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Kim Weybrecht

Daisy Takes a Ride

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Picture Book written by Kim Weybrecht. To be published by Brown Kids Club

morgan spicer

morgan spicer

illustration of illustrated Spot from Soaring Soren When French Bulldogs Fly - written by Deborah Stevenson // Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner 
 // Feathered Quill Award Winner

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illustration of Boone is rescued, and now he can run too!

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illustration of Bowtie Boone learns how to be a therapy dog!

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illustration of Daisy Takes A Ride, Book Cover

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illustration of Daisy Takes a Ride is a picture book about a puppy who goes on an adventure and when she returns, there is a surprise waiting for her....

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Printed by Brown Kids Club
illustration of Daisy & Her Family have a picnic

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illustration of Daisy meets baby

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illustration of Daisy Takes a Ride is a childrens book about a pup who goes on an adventure! Published By Brown Kids Club

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illustration of
illustration of My Name is Musky is a 32-page picture book about the real life story of Musky the Ferret. All profits from the sale of this book are donated to the Monmouth County SPCA.

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illustration of Princess is based on a true story about a baby Orangutan who was orphaned by deforestation in Borneo. She was saved and learned sign langauge.

*The profits from the sale of this book help literacy programs abroad.

key words: Palm oil deforestation palmoil vegan
illustration of Concept Art for A Children's Book
illustration of An Armadillo on My Pillow is a children's book by the award-winning team that created Soaring Soren, Oy, Elephants! and The Last Rhino. This book is all about using our IMAGINATIONS while learning about animals.
illustration of An Armadillo On My Pillow is a picture book that requires a love of animals and BIG imagination.

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illustration of Miranda leaves for school, was it all her imagination?

An Armadillo On My Pillow is written By Deborah Stevenson

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illustration of Book Jacket Design for Oliver Pancake written by Linda Higgins. 

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illustration of Up Close And Personal With Tag & Pompeii is a picture book about training your dogs and is interactive with questions on each page for the reader to answer.

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illustration of Oy, Elephants! is the second book created by the award-winning team that created Soaring Soren. This book hilariously teaches kids not to judge a book by it's cover.
illustration of Benjamin Birdie Flies! Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers is written By Michael Dotsikas. This book sells at select Barnes & Nobles and has been translated into Chinese and is sold abroad! 

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illustration of Benjamin Birdie and The Tree Dwellers // Written By Michael Dotsikas (Full Spread)

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illustration of Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers is the second installment in Benjamin Birdie Children's Book Series.
illustration of Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers is the second installment in the Benjamin Birdie Children's book series. 

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illustration of (Yet To Be Published Children's Book) This is a spread in a rhyming & counting book written by Michael Dotsikas.

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illustration of (Yet To Be Published Children's Book) Learn to Count with busy animals!
illustration of Baby Rhino rejoices when finally reunited with his family.

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illustration of Baby Bear 399 follows the true story of a grizzly bear at Yellowstone. The profits from the sale of this book are donated to Animal Welfare organizations and educational efforts.

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illustration of Little Moyo is a children's book about a little rhino who loses his mother. In this image, Sasha is consoling little Moyo and making sure he knows how much he is loved even in the absence of his mother. The profits from the sale of this book are donated to rhino conservation efforts on the ground.

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illustration of After being threatened by poachers, this rhino gets help from friendly humans.

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illustration of Finally found!

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illustration of Blueprints for My Mission // for more information 

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illustration of Roxie finally arrives at The Peabody Hotel!

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illustration of The ducks arrive at the fountain in the Peabody Hotel.

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illustration of Roxie lives far from the Peabody Hotel but she has a lot of friends of her own!

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illustration of Shayla's Socks is a children's book about a young girl who wakes up to find her socks are gone! Shayla's imagination takes us on a wild adventure, as she wonders aloud with mom, just what are those socks up to?
illustration of Wilson Tries New Foods is a picture book printed in 2014 about teaching kids about healthy food in a fun and creative way! 

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illustration of Whether its a Save the Date, an invitation, engagement announcement or a portrait of a new family, weddings are so nice to illustrate! 

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illustration of Wedding Invitation Illustration //

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illustration of (Political Art 2019)

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illustration of The Last Rhino is a Chapter Book created by the award-winning team of Soaring Soren & Oy, Elephants!

*The profits from the sale of this book are donated to Orphaned Rhino conservation efforts.

key words: Rhino orphanage ivory poaching poacher trophy hunting awareness save the rhinos be kind to animals


Freelance vegan Illustrator living with 5 Rescued dogs in the woods, by the sea // Graduated from Syracuse University's BFA program in 2012 // Illustrated 30 books before the age of 30. Currently working on book #37. // Illustrated Book awards include : Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner, and Finalist, Feathered Quill Awards, TillyWig Award, Purple Dragonfly, Mom's Choice Awards, Creative Child Magazine, Reader's Favorites, as well as a 2016 Maxwell Award Nominee for BEST ILLUSTRATIONS // Morgan Spicer's books are available internationally, with translations on a number of works available. Beyond her book work, she has partnered with non-profits and like-minded people all over the country and world to create art with a cause through her work with her small business, Bark Point Studio. // She also interned for, then worked for, and now occasionally creates concept art for pre-school animation studio, Little Airplane Productions in NYC.


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