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Tasha Goddard

illustration of Editorial illustration on the theme of directions for teenagers getting ready to leave school. 

editorial, colourful, teenagers, pathway, dreams, glasses, headphones
illustration of Armchair for relaxing with shelves, blanket, footstool, books, cat, hot drink, flowers and plants.

lifestyle, editorial, living room, furniture, aspirational, books, reading, relaxing, hygge, mindfulness, calm, home illustration
illustration of Conceptual and stylized illustration of my mother. 

redhead, scarf, portrait, memorial, hand-drawn type, Esperanto star, mother
illustration of Concept for a poster for the new West Side Story production

hand-drawn type, poster, lettering, dance, poster, musical poster
illustration of Modern pink paisley pattern.

paisley, pink, pattern design, stylized floral, grey, blue
illustration of Editorial image of diverse children protesting. editorial, activism, youth, young people, youth activism, protest, climate change, march, diversity, child, ethnicity, childhood, student, teenage boy, teenage girl, teenager, multi-ethnic group, activist, social issues, protester, strike, climate strike, power, politics
illustration of Selection of fall fruit and vegetables. butternut squash, autumn vegetables, fall fruit, beets, beetroot, parsnip, apple, radish, sweet potato, yam, kale, Thanksgiving, squash, autumn, fall, cooking, cookbook, recipe, kitchen, gardening, vegan, vegetarian, clean eating, brochure
illustration of Simplified floral pattern based on a bouquet. flowers, simplified, colourful, floral pattern, beauty, nature, blossom, botanical, floral pattern, spring time, summer, plant, decoration, packaging, peonies, agapanthus, pink flowers, white flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers
illustration of Decorative type
illustration of Children's character sheet - child and turtle.  child, balance bike, backpack, turtle, children's market, picture book, character sheet, childhood, children, playing, kids, kids books, board book, dungarees, woolen hat, bike, bicycle
illustration of Atmospheric illustration for spooky story. cat, radio, lightbulb, atsmospheric, dark, scary, torch, torchlight, Halloween, wireless, black cat, basement, cellar
illustration of Colourful kitchen shelf. shelves, kitchen, teapot, cactus, jars, bowls, mugs, sieve, ladle, cheese grater, cooking, illustrated life, vase, flowers, spatula, kitchen jars, bottles, food illustration, colourful shelves, shelfie, eclectic, bohemian
illustration of Abstract floral in dusky blues. stylised flowers, floral pattern, blues, mark making, abstract floral, flower pattern, abstract flowers, packaging, wallpaper, wrapping paper, stationery, home decor, dark ground, repeat pattern, multidirectional pattern,
illustration of Two children playing ball. children, playing, football, cartwheel, jumping, diversity, gender neutral, child, red hair, children's books, picture books, multi-ethnic, non-gendered kids, kids, kids books
illustration of Selection of lemons and oranges. lemons, oranges, fruit, citrus, leaves, recipe, cooking, food illustration, kitchen, healthy eating, vitamins, vegan, vegetarian, clean eating
illustration of Illustrated packing list for a rainy city break. city break, packing, illustrated list, backpack, raincoat, water bottle, wellies, wet weather, gumboots, pencil case, clothing, spot illustration, accessories, travel mug
illustration of Bohemian bathroom. bathroom, bath, shower, toilet, sink, rug, shelf, mirror, tiled floor, red wall, room, home decor, children's illustration, picture book, scene, interior, toiletries, shampoo, sponge, razor, illustrated life
illustration of Collection of greetings cards. greetings, cards, thank you, happy birthday, love you, congratulations, sorry, collection, flowers, floral, spring, summer, handdrawn type, typography, handwriting
illustration of Decorative type
illustration of Illustrated list of sick day supplies illustrated list, sick day, sketchbook, ice cream, honey and lemon, mug, soup, fruit, book, blanket, illustrated life, fruit, health, lifestyle, spot illustrations,
illustration of Colourful tossed floral pattern with stylised flowers. stylised flowers, floral pattern, leaves, petals, spring, home decor, wallpaper, curtains, stationery, surface pattern, multidirectional pattern, mark making, flat style
illustration of Collection of cleaning supplies. dustpan and brush, dishcloth, cleaning, housework, spot illustration, illustrated life, handdrawn type, typography, handwriting, cloth, daily life,
illustration of Decorative type
illustration of Illustrated recipe for caprese salad.  illustrated recipe, olive oil, tomatoes, mozarella, caprese salad, basil, food illustration, cook book, handdrawn type, typography, handwriting, meal, Italian food, plate, bottle,
illustration of Stylised snapshots of illustrator's red-headed mother.  portrait, redhead, red hair, long hair, snapshots, stylised portraits, hats, woman, older woman, people, head and shoulders, memorial illustration, glasses, spectacles, bohemian, spot illustrations,
illustration of Decorative type
illustration of Illustrated list of random objects. cat, shampoo, mobile phone, goddess, tractor, trophy, broken heart, test tube
illustration of Cosy living room with book case, fireplace, mirror and TV. lounge, living room, sitting room, fireplace, television, bookcase, books, shelves, rug, room
illustration of Seasonal shelves with Christmas food and ceramics and cards. Christmas, shelves, ceramics, cards, seasonal, Panettone, biscuits, hot chocolate, mugs, jars, decorative tins
illustration of Seasonal mittens, stocking and bobble hat.  Christmas knitwear, knitwear, seasonal, bobble hat, wool, mittens, stocking, folk art, decorative
illustration of Colourful hexagon tile pattern. hexagons, tiles, symmetry, stylised flowers
illustration of Head and shoulders portrait of black girl with necklace and headband. portrait, head and shoulders, black girl, person of colour, headband, necklace
illustration of Cute caticorn with yarn-bombed tail and horn. caticorn, cat with a horn, yarn-bombed, floral frame
illustration of Kitchen dresser, chair and chalk board. kitchen, dresser, ceramics, drawers, chair, chalkboard, sunhat, shelves
illustration of Sealife characters for children's market.  sea creatures, sealife, crabs, fish, shells, seaweed
illustration of Stylised self-portrait of illustrator.  self-portrait, long hair, dark hair, stylised portrait, unexpected colour palette, blue skin
illustration of Pattern of folk art decorated bugs.  decorated bugs, folk art, insects, beetles
illustration of Ogee pattern of delicate stylised botanical flowers. stylised flowers, floral pattern, ogee pattern, botanical illustration, stylised botanical
illustration of Collection of birds. collection, birds, butterflies, flowers, collection, branches, insects
illustration of Stylised portrait of woman with a large drink and pictures on the wall. red hair, redhead, glass, portrait, pictures, light bulb
illustration of Stylised bathroom. bathroom, bath, toilet, shower, window, mirror, shelves, taps, room
illustration of Collection of colourful decorated bugs on stylised leaves. bugs, insects, folk art, pattern, stylised, leaves, collection, decorative
illustration of Seasonal living room scene, with Christmas tree, sofa and piano.  lounge, living room, sitting room, Christmas tree, sofa, settee, couch, piano, shelves, pictures, Christmas, Christmas cards, socks, rug, seasonal, room
illustration of Floral decorative ogee pattern. ogee, floral, symmetry, decorative
illustration of Stylised tossed floral pattern. stylised flowers, floral pattern, flowers, leaves


Tasha Goddard is a British illustrator and pattern designer, living in the Cotswolds in the UK. She is inspired by nature, folk art from around the world and by advertising, editorial and packaging illustration through the 20th and early 21st century. Tasha works mostly digitally, using a Microsoft Surface Book or Wacom Cintiq, Photoshop and a handful of favourite brushes. She has a loose and whimsical style and loves to simplify and stylise people, flowers and objects down to flat organic shapes – and then add interest and decorate using colour, pattern and mark-making (and quite often stylised flowers!). Her lettering style is loose and ‘hand-drawn’. Tasha is open to commissions, collaborations and licensing deals in most markets. She’s happy to work to detailed briefs, or to come up with concepts based on loose ideas or specific text or messages. Tasha loves to travel, read, cook and eat vegetarian food and spend time with her family and friends.


Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Lettering, Stylized, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Information Graphics, Leisure, Licensing, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Still Life, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Surface Design