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Veronica Casson

illustration of A digital illustration for a poster advertising an indie rock benefit show including four bands.
illustration of The cover of the 7th chapter of the comic book Grind Like a Girl
illustration of An illustration of two witches in a tropical treehouse on the edge of a swamp at nighttime making potions, smoking and wearing socks and a kimono. A bat hangs from under their home.
Originally done for inktober and then later colored on an ipad.
illustration of Quick sketch from an old editorial photo. Loosley based on the image in that only the body shape and a little of the folds in the clothes remain the same.
illustration of The cover of the 6th Chapter of my Autobio  comic, Grind Like a  Girl.
illustration of A magazine style illustration of Francie Nolan from Betty Smith's novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
animation of Digital, Stylized, Portrait, Youth
illustration of Comic art for the autobiographical comic Grind Like A Girl.
illustration of For inktober 2019 using a prompt list of witches and their familiars. This was raven or crow. It shows a young woman perched atop a telephone pole surrounded by wires with her pet on her shoulder.
illustration of A comic page of a young man playing guitar in his bedroom. There is a ring at the front door and his friend, a girl from high school shows up.
illustration of Concept art of a transforming cyberpunk speeder skimming across the ocean.
illustration of A commissioned piece of the character Tifa from Final Fantasy rendered almost entirely in reds and greens.
illustration of A commissioned work of a friend's home in Ocean Side Oregon.
illustration of Comic art for the autobiographical comic Grind Like A Girl.
illustration of A drawing of the charter Sparrow from an upcoming comic I am working on about Magical Girs.


Veronica Casson is a Portland Illustrator, Storyboard Artist and Graphic Designer. Veronica has shown in galleries in San Francisco, San Jose, Pacifica, New York City and San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. Veronica has worked in comic publishing for over a decade designing for Viz Media, Tokypop, and others.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Comps, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Storyboards, Stylized, Whimsical, Concept Art, Vector, Anime, Apps/Mobile


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Landscape, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Sci-Fi, Still Life, Technology, Americana, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Edgy, Grunge, Urban