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Amber Lotus

Sugar Skulls 2021 calendar

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Sugar Skulls calendar contains 12 fun and whimsical illustrations

carolyn vibbert

Carolyn Vibbert

illustration of Illustrated map of roadside farmstands
illustration of Editorial illustration for NH Home magazine article called
illustration of Scratchboard illustration of rural home with tractor and botanical border
illustration of Black and white scratchboard illustration of two birds with an empty nest
illustration of Illustrated map of Nantucket Island.
Whimsical, stylized, lively color palette, island, Nantucket, digital, vector, hand lettering, ocean, landscape, travel, vacation.
illustration of Scratchboard and digital illustration for bicycle calendar. Muted earth color palette, energy, woman, cycling, bicycle, transportation, landscape, trees, whimsical, texture, botanical, stylized, calendar, licensing.
illustration of Design and illustration of pistachio tree for Nichol's Pistachios logo. Dark brown palette, illustration of tree with man and boy figures harvesting pistachios for packaging and company identity. People, tree, pistachios, Nichols, harvesting, icon, vector, branding.
illustration of Editorial illustration depicting woman cooking in a small kitchen where everything is in reach. Natural, lively color palette, digital pastel. Woman, cooking, process, food, preparation, home, stylized, whimsical.
illustration of Bike month illustration for bicycle websites showing commute by bike through a maze like landscape. Vector, muted palette, bicyclist, maze, stylized city, landscape, nature, hand drawn lettering.
illustration of Scratchboard black and white illustration of ballet shoes
illustration of Wrap around can landscape design for Organic Selections packaging. Scratchboard and digital, green color palette, farming, agriculture, landscape, countryside, hills, orchards, trees, farmhouse, barn, verdant.
illustration of Gardener tending to vegetable garden. Scratchboard, woman, vegetables, garden, farming,eat local, landscape, house, food, editorial. Earth color palette, digital.
illustration of Scratchboard and digital illustration of lettuce fields for Hidden Valley packaging.  Scratchboard, agriculture, green palette, vector, packaging, landscape, farming, countryside, verdant, valley, sunset, lettuce, food.
illustration of Editorial illustration for NH Home Magazine
illustration of Conceptual digital illustration of tropical scene. Maze like landscape of tropical lifestyle, rich digital pastel color palette. People, trees, lifestyle, travel, surface design, flora, botanical, pastels, texture, maze, food, village, stylized.
illustration of Editorial illustration for article about the most needed kitchen tools. Rich color palette, digital pastel, stylized, kitchen, appliances, editorial, cooking, food, preparation, texture.
illustration of Digital illustration of skull with flowers and plants coming out of the top, designed and illustrated for the Sugar Skulls calendar by Amber Lotus publishing. Pastel effect digital, lively palette. Sugar skull, flowers, botanical, conceptual, decorative.
illustration of Redesign and update of Voortman Dutch woman logo. Stylized Dutch woman logo for Voortman cookies packaging. Stylized, red and white palette, woman, Dutch, logo, icon, branding, packaging.
illustration of Illustrated map of the High Road to Taos, New Mexico. Muted color palette, pastel texture. People, landscape, map, whimsical, mountains, animals, camping, outdoors, southwest.
illustration of Editorial illustration of handyman and his tools for article on fixing an older home. Scratchboard, limited muted color palette, man, handyman, tools, remodeling, new england, historic, old house, quirky, stylized, fun.
illustration of Scratchboard landscape for Sorrento Cheese packaging. Agriculture, river, landscape, packaging, green palette, trees, botanical.
illustration of Scratchboard, digital, whimsical illustration of community farmers' market.  Limited, green, orange color palette. People, musicians, fun, summer, harvest, market, agriculture, vegetables, flowers, stylized.
illustration of Brushstroke tree icon for logo development.
Vector icon illustration of tree, green, loose, energy, brush, packaging, logo.
illustration of Whimsical illustration of woman with flowers coming out of her head, for editorial about planning a garden. Bright color palette, fun, stylized, flowers, woman, botanical, quirky.
illustration of Three fold direct mail illustration of Pasadena community for Huntington Hospital.
Scratchboard, digital, bright color palette, community, people, families, hospital, lifestyle, exercise, health, shopping, children.
illustration of Editorial illustration of having Swedish coffee with customary seven sweets. Decorative, maze, scandinavian, deer, coffee, food, landscape, icons, stylized, texture. Earth toned color palette.
illustration of Whimsical energetic illustration of tiger and decorative elements.  Warm orange palette, digital, scratchboard, tiger, animals, decorative, quirky, flowers, stylized, citrus, food, fruit, licensing.
