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Damn It Feels Good to Be a Woman Cover Art

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This song empowers and honors women for all the roles they play. Celebrating your glorious femininity. Cover art embodies the single.

Lauren Rosales

Lauren Rosales

illustration of Spring, 2020, Chloe, Walk, Runway, Bags, Model, Sway, Swag, Purple, New, Purse, Designer, Label, Jewelry, Style, Stylist, Floral, Vibrant, Colors, Girl, Woman, Fashion, Show
illustration of Dior, Paris, Eiffel, Tower, Roses, Balcony, Hotel, Chic, Sheer, Chiffon, Dress, Boots, Valentines, Hair, Girl, Fabulous
illustration of watercolor, bike, ride, Amalfi, coast, midday, Italy, adventure, explore, bicycle, girl, lost, camera, pictures, mountains, scenery, damsel, Chanel, classic, fashion, model
illustration of Chloe, Pink, Bucket, Bag, Purse, logo, emble, gold, chain, ombre, pattern, art, deco, seems, patent, leather, goods, texture, art, handle, chic
illustration of Perfume, YSL, Libre, Fragrance, Bottle, Design, Sephora, Images, Scent, Vanilla, Jasmine, Glass, Gold, Logo, Luxury
illustration of Green, Ombre, Teal, Purse, Bag, Chloe, Runway, Model, Walk, Sway, New, Spring, 2020, Summer, Vibrant, Color, Line
illustration of C, Chloe, bag, emblem, purse, ombre, orange, yellow, sun, light, fashion, spring, 2020, summer, vibrant, vibes, logo, gold, hardware, snake, crocodile, pattern, texture, shadow, flap, gorgeous
illustration of Chloe, Flat, Bags, Roses, Romantic, Lay, Photography, Emblem, Colorful, Vibrant, Options, different, Snake, Skin, Neutral, Sizes, Purse
illustration of Vogue, Runway, Seat, Bag, Floral, Front, Row, Show, Critic, Sunglasses, Celebrity, Best, Curious, Poker, Face
illustration of Fashion, Guru, Fashionistas, Friends, Talk, Inspire, Contradict, High, Name, Brands, Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, Beauty, Sunglasses, Dior, JaDior, Hat, Sway, Moods, Love
illustration of Black, Fluffy, Heels, Girl, Fashion, Style, Runway, Cute, Outfit, High, Ribbon, Texture, Fuzzy, Designer, Brand, Fancy
illustration of Chloe, Chic, Runway, Models, Girls, Fashion, Catwalk, Spring, Collection, Polkadots, Moment, Spotlight, Together, Squad, Golden, 70's, Vibe, Warmth, Peace, Sunlight
illustration of Wedding, Floral, Bouquet, Purple, Flowers, Eucalyptus, Bridal, Gorgeous, Beautiful
illustration of Heels, Line, bottega, Decisions, options, color, gold, black, watercolor, gouache, perspective
illustration of Girls, Squad, Spice, Fashion, Photography, Camera, Pose, High, Designer, Clothing, Textiles, Friends, Besties, Photoshoot, Clothing, Look, Fierce
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illustration of Vogue, Magazine, Fashion, Catalog, Party, Girl, Nails, Lips, Tattoo, Edgy, Fun, Vibrant
illustration of Models, Line, Waiting, Looking, Eyes, Peering, Wondering, Glancing, Feeling, Longing, Comparing, Loving, Being, Enjoying, Company, Friendship, Girls
illustration of Hanging, Heels, Wedges, Tied, Wall, Shadow, High, Black, Gold, Silver, Classy, Tall, Laying
illustration of Holiday, Night, Girls, Out, Christmas, Seasonal, Gif, Gifts, Outfits, Fancy, Party, Stars, Gorgeous, Ladies, Colorful, Picture, Gossip, Girl
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illustration of Shadow, Heels, Zebra, Patent, Leather, Black, Fun, Fierce, Perspective, Gorgeous, Shopping, Product
illustration of Dior, Sunglasses, Sunnies, Cat, Eye, Fashion, Classic, Audrey Hepburn, Fade, Fabulous, Eyewear, Black, Gold
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illustration of Marc Jacobs, Bag, Stack, Colorful, Logo, Zebra, High, End, Designer, Purse, Body, Strap, Bedazzled, three, threesome
illustration of Red Heels, Legs, Girl, Fancy, Valentines, Fire, Hot, Woman
illustration of Wedding, Celebration, Maid of Honor, Floral, Champagne, Girls, Brooklyn, Rooftop, NYC, Gift, Wine
illustration of Tattoo Girl, Glasses, Shadow, Shield, Pose, Shirt, Bad, Thoughts
illustration of YSL, Heels, Beautiful, Love, Purse, High, Fashion, Chain, Logo
illustration of Maid, Honor, Bride, Floral, bouquet, Blonde, Ladies, Girl, Marriage, Marry, Female, Bridesmaid, Original, Hair, Length, Long, Dress, Fancy, Dresses, Color, Details, Fabric
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illustration of Valentino, Heels, Studs, Studded, Fashion, Pink, Peach, Watercolor, Fancy
illustration of Runway, McQueen, Walk, Strut, Heels, Alexander, Flow, Gold, Body
illustration of Italy, Girls, Fun, Trip Scooter, Lemons, Floral, Fashion, Outfits, Friends, Group


A graphic designer by profession, Lauren Rosales is also a self-taught fashion illustrator, photographer and artist. Her illustrations are inspired by high-fashion photography and designer brands. They express movement, color, shape and style. Her style can be described as modern, edgy, unique yet classic. After graduating from the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University, Lauren began working for multiple fashion retailers creating their social media, email and website content. With this type of branding experience, Lauren had an edge to market her own art, in particular on Instagram. Fine artists & fashion designers like Katie from PaperFashion, Marc Jacobs, and Sophia Webster, to name a few, have recognized Lauren's work on this platform. From illustrating wedding invites, music albums to skateboard artwork and fashion, Lauren's process is thoughtful yet spontaneous. Her focus is to draw the viewer into this new, expressive, abstract way of seeing the world. Whether she is creating a commission piece or a passion project, Lauren's purpose is to add value to an idea or convey a feeling. Lauren is based just outside of New York City.


Abstract, Acrylic, Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionistic, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Photoillustration, Watercolor, Floral


Adventure, Botanical, Celebrities, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Futuristic, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Portrait, Product, Romance, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Urban, Branding