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Vicky Barone

illustration of Hand lettering with dimension and composition. Blue. Black. White. Be Present. Lettering. Mindfulness. Inspirational. Words.
illustration of Live Your Life. Playful. Lettering. Coloful. Inspirational. Handlettering. Digital.
illustration of Celebrate Everything. Lettering. Colorful. Black and white. Handlettering. Inspirational.
illustration of Oh What Fun playful Christmas ornament. Abstract. Colorful. Lettering Handlettering. Holiday. Whimsical.
illustration of Fun, happy robot. Children. Goofy. Colorful. Whimsical. Robot. Graphic. Bold. Playful.
illustration of You're not alone lettering. Symmetry. Dimension. Lettering. Inspirational. Playful. Botanical. Green.
illustration of We make the perfect pear. Pears. Playful. Whimsical. Pun. Pattern. Surface Design. Texture.
illustration of Do more of what makes you happy. Lettering. Painterly. Fun. Inspirational. Stylized. Happy.
illustration of Minimalistic graphic reindeer. Personalized. Ornament. Modern. Texture. White. Children. Holiday. Red. Green. Graphic.
illustration of Be Kind Lettering. Dimension. Handlettering. Kindness. Black. Aqua. Modern. Fun. Positive. Kindness. Mindful. Mindfulness.
illustration of Playful, fun Scottie Dog. Holiday. Personalized. Colorful. Green. Red. Children.
illustration of Conceptual sunshine birthday. Happy. Sunshine. Blue. Birthday. Lettering. Whimsical.
illustration of Colorful world map. Texture. Continents. Map. Colorful. Graphic. Poster. Wall Decal. Children's. Learning. Informational. Decorative.
illustration of Happy, goofy moose, personalized illustration. Christmas. Christmas Ornament. Personalized. Children. Characters. Graphic. Vector. Colorful.
illustration of Illustrated peach and eggplant characters holding hands. Texture. Illustration. Humor. Character. Cute. Colorful. Love. Conceptual.
illustration of Dancing bunny doing the floss dance. Bunny. Dancing. Character. Cute. Funny. Illustrated. Cartoon. Instructions. Green. Easter.
illustration of Bring it on colorful and whimsical lettering. Colorful. Digital. Playful. Whimsical. Lettering. Inspirational. Self care. Mindfulness. Bravery. Strong.
illustration of Congrats in colorful, playful, lettering. Handlettering. Color. Playful. Happy. Greeting Card.
illustration of Cow thinking moo. Character. Moo. Cow. Children. Poster. Stretched Canvas. Licensing. Playful. Grey. Black. White. Animal. Farm. Learning.
illustration of Just Try Decorative Lettering. Handlettering. Positive. Inspiration. Colorful. Texture. Aqua. Blue. White. Letters.
illustration of Modern teddy bear personalized. White. Orange. Personalized. Product. Stretched Canvas. Licensed.
illustration of Happy stylized Santa. Holiday. Christmas. Santa. Aqua. Personalized. Happy. Bright.
illustration of Bunny silhouette made of graphic flowers. Teal. Flowers. Spring. Easter. Bunny. Botanical. Leaves. Bloom.
illustration of A bunch of happy lattes with lettering of thanks a latte. Thanks. Gratitude. Coffee. Illustration. Happy. Characters.
illustration of Bright, happy surf cottages/shacks with vw bus, surfboards, bicycle and palm trees. Beach. Houses. Surf. Surfboards. Summer. Happy. Bright. Texture. Collage.
illustration of Happy group of stylized whales. Pattern. Aqua. Orange. Personalized. Poster. Stretched Canvas. Licensed. Happy.
illustration of Fall floral pattern on brown. Flowers. Orange. Gray. Yellow. Plants. Botanical. Repeated Pattern. Pattern. Blue.
illustration of You're My Person lettering with small hears. Pink. Black. White. Red. Valentine. Greeting card. Stylized. Holiday. Lettering. Hand lettering. Fun. Happy.
illustration of Girl Christmas elf. Cute. Personalized. Green. Red. Stylized. Character. Licensed. Holiday. Christmas. Ornament.
illustration of Colorful ship bound for adventure. Blue. Ocean. Ship. Pirate ship. Blue sky. Red. Aqua. Adventure. Decorative. Licensing.
illustration of Lemon pattern when life gives you lemons, pour some vodka. Greeting card. Lemons. Pattern. Aqua. Leaves. Vodka. Humor.
illustration of Let's hang out pizza. Funny. Humor. Pizza. Food. Carbs. Greeting Card. Aqua. Green.
illustration of Graphic sheep saying Baaa. Texture. Children's. Educational. Stylized. Gray. Green. Kids. Licensed.
illustration of Stylized happy nutcracker. Personalized. Ornament. Green Red. Holiday. Christmas. Nutcracker.
illustration of We made the perfect pear greeting card. Aqua. Pear. Pears. Pattern. Pun. Graphic. Repeat Pattern. Lime green. Green. Fruit. Food.
illustration of Happy Christmas penguin. Blue. Christmas. Hat. Penguin. Illustration. Stylized. Green. Scarf. Fat.
illustration of I'm bananas over you hand lettering with illustrated bananas and hearts. Pun. Black. White. Fruit. Bananas. Hearts. Valentine.
illustration of Fun, happy robot. Children. Goofy. Colorful. Whimsical. Robot. Graphic. Bold. Playful.
illustration of Seasonings greetings. Greeting card. Holiday. Green. Aqua. Teal. Seasoning. Pun. Humor. Cartoon. Illustration.
illustration of You can do it handlettering. Lettering. Playful. Stylized. Fun. Colorful. Inspirational. Teal. Pink. Aqua. Blue. White. Orange. Tangerine.
illustration of Modern happy lion head with lots of natural texture. Children. Kids. Lion. Beige. Brown. Happy. Cute. Playful. Baby.
illustration of Ride the wave lettering with abstract waves and playful lettering. White. Blue. Waves. Ocean. Beach. Kids. Children. Poster.
illustration of Happy group of colorful animals with sweaters. bow ties, glasses and texture. Children. Kids. Bear. Giraffe. Rhino. Elephant. Hippo. Birds. Bunny. Dog. Raccoon. Owl.
illustration of Leave a trail Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote lettering. Teal. Black. White. Composition. Hand lettering. Path.
illustration of Dancing Santa with words Don't Stop Believin'. Santa. Holiday. Dancing. Music. Notes. Journey. Pun. Humor
illustration of Colorful Owls. Group of Owls. Big eyes. Teal, Orange. Brown. Blue. Green. Purple. Fall. Holiday. Seasonal. Characters. Wildlife.
illustration of Merrily ever after lettering. Wedding. Botanical. Announcement. Invitation. Green. White. Lettering.
illustration of Laughing ghosts with hee hee. Repeated Pattern. Surface design. Greeting card. Ghosts. Halloween. Characters. Laughing.
illustration of Turkey, Duck and Chicken discussing organic turduckin. Illustration. Holiday. Thanksgiving. Greeting card. Humor. Turkey. Duck. Chicken. Food.
illustration of Challenge yourself to be better lettering. Symmetry. White. Teal. Botanical. Stylized. Flowers. Blue. Green. Leaves.
illustration of Bloom where you are planted lettering. Black. White. Botanical. Decorative. Leaves. Bloom. Lettering.
illustration of We Still Rock lettering. Greeting Card. Anniversary. Blue. Green. Purple. Pink. Orange. White. Lettering. Text. Type. Playful. Colorful.
illustration of Do Your Thing Lettering. Playful. Colorful. Green. Inspirational. Pink. Blue. Teal. Aqua. Purple. White. Yellow. Fun.
illustration of Halloween haunted neighborhood pattern. Ghosts. Houses. Pattern. Surface design. Wrapping paper. Fun. Graveyard. Cute. Whimsical.
illustration of Jingle all the way lettering. Christmas. Red. Green. White. Botanical. Holiday. Lettering. Spruce.
illustration of Whimsical lettering with snowman and the word JOY. Christmas. Stylized. Aqua. Red. Green. Blue. Holiday.
illustration of Lettering featuring Keep On Keepin' On. Navy blue. Aqua. Blue. Whimsical. Hand lettering. Lettering. Inspirational. Aqua. White.
illustration of Donut and donut hole with words you complete me. Humor. Cute. Characters. Greeting card. Black. Donuts. Food. Sweet.
illustration of One day at a time lettering. Colorful. Hand lettering. Fun. Playful. Blue. Orange. Aqua. Orange. Pink. Green.
illustration of Raleigh lettered with heart. Dimension. Lettering. Gray. Black. White. Red.
illustration of Happy and colorful snowman with bird on blue texture. Children. Snowman. Seasonal. Winter. Holiday. Bird. Red. Blue. Green. Aqua. Character.
illustration of Cute reindeer Christmas ornament personalized. Ice Skates. Sweater. Reindeer. Holiday. Ornament. Personalized. LIcensed. Christmas.
illustration of Christmas tree repeat pattern personalized wrapping paper. Licensed. Trees. Christmas. Personalized. Product. Modern. Pattern. Surface design. Wrapping Paper. Repeat. Red. Green. White.
illustration of Whimsical, modern deer close up. Texture. Deer. Nature. Wildlife. Children. Digital.
illustration of Colorful United States Map. Texture. Educational. Map. US. Stylized. Poster.
illustration of Illustration of old saying: little boys are made of frogs, snails and puppy dog tails. Frog. Snail. Puppy. Characters. Kids. Children. Blue. Boys. Poster. Licensed.
illustration of Illustrated forest animals. Deer. Fox. Skunk. Beaver. Bird. Acorns. Green. Wildlife. Stylized. Character. Licensed.
illustration of Two owls sitting on a stylized branch looking at each other. Owls. Stylized. Texture. Children. Mother. Baby. Kids.
illustration of Four eggs doing yoga titled yolka. Yoga. Eggs. Easter. Holiday. Lifestyle. Aqua. Cute. Characters. Conceptual.
illustration of Modern portrait of a fox on textured teal background. Orange. Modern. Fox. Wildlife. Stylized. Character. Kids. Children. Poster. Licensed.
illustration of You're doing an awesome job stylized brush lettering on magenta. Playful. Paint. Brush. Lettering. White. Magenta. Pink. Inspirational.
illustration of Zombie boy rolling his eyes at his mom. Humor. Halloween. Zombie. Character development. Funny. Teal. Holiday. Cartoon.


Vicky Barone is a content creator for the social expressions industry. She has been designing and writing greeting cards sold worldwide for almost 20 years. She has literally created and published thousands of greeting cards throughout her professional career. Her cards have been featured in Target, Wal-Mart and everywhere else Recycled Paper Greetings cards are sold. Her illustrations are also featured on products produced by Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids and have been sold at Land of Nod (now Crate & Kids), Target and can be found in boutiques nationwide. Vicky has two engineering degrees in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. She started her professional career working as a consultant, web director and eventually started her own company focusing on her passion: creating artwork and connection to make the world a happier and brighter place. Vicky is a mom to two amazing boys who challenge her every single day.


Abstract, Black & White, Cartoon, Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Silhouette, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Vector


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Charts, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Nature, People, Posters, Product, Romance, Textiles, Travel, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Branding, Surface Design