illustration of Loose, whimsical illustration of village landscape. Muted color palette, village, town, landscape, doodle, brushstroke, digital, surface design, licensing.
illustration of Icon designed for the Native Maui skincare line packaging. Hawaiian style image of island botanicals in teardrop shape. Hawaii, icon, logo, botanical, skincare, packaging.
illustration of Illustrated map of downtown Portsmouth NH. Historic muted color palette.  Historic homes, points of interest, travel, colonial, new hampshire, boating, dining, food, restaurants, history, new england.
illustration of Whimsical vector illustration of rabbits riding multi seat bicycle. Lively color palette, flat graphic, rabbits, bunnies, bicycle, transportation, spring, hand lettering, licensing, decorative.
illustration of Editorial illustration of chalkboard menu for autumn's foods.  Lively colors, chalkboard digital style, hand lettering, autumn, foods, soup, squash.
illustration of Detail of larger Illustrated map of Irvine CA green spaces and recreation for the Irvine Company. Earth color palette, Landscape, mountains, hiking trails, outdoors, recreation, flora, fauna, roadways, scenery, health, fitness, people, stylized.
illustration of Digital pastel landscape illustration depicting NH spring for NH Home magazine. Deep and natural color palette, animals, spring, scratchboard, digital, wetlands, environment, trees, stylized, botanical, deer, fox, heron, hawk, flowers.
illustration of Whimsical illustration of neighborhood landscape designed for Safeway three fold direct mailer.
Lively, bright color palette. Vector, flat graphic imagery, landscape, neighborhood, trees, flowers, modern, quirky, architecture, cars, shopping.
illustration of Scratchboard and digitally painted food spot illustrations for the Barking Crab Cookbook.
Limited color palette, scratchboard, whimsical, food, seafood, mermaid, fish, crab, cookbook, restaurant, dining, fun, graphic.
illustration of Graphic paper cut style illustration for Safeway Grocers reusable shopping bag.  Autumn color palette, paper cut, graphic, landscape, apples, orchards, home, trees, environment, reusable, vector.
illustration of Scratchboard and digital  illustration of hoarder and his things. Limited bright color palette, objects, man, home, hoarding, collecting, lifestyle, mental illness, depression, materialism, compulsiveness, OCD, online shopping, saving, whimsical, stylized.
illustration of Papercut style illustration of ART word in landscape. White silhouette of tree, house, word, lettering, green background, paper cut, digital, flowers, bird, type.
illustration of Silhouette icon of man and woman hikers for the Oberto trail mix packaging. Brown icon, people, hiking, nature, health, exercise, man, woman, backpacking, packaging, food, stylized, logo, vector.
illustration of Whimsical Editorial illustration depicting a Brazil Christmas for Ensign Magazine. Scratchboard, digital, landscape, lively color palette, Brazil, South America, Xmas, holidays, tropical, village, river, decorative, fun, stylized, nature, music, culture, architecture.
illustration of Editorial illustration depicting typical morning in the home of a professional baker. Warm color palette, scratchboard, digital, family, people, children, opera, breakfast, cooking, lifestyle, energy, cat, theater, singing.
illustration of Decorative editorial scratchboard illustration for article about winter solstice in Ireland. Blue palette, scratchboard, digital color, border, decorative, ireland, celtic, landscape, agriculture, trees, sun.
illustration of Loose, brushwork illustrated scene of tea drinking in tropical setting.  Earth color palette, thick and thin line with color, landscape, flora, fauna, people, tea, whimsical, tropical, travel, packaging.
illustration of Digital and scratchboard illustration for editorial on winter pruning in new england.  Natural color palette, tree in winter and spring seasons, fruit tree, snow, landscape, botanical, gardening, pruning, horticulture.
illustration of Editorial illustration depicting tourism in New England and the shopping for souvenirs.
Landscape illustration, warm earth colors, lively, energetic, souvenirs, tourism, road trip, autumn, leaf peepers, countryside, new england, scratchboard, digital, whimsical.
illustration of Stylized illustration of whimsical village and people having fun with winter activities and sports like skating and sledding. Scratchboard and digital. Gold, blue, rust, white, muted colors. People, children, town, village, winter, snow.


I create and design illustrations for advertising, publishing and products. Clients include: Williams-Sonoma, Clorox, Frito-Lay, Ghiradelli's, Virgin, & Safeway.


Black & White, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Realism, Scratchboard, Silhouette, Stylized, Texture, Woodcut, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art, Vector, Chalkboard, Rich Picture


Humor, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Children, Children's Products, Editorial, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Still Life, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Environmental, Branding, Surface Design, Logos