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Brian Lambert

illustration of Digital animal illustration of a dog riding along with his friend and companion, a pig, after a happy and successful day harvesting persimmons. They are both feeling a lot of pride in their haul as the cross the flowered fields. Cacti Cactus Mountains Flower Blue Green Red Orange Pink Mountains Bright Vibrant Cute Friendship Puppy Puppies
illustration of A joyful Javan Rhino dancing in the rain. Playful. Cute. Fun. Blue tones. Jungle. Endangered. Conservation. Water. Dreamlike. Inspiring.
illustration of Style test for a personal project. Comic Book. Beach. Ocean waves.
illustration of Cover designed to capture the neon 80s vibes found in Northern Abbey's single, City Lights. City.
1980. Purple. Orange.
illustration of The fourth spread of the children's book,
illustration of An adorable take on the cyberpunk genre. A cute and fierce little bear overlooks a gritty metropolis. Stern Samurai Sword Fashion Umbrella Rain Floral Waterfall Yellow Green Purple Orange Neon Windy Iridescent
illustration of A cute tiger stretching in a lush and dreamy jungle scene. Green. Orange. Brown. Peaceful Joyful Magical Waterfall Cute Adorable Pleasant Conservation
illustration of These two butter buddies just want to be together. One of the butters is desperately trying to save his best friend. Blush. Cream. Brown. Syrup Friendship Love Sacrifice Amusing Funny Cute Whimsical Delicious Pancakes
illustration of The second spread of the children's book,
illustration of The third spread of the children's book,
illustration of Digital, Action, Adventure, Character Development, Children's Books, Editorial, Greeting Cards, Nature, Toys & Games, Wildlife
illustration of The first spread of the children's book,
illustration of A cute take on the cyberpunk genre. A cybernetically enhanced wolf admires a young child's robot costume. Atmospheric Futuristic Halloween Clothing Design Trees Brown. Orange. Black. Tan.
illustration of A fox struggles to put on his pants in a well appointed forest bedroom with some high end lamps and lighting fixtures. Bed Clothing Bedding Quilt Cute Funny Adorable Green Yellow Purple Orange
illustration of A happy little cow relaxes in a misty field of flowers. Chill Relaxing Tranquil Lush Iconic Green Yellow Black White
illustration of An adorable take on the cyberpunk genre. A cybernetically enhanced fox hides from the cops in a futuristic city. The tense moment is captured in the foxes stressed facial expression. The retro futuristic cop car is reminiscent of the designs used in Blade Runner. Cutting Edge Neon Orange Purple Green Cyan
illustration of A cute turtle swimming through the ocean. Joyful Fun Sea Aquatic Cute Darling Adorable Sweet Peaceful Excited Teal Turquoise Blue Tan
illustration of A tranquil winter Landscape scene of a cozy home snuggled into the snowy mountains. A yellow VW bug is parked out front as Caribou snack on some stray grass peaking out from the snow beds. Relaxing Tranquil Chill Magic Magical Winter Snow Snowing Tundra Mountains White Lilac Yellow
illustration of A little bee buzzing through the sunflowers. His happy spirit and joyful features will brighten anyone's day. Vibrant Relaxing Chill Honeybee Bumblebee Sunshine Yellow Blue Brown
illustration of An adorable take on the cyberpunk genre. A cybernetically enhanced weasel sits on her 2CV inspired vehicle. She watches as three massive starships travel above the desert. Futuristic Space Sand Dunes Cat Vehicle Concerned Orange Lilac Brown
illustration of A cute little lady bug sits in a dreamy environment of flowers. Insect Pleased Happy Joyful Mysterious Atmospheric Bokeh Texture Relaxing Chill Pink Purple Blue Teal
illustration of A cute food illustration of two little egg yolks relaxing together. Friendship Friends Happy Chill Blushing Peaceful Idyllic Mint Yellow Cream White
illustration of A cute food illustration of a little tofu and his sprig of cilantro buddy. Joy Joyful Happy Happiness Friends Friendship Copper Savory Relaxing Surprised Excited Blushing Navy Gold Brown Orange
illustration of An illustration of a girl in a mysterious city environment.  Mysterious Atmospheric Magical Earrings Clothing Purple Pink tones. Blue. Black.
illustration of A cute food illustration of a bunch of little cereal friends enjoying the summer vibes. Chill Beach Milk Ball Happy Relaxing Vibrant Fun Sunny Floating Turquoise Blue White Tan Brown
illustration of A small mariner is surprised to find he has a stowaway. Ocean Sailing Sailboat Cute Fun Exciting Island Shocked Relaxing Stretching Happy Charming Sweet Smitten Stormy skies. Blue Turquoise Red Pink
illustration of A bright and vibrant nautical scene with a small boat sailing across the ocean. Relaxing Island Idyllic Moon Sunset Cloudy Clouds Charming Fun Teal Tangerine Blue Pink Purple
illustration of A cute food illustration of a bagel resting peacefully on a porcelain plate. Satisfied Happy Charming Sweet Kind Sleeping Relaxing Chill Rich Blush. Brown. Cream.
illustration of A cute food illustration of an adorable whipped cream character relaxing in a steamy bath of hot chocolate. Happy Charming Sweet Treat Chill Content French Grey. Cream. Brown.
illustration of A loose animal illustration of a fantasy creature flying through the clouds while the sun sets. Pink. Cream. Violet. Navy. Brown.
illustration of A cute food illustration of a carrot having an existential crisis. Concerned Empathy Sweet Kindness Tenderness Charming Comforting Dusty Purple. Mustard. Orange. Brown.


Brian Lambert is a freelance illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest where his love of nature and animals has been allowed to flourish. His charming digital illustrations evoke a warmth and character that has the ability to make a child's imagination sing.


Cartoon, Design, Digital, Type Design, Watercolor, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Landscape, Leisure, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Urban