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John Joven

illustration of Caricature, Cartoon, Digital, Stylized, Animals, Children's Books, Comic Book, Licensing, Vintage / Retro


Freelance Illustrator over 20 years collaborating in creative projects for a diverse range of companies around the world. I´m a freelance Graphic Designer, Full-time illustrator based in Bogotá, Colombia. One day I started with copying some Transformers characters from TV, doodling them in workbooks, since then I can´t stop to draw, it is a Huge gift from heaven and I enjoyed a lot to be paid for having fun! Along with my main activity, I do comics too in my spare time, just for a hobby now. I had the opportunity with my illustration and character creation to bring to life Characters, Scenes, worlds in several articles on magazines, funny ideas on children's books and animation projects around the globe. Some of my Clients include Amazon Inc., Scholastics, NATGEO Channel, Penguin, VISA, Trillium, Egmont, Usborne, Benchmark, Red Chair Press, Pearson, Macmillan, Standard Publishing, Kumon, Highlights, WorkStyle, Planeta, El Tiempo, SM, McGraw-Hill, Speakaboos, Perseus.


Caricature, Cartoon, Digital, Stylized


Animals, Children's Books, Comic Book, Licensing, Vintage / Retro