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Carina Lindmeier

illustration of Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Digital, Pencil, Concept Art, Editorial, Fantasy, Mystery, Nature, Portrait
illustration of Colored Pencil, Design, Pencil, Stylized, Floral, Editorial, Nature, Still Life, Lifestyle


Carina Lindmeier is a freelance illustrator from Austria. Specialising in digital illustration, with a figurative, contemporary style, her handmade digital aesthetic features layers of real-life textures, vibrant pattern, colour and subtle imperfections. She is passionate about female empowerment and her work frequently depicts women in their day to day lives, with uplifting messages around positivity, relationships, health and wellbeing.


Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Pencil, Stylized, Floral, Concept Art


Editorial, Fantasy, Mystery, Nature, Portrait, Still Life, Lifestyle