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Catalpa Mental Health and Wellness for Kids

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12 month calendar, each month featuring a child learning to make peace with all of his emotions and fears (AKA monsters)

Kat Gottlieb
illustration of An eye-catching
illustration of Image created for a calendar for a pediatric mental health organization.  butterfly, caterpiller, meditation
illustration of My hat's off to all moms who juggle it all and make it look easy! Mother's Day, family, mental health
illustration of A sacred bee symbol with a vintage tattoo style, created for enamel jewelry collection.  Mystical, whimsical, sacred bee, floral, rustic
illustration of Oh, how to capture the beautiful magic of that black liquid?  This is the front cover of a two-sided notebook.  The image, Wine is for Dreaming Great Things is on the flipside.  unicorn, coffee, beverage, dream, journals, notebooks, sun, morning
illustration of Nothing is quite as nice as a glass of wine served up by chubby cherubs at the end of a long day!  This is the flipside of a dual cover journal.  I'm sure you can guess, but the image
illustration of Emmett the little dinosaur and Rome, his big dog are in a pickle cuz somebody chomped the book.  Nom nom nom! Dinosaur, dog, children's book, onomatopoeia
illustration of A cover to a 12-month calendar depicting the mental health journey, for a pediatric mental health organization.  The series of illustrations depicted children learning how to make peace with the scary monster emotions.  The series was featured as an art exhibit. To see the whole calendar, please go to Elephant, personal development, children's literature, education.
illustration of An opening illustration for an anthropomorphic butterfly metamorphosis adventure.  Mystical, whimsical, spiritual, inspirational, personal development, fable
illustration of An inspirational message to encourage and motivate.  Hummingbird, floral, rainbow, clouds, vintage
illustration of A comforting message for working mothers during the Covid-19 crisis
illustration of An editorial artwork celebrating the spring equinox, explaining the pagan ritual of fertility that morphed into the secular icons of Easter.  Moon phases, springtime flowers, pregnant female dancing with rabbits.
illustration of A bold step and repeat pattern designed for textile design, with a vintage tattoo style and old school Mexican vibe, perfect for a feminine or children's fabric.  Red roses, dainty flowers, pink background.
illustration of This is a perfectly fun application of creating a sense of adventure with laser cut.  I consider designing for laser cut technology as sculpting... will equal emphasis in the negative space as the positive (paper surface). Invitation, stationery, travel, laser cut, specialty printing, paper
illustration of A lone figure reflecting on the immensity of the bible verse.  An instagram-follower requested theme to provide solace during the Covid-19 crisis.  Spiritual, religious, calming, inspirational, sacred geometry, pink landscape.
illustration of A simple but eye-catching Valentine's Day greeting card.  With a fold-out, stand-up base, the intention was to create something that the recipient would keep around instead of discarding. Invitation, greeting card, laser cut, specialty printing, paper
illustration of Capturing the spirit of the shy bobcat in the Sonoran desert environment, integrating sacred geometry.  Mystical, whimsical, spiritual
illustration of A study of the colorful gila woodpecker bird sitting on top of a blossoming saguaro cactus with sacred geometry and ancient Native American icon.  A fun, educational style for a children's book on the Sonoran desert.
illustration of A greeting card design with a vintage tattoo style artwork.  A cheeky cherub, flaming heart with roses and sword makes for a humorous message.
illustration of A fine art piece that was exhibited and sold as part of an autumn New York City gallery exhibit.  A harvest moon with trees that look like her braids, a moody fox, red cardinal and other meaningful details.  Included a secret, beautiful poem on the back of the frame.
illustration of A sassy angel hanging out on a moody moon.  Created for a Christmas ornament but also perfect for Holiday greeting card.  Mystical, whimsical, spiritual, stars, ethereal.
illustration of I created this original design that has been a perennial bestseller for years.  They say that
illustration of A fine art piece that was part of a gallery exhibit.  A dramatic owl flies above the fray as she breaks free from the cycle of violence.  Very dramatic and detailed, but with a whimsical, inspirational flair.
illustration of This was the cornerstone design for my business, KatBlu Art & Design Studio.  It was a winner in the design competition at the New York Stationery show in 2009.  Invitation, stationery, wedding, event planning, laser cut, specialty printing, paper
illustration of An ethereal rendering about the eternal linkage of mother to child to grandchild.  A conceptual image for the spiritual view of Mother's Day holiday.  Mystical, spiritual, and abstract.
illustration of As a globally-recognized lasercut designer, I am also an innovative businessperson.  Recognizing that everyone loved the more intricate versions of laser cut but could not always afford the price, I created tier-design options.  This approach captured more business and satisfied the aspirations of my customers.  As a creative entrepreneur, I design with demographics and target audience in mind. Invitation, stationery, ethnic, wedding, laser cut, specialty printing, paper
illustration of An ornate elephant reminding us to remain focussed on our goals.  Colorful, ethereal, personal development, inspirational, motivational.
illustration of A distinctly beautiful favor box which features two different scenes of the nativity story.  Invitation, stationery, wedding, christmas, event planning, laser cut, specialty printing, paper
illustration of A moody vintage tattoo style heart with a lone figure walking towards the sunrise with a yellow banner and red roses.
illustration of A pensive butterfly girl character with brightly colored wings.
illustration of A happy mystical Christmas greeting card cover depicting a happy scene of skaters, and many other symbols of joy and contentment.
illustration of A cute African-American toddler with butterflies and cat companion, with a spiritual guide helping the baby to walk.  A conceptual image depicting the joy of trust and happy anticipation of learning a new skill without fear of failure.
illustration of A children's book illustration featuring a mysterious creature hiding in a tree.  Adventure, whimsical, dark


Kat Gottlieb is a writer, poet, artist and lifelong entrepreneur. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and began her career as an art director. She flourished as a freelance graphic designer and creative business consultant for years. In 2008 she founded award-winning KatBlu Art & Design Studio specializing in exquisite laser cut design (the business was acquired in 2013). She is licensed with national brands, (soon to be) published writer and has been the featured artist in fine art exhibitions. She has a unique passion for inspirational, personal development and health & wellness markets. For a more in-depth view of her soulful storytelling, please visit


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