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Olga Hashim

illustration of Illustration conveys how we can, even in our modern age, learn a lot from an Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.
Aristotle, Girl, Bust, Purple, Texture, Conceptual, Smily faces, Modern age, Black, Learn, Blue, Yellow, Happiness, Greek, Museum, Philosophy, Philosopher, Ancient,
illustration of Illustration about that moment when you have to pick an outfit.
Woman, Outfit, Mirror, Purple, Pink, Girl, Plant, Closet, Wardrobe,Thinking, Question, Conceptual, Wear, Clothes, Fashion, Sunglasses,Shades, Texture, Monochromatic, Indecision, Shoes, Reflection,
illustration of Ocean, Girl, Woman, Blue, Purple, Gradient, Pink, Wave, Water, Dream, Thoughts, Vacation, Travel, Dreamland, Lost, Beautiful, Swimsuit, Swimwear, Surreal, Spiritual, Relax, Unwind, Serenity,
illustration of Haven’t all of us once wished to clone ourselves so we can finish up our morning routine (if not the whole to-do list for the day) faster?
Girls, Women, Woman, Blue, Room, Morning, Clones, Ritual, Morning Ritual, Cat, Bed, Making Bed, Window, Light, Shadows, Slippers, Pictures, Frames, Monochromatic, Curtains, People, Stylized,
illustration of Through this illustration I expressed a peaceful state of solitude, serenity and calm. 
Orange, Sea, Ocean, Woman, Feminine, Water, Dress, Girl, Relax, Unwind, Relaxation, Beauty, Purple, Serenity, Calm, Peace, Dream, Chair, Pink, Reflection, Mountains, Clouds, Sky,
illustration of The second illustration I made exploring a theme of multiplying oneself in the morning in order to get more stuff done faster. 

Blue, Women, Feminine, Room, Clones, Workout, Morning, Routine, Morning Routine, Window, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Mirror, Sofa, Sock, Getting Dressed, Meditation, Lotus Pose, Monochromatic, Productivity, Multitasking,
illustration of Self-searching, Doors, Door, Blue, Girl, Open, Secret, Monochromatic, Ladder, Climbing, Thoughtful, Spirit, Ego, Path, Looking, Keyhole,Eyes, Glow, Glowing, Texture, People, Spiritual,
illustration of Indecision, Blue, Women, Purple, Robe, Towel, Slippers, Girls, Voices, Choice, Monochromatic, Hesitation,
illustration of Spirit, Women, Blue, Purple, Subtle, Clouds, Dreamy, Balcony, Conversation, Channeling, Hair, Mindfulness, Monochromatic,
illustration of It’s sad to see so much litter and plastic bags on the lawns, beaches, trails, in the creeks and parks..the list goes on. Every time I see a plastic bottle by a side walk or floating down a canal, it prompts me to ask myself a rhetorical question; WHY? 
Woman, Thank You, Purple, Plastic, Plastic bag, Litter, Global warming, Environment, Environmental, Nature, Planet, Earth, Sky, Wind, Climate, Climate change, Grass, Dress,
illustration of Illustration about how our food choices impact global warming. Be mindful about what you put on your plate.
Girl, Conceptual, Blond, Plate, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Fried eggs, Pizza, Spoon, Sail, Bacon,Food, Global warming, Environment, Environmental, Water, Woman, Nature, Climate, Climate change,
illustration of Illustration inspired by artistic struggles.
Inspiration, Pink, Orange, Girl, Conceptual, Pizza, Drink, Waiting, Wait, Woman, Artist, Creatives, Orange, Conceptual, Artist block, Stylized,
illustration of Illustration inspired by artistic struggles.
Inspiration, Purple, Girl, Conceptual, Gamer, Controller, Game, VR, Virtual reality, Waiting, Wait, Woman, Artist, Creatives, Conceptual, Artist block, Plants, Minimalist, Minimalistic,
illustration of A fun surreal illustration.
Girl, Air, Clouds, Stars, Gradient, Fresh, Surreal, Magic, Pink, Purple, White, Conceptual,
illustration of Illustration about digital and information detox.
Jelly, Phone, Information, Diet, Spoon, Plate, Food, Blue, Pink, Conceptual, Light,
illustration of This illustration explores the contrast created by the moon light piercing the dark of night. It makes its way through the window illuminating a sleeping woman peacefully dreaming in her bed. In this piece I explored “contrast” as a constant play of light and dark that intertwines to create stunning effects.
Girl, Woman, Sleep, Night, Morning, Sunrise, Shadow, Light, Contrast, Blue, Pink, Phone, Beauty, Rest, Texture, Eye mask, Arms, Pillow, Bed, Pillows,
illustration of Fun Halloween illustrations featuring pink pumpkins as an alternative to orange. 
Magic, Halloween, Cat, Mage, Magician, Witch, Magic wand, Pink, Purple, Pumpkins, Shining, Glow, Magic Glow,
illustration of Illustration inspired by a beautiful morning light play on the walls.
Girl, Morning, Blue, Contrast, Interior, Women of Color, Plant, Plants, Light, Shadow, Getting Dressed, Routine, Yellow, Purple, Girl, Room,
illustration of Illustration inspired by shadows casted on the bedroom wall by window blinds. 
Girl, Getting Dressed, Bed, Bedroom, Sock, Phone, Shadow, Light, Contrast, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Lamp, Interior,
illustration of Illustration conveying a multitasking concept,
Conceptual, Sport, Fitness, Book, Multitasking, Girl, Girl, Woman, Purple, Blue, Light, Shapes, Abstract shapes, Bike, Gym, Goal, Productivity, Time, Hustle, Hustling, Fun, Stylized,
illustration of Point of view matters. Obstacles can actually be pit-stops that one can use to put themselves together and continue their journey.
Pit stop, Girl, Conceptual, Road blocker, Dress, Pink,  Purple, Blue, Bag, Fashion, Brands, High-end, Minimalist, Motivation, Boots, Woman, Orange, Vector,
illustration of
illustration of Illustration about a common selfie.
Limited color palette, Girl, Woman, Socks, Cat, Human, Room, Selfie, Pink, Violet, Light, Plant, Photo, Picture, Texture, Grainy Texture, Curtain, Window,
illustration of Illustration about a modern weekend.
Streaming, Cat, Girl, Computer, Streaming, Shows, Night, Weekend, Violet, Blue, Limited color palette, Monochromatic, Good Time, Watching, Day off, Screen, Socks, Light, Contrast, Shadows,
illustration of Illustration about virtual reality and mind tricks.
Virtual Reality, Girl, Woman, Run, VR, Outfit, Conceptual, Blue, Purple, Limited color palette, Lamp, Surreal, Modern, Future, Stylized,
illustration of Walk, Dog, People, Friends, Girls, Women, Girl, Woman, Blue, Orange, Contrast, Yellow, Light, Night, Street, Puddle, Headphones, Stairs, Leash, Light, Coat, Outfit,
illustration of Illustration about how  one can become addicted to reading reviews.
Reviews, Stars, Man, Blue, Light, Conceptual, Texture, Reading,Yellow, Addicted,
illustration of I took part in @Adobe, @pantone and @theoceanagency #GlowingGone campaign to help bring awareness to an ever so pressing issue of coral reefs dying due to climate change. I was horrified to learn that corals glow in fluorescent colors, desperately trying to survive ocean heat waves. 
Corals, Global warming, Fish, Woman, Humanity, Water, Ocean, Nature, Purple, Glow, Blue, Bike, White, Environment, Environmental, Ocean heat, Coral Reefs, Climate, Climate change,


I'm Olga Hashim and I'm a 29 year old Russian illustrator and graphic designer based in Houston, TX. I have a background in academic art and graphic design. Several years ago I discovered illustration and have been illustrating ever since. Love at first sight!


Abstract, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Stylized, Texture, Floral, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Apps/Mobile


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Corporate, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Sci-Fi, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Environmental, Branding