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Rich Barry

illustration of Spot/editorial illustration for Westword Magazine. cubist, cartoon, art gallery, modern art, humorous, spot editorial, 2-D, vector-art, magazine, adobe illustrator
illustration of Robot, Mars, science fiction, toy, model kit, alien, outer space, novelty glasses.
illustration of Spot illustration for Westword Magazine's 2017 Best of Denver online and print edition. Humorous, scary, funny, monster, alien, movie, popcorn, 2-D, vector-art, cartoony.
illustration of Surf band caricature/T-shirt design. 60s retro, line-art, cartoon, guitars, surf rock.
illustration of Spot illustration for Westword Magazine's 2017 Best of Denver online and print edition. villain, melodrama, tone-on-tone, stylized, 2-D, character design, theatre, stage, spot illustration, retro,
illustration of editorial cartoon, frankenfoods, anthropomorphic, genetically monified, engineered. monster, alien, cartoony
illustration of Magazine cover, editorial, energy drinks, exaggerated, caffeine
illustration of Spot illustration for Westword Magazine's 2017 Best of Denver online and print edition. shoes, pump, sneaker, dance, anthropomorphic, retro, 2-D, cartoony, character design,
illustration of Comic book cover parody, dog, cartoon, super hero, spoof, cats, character design, 2-D, cubist, flat. anthropomorphic, vector-art, cartoony.
illustration of Caricature, Cartoon, Whimsical, Vector, Humor, Adventure, Character Development, Comic Book, Editorial, Sci-Fi
illustration of Mascot/character design for Mad City Labs. cow, mascot, character design, 2-D, vector-art, nano technology, scientist, anthropomorphic.
illustration of Advertising icon/mascot design. Bug, insect, mite, super hero, retro, cartoony, vector-art, advertising, anthropomorphic, character design.
illustration of Spot illustration/T-shirt design. jazz, trumpet, bebop, cubist, retro, horn, vector-art, 2-D, humorous illustraation..
illustration of Book illustration for
illustration of Spot illustration for Westword Magazine. Boxer, boxing, clown, knock out, punching bag, retro, cartoony.
illustration of Comic book cover parody. Comic book cover, character design, parody, detective, dog, anthropomorphic, humorous, retro, 2-D, vector, stylized, cartoony, cubist, exaggerated, spoof, satire.
illustration of St. Paddy's Day gag cartoon/greeting card illustration. honey badger, leprechaun, monster, anthropomorphic, wacky, exaggerated, stylized, vector-art, cartoony.
illustration of Abstract, Cartoon, Stylized, Whimsical, Humor, Character Development, Children's Products, Icons, Toys & Games, Youth
illustration of T-Shirt Illustration: Cubist bass-playing French  Bulldog. dog, stylized, cartoony, abstract, cubist, retro, 2-D, upright bass, anthropomorphic, jazz, bebop
illustration of Promo piece/Fake bubblegum Card. Parody, satire, baseball, wacky, exaggerated, cartoony, caricature, monster, pitcher, spitball. 2-D, Vector-art,
illustration of Meet George JetFink! T-shirt art/cartoon parody. Parody, satire, alien, jetsons, monster, crazy, wacky, exaggerated, flying saucer, hot rod, cartoony, retro.
illustration of T-shirt design, satire, parody, flintstone, caveman, monster, hot rod, cartoony, retro, 2-D, vector.
illustration of T-shirt design. abstract, cartoony, bug, insect spider, creature, alien, monster, cartoony, vector, 2-D.
illustration of Book cover illustration. cover art, text book, humorous, character design, vector-art.
illustration of Book cover illustrations, spot illustration, character design, dog, kids, teens, vector, cartoony, 2-D, sports, school.
illustration of Character/mascot design. beatnik, rat, monster, creature, hot rod, character design, wacky, retro, rat rod, exaggerated, cartoony, advertising. vector.
illustration of Editorial/cover Illustration for Westword Magazine's
illustration of Hot sauce label design/illustration. caricature, character design, label design, exaggerated, wacky, abstract, cubist, stylized, cartoony, hot peppers, vector, monster, flames.
illustration of Spot/editorial Illustration: Westword Magazine. rocker, guitar, punk rock, grunge, exaggerated, editorial, wacky, cartoony, humorous illustration, character design.
illustration of Parody/T-Shirt art. parody, zombie, turtle, walking dead, silly, gross, wacky, monster, stylized, cartoony, 2-D, exaggerated, vector.
illustration of Editorial cartoon: Westword Magazine. mountain biking, hiking, wildlife, outdoor sports, Colorado, hog, snake, porcupine, prairie dog, road kill, satire, anthropomorphic, editorial cartoon, wacky, exaggerated, 2-D, black and white, gray scale, cartoony, vector-art.
illustration of Promotional, advertising, marketing, anthropomorphic, animals, Jazz, bebop, cow, cat, rat, canary, spider, bulldog, stylized, cubist, cartoony, 2-D, vector, retro, bongos, saxophone, upright bass, trumpet, congos.
illustration of Character design/comic book cover. Parody, satire, cartoony, retro, stylized, vector, 2-D, funny humorous, kids, book, slug, super hero, character design, anthropomorphic.
illustration of Snowboard spot illustration: Westword Magazine. snowboard, winter sports, alien, big air, mountains, cartoony, stylized, vector, 2-D.
illustration of T-shirt design. satire, werewolf. wolf man, designer breeds, dogs, monster, creature, cubist, anthropomorphic, cartoony, 2-d, vector.
illustration of Spot Illustration, editorial, graphics tablet, stylus, Wacom, character design, anthropomorphic, 2-D, vector, cartoony, conceptual.
illustration of T-shirt design. satire, Frankenstein, monster, anthropomorphic, character design, designer breeds, dogs, monster, creature, cubist, cartoony, 2-d, vector.
illustration of Comic-book cover parody/gift caricature. sea creature, under water, scuba diver, sea monster, squid, cartoony, cubist, stylized, 2-D, vector.
illustration of T-Shirt design/Greeting Card Illustration. dog, humorous illustration, bulldog, poodle, squirrel, 40s retro, exaggerated, cartoony, wacky, 2-D, stylized,
illustration of T-shirt design, jazz, music, saxophone, trumpet, abstract, cubist, stylized, retro, cartoony, character design, modern art, 2-D vector.


If you’re looking for a fun, wacky, off-the-wall illustration style, you’ve come to the right place… Right-Hemisphere Laboratory is the studio for you! Lurking in the shadows of America's Peak, maybe it's just the altitude, but there’re some strange and cartoony goings-on at the Lab, where Rich Barry, M.V.A. (Mad Vector Artist) can usually be found working late into the night on his latest cartoon creation. Specializing in vector-based humorous illustration and cartooning, Rich has been keeping his clients in stitches for over two decades. Rich’s artwork has appeared on everything from skateboards to race cars. and, yes, sometimes even on paper! For cartoons, illustration, caricatures, animation, character design, crawling brains, and other experiments, contact: Right-Hemisphere Laboratory today! Clients include: Guitar Player magazine, Attack the Text Publishing, Awana Clubs, Twins Magazine, Westword Magazine, Readventures Games, Flinch Animation Studio, Voyager Learning, Mad City Labs.


Abstract, Animation, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Line, Logo Design, Stylized, Technical, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Products, Comic Book, Computers, Editorial, Education, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Icons, Music, Mystery, Packaging, Portrait, Product, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Textiles, Toys & Games, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Youth, Edgy, Urban, Branding, Logos