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Leave No Trace Confessional

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for May-June 2020 issue humorous story about a hiker who admits to routinely discarding banana peels and other fruit along the trails.

James Decker

James Decker

illustration of Overcoming self-doubt to achieve peak performance.
illustration of The slow death of purposeless walking
illustration of Posca (water mixed with vinegar and herbs) was the energy drink of choice in Ancient Rome.
illustration of You can write a bestseller and still go broke.
illustration of “