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Anna Ivanir

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Creating art that reflects the magic she sees in the world, Anna Ivanir is a gouache painter from sunny Israel. Anna loves creating evocative art that tells a story. One of her favorite themes is using “gray”, daily life as inspiration for colorful and vibrant pieces; bringing a bit of brightness and joy into the little things. Anna finds art in everything from breakfast she made her kids, to a beautiful flower or a book she’s reading, or even a simple chat with a friend. Her work reflects these special moments with a unique, beautiful style that is all her own. Anna’s love of art is apparent from her resume. She has a Visual Communication degree from Wizo design college, worked for several years as a graphic designer and storyboard illustrator, and broke out on her own as a freelance artist 6 years ago. During this time, she created illustrations for children’s books, greeting cards, and editorials; mostly in a digital format. Then, 2 years ago, Anna started painting on a daily basis. Through this experience her art found a life of its own as Anna discovered she could create illustration for all kind of surfaces. When Anna is not creating her wonderful artwork, she loves sewing, camping with her husband and 3 children, walking on the beach, and baking big loaves of bread on Fridays.


Colored Pencil, Gouache, Lettering, Painterly, Watercolor, Floral, Whimsical


Animals, Botanical, Editorial, Family, Food, Health, Holidays, Leisure, Nature, People, Portrait, Sports, Still Life, Textiles, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Urban, Surface Design