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illustration of Sea swimming gives people purpose. The cold water temporarily distracts them from the crazy.

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illustration of Time spent naked in never time wasted.
illustration of Nudist beach in Dublin, Vico Beach.
#illustration #fluffybums #acrylic
illustration of “When I’m not by the sea I feel 64% human. When swimming in the ocean I’m a 97% human being.”
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illustration of While in San Fransisco I went for a job interview in a very flamboyant man's house. We got on very well and he invited me to stay as he was throwing a party for his neighbor, it was her 105th birthday.
I stayed of course and met the 105-year-old Gladdis. Gladdis was dressed like an NCAD student and had a funky blue stripe in her hair, she was instantly my idol. Gladdis never stopped smiling and was full of joy and energy, I’m so happy I stayed to meet her.
illustration of So there I was, trying to keep my cool while teaching my Mom the world of online banking.

#illustration #fineliner #watercolor #spinningrainbow
illustration of Time spent soaking in an Epsom salt bath is time very well spent.
illustration of @ross_carvill and I found a pair of pervy looking orange sunglasses while strolling Ticknock Mountain one foggy day.
illustration of Editorial Illustration.


Neasa Tierney is a visual storyteller living in Dublin, Ireland. She believes in color, funk, and humor. Her works always questioning societal norms with splashes of gay undertones.


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