turtle, botanical, reptile
illustration of Acrylic snapping turtle illustration.
illustration of Acrylic blandings turtle illustration. - turtle, blandings turtle, reptile art, reptile, scientific, turtles, wildlife, nature, animal art
illustration of Acrylic radiated tortoise illustration.   - tortoise, turtle, reptile, animal, wildlife, radiated tortoise, nature, scientific illustration
illustration of Acrylic illustration of a spotted turtle. - turtle, reptile, nature, wildlife, animal, scientific illustration, natural history
illustration of Scientific illustration of a CA red legged frog. - frog, amphibian, animal, wildlife, scientific illustration, natural history, nature, wildlife
illustration of Acrylic illustration of a critically endangered radiated tortoise. - tortoise, turtle, reptile, nature, natural history, herpetology, wildlife, animal
illustration of Acrylic and graphite illustration created for Orvis that was used as a limited edition print. - trout, angling art, fishing, fish, fly fishing, sporting art, fishing art, sketch
illustration of Acrylic wood turtle illustration. - turtle, reptile, nature, natural history, wildlife, animal, wood turtle
illustration of Acrylic diamondback terrapin illustration. - turtle, reptile, animal, nature, wildlife, natural history, terrapin,
illustration of Natural history illustration from the book THE SNAKE AND THE SALAMANDER. - toad, frog, amphibian, natural history, nature, animal, wildlife, mushroom
illustration of Acrylic barred owl illustration. - owl, bird, natural history, nature, wildlife, bird, birding, animal
illustration of Alligator snapping turtle acrylic illustration.
illustration of Acrylic and pencil largemouth bass illustration. - bass, fish, fish art, largemouth bass, fishing, sketch
illustration of Acrylic eastern box turtle illustration. - turtle, box turtle, reptile, animal, natural history, wildlife, nature, scientific illustration
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illustration of Acrylic desert tortoise illustration. - tortoise, desert, reptile, nature, wildlife, animal, natural history
illustration of Acrylic illustration from the book THE SNAKE AND THE SALAMANDER. - snake, reptile, flower, nature, natural history, nature, wildlife
illustration of Acrylic illustration of basking turtles.  Species depicted include painted turtles and bog turtle. - turtle, bog turtle, painted turtle, pitcher plant, plant, reptile, natural history, wildlife, animal
illustration of Acrylic turtle illustration. - turtle, reptile, animal, nature, wildlife, herpetology, natural history
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illustration of Acrylic spring peeper illustration created for the book THE SNAKE AND THE SALAMANDER. - frog, spring, spring peeper, treefrog, amphibian, leaf, maple leaf, natural history, animal, wildlife
illustration of Fern, the female Fernandina tortoise was thought to be extinct. She is the first of her kind to be seen in over 100 years (species last seen in 1906). She was discovered earlier this year on her namesake island in the Galapagos by Animal Planet TV host of EXTINCT OR ALIVE Forrest Galante, park rangers and a Galapagos Conservancy biologist. - tortoise, Galapagos, turtle, nature, natural history, lizard, hawk, wildlife, animal
illustration of Acrylic spotted salamander illustration. Each of these salamanders has a yellow spot pattern that is unique to that individual. - salamander, amphibian, yellow, oak, spotted salamander, natural history, nature, animal, wildlife
illustration of Eastern painted turtle illustration created for the book THE SNAKE AND THE SALAMANDER. - turtle, painted turtle, plants, nature, reptile, wildlife, natural history
illustration of Acrylic wood turtle illustration. - turtle, wood turtle, red, water, reptile, nature, stream, animal, natural history, wildlife
illustration of Coal skink illustration created for the book THE SNAKE AND THE SALAMANDER.  Male, female and juvenile depicted in this illustration. - lizard, skink, blueberry, stump, plant, reptile, natural history, wildlife, nature, animal


To fly any further from my home in New Hampshire, I'd have to leave the planet. Madagascar is an entire hemisphere, a whole season, and more than 8,000 miles away. And when I finally landed after more than 24 hours in the air, my journey had just begun. To reach my first stop at the remote Tortoise Conservation Center--located in a part of the country called the Spiny Thicket--I drove for nine hours, bouncing over dirt tracks with huge potholes filled with puddles. The heat was like nothing I had ever experienced before, with no shade but my tent, and only brief bucket showers to cool off. I noticed maggots in the meat we would share for dinner. This was not a luxurious trip. But in the relative cool the next morning, as I was walking down a trail through thick, thorn-infested forest, I knew it was all worth the journey. I found what I was looking for: the high-domed shell and black and yellow head of my first live, wild, radiated tortoise, a critically endangered and staggeringly gorgeous reptile with distinctive with yellow lines radiating from the center of each dark plate on the back. Right then, I knew the arduous trip--which, little did I know, was to become more arduous still!-- was more than worth it. There's almost no distance I won't go, almost nothing I won't do, to learn all I can about my subjects to make my paintings of wild animals as accurate and lifelike as possible. I've been bitten by snapping turtles. I've caught alligators with my bare hands from a kayak. I've camped in the Everglades, traveled to Central America and have been all across the US visiting 48 states. I've delighted in it all. From as far back as I remember, I've loved both wildlife and art. I grew up in the small, rural New Hampshire town of New Ipswich. In my free time I was always either out fishing, searching for turtles and snakes or I was painting. My father was a biology teacher and our home hosted a large menagerie of animals, including a turtle named Heathcliff and two pigeons named Mel and Leroy. Today things haven’t changed much. I am a professional artist, and I work from a home I share with my wife, my tortoise, Eddie, my two dogs Roo and Monte and my snake Ernie. In both 2017 and 2018 I received the Roger Tory Peterson Wild American Art Award. My work has been featured in Yankee Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and other publications. I also have exhibited in many fine art galleries, and my paintings hang in the permanent collection of museums. Recently I worked with Orvis to create exclusive trout prints. I received a degree from the Art Institute of Boston in Illustration in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, my father, retired from teaching, and I received a contract to write and illustrate a book for the University Press of New England titled "Freshwater Fish of the Northeast." The book was released in the spring of 2010 and won the 2010 National Outdoor Book Awards Design and Artistic Merit category. I currently have a book that has just been released on Reptiles and Amphibians titled The Snake and the Salamander: Reptiles and Amphibians from Maine to Virginia. This book also won a National Outdoor Book Award for Nature and the Environment. I feel it's crucial not just to document these marvelous species I paint; it's even more important to me to have a hand in saving them from extinction. Among reptiles alone, 196 species are presently critically endangered. That's why I'm a signature member of Artists for Conservation. That's why I often create artwork specifically to donate proceeds from its sale for conservation--as I recently did for the radiated tortoises I met in Madagascar. I'm grateful to use my talent to not only raise awareness about these gorgeous animals, but help keep them alive on the planet we human newcomers are lucky to share with them.


Acrylic, Fine Art, Gouache, Pencil, Realism


Animals, Botanical, Education, Family, Landscape, Nature, Science, Scientific, Sports, Wildlife, Environmental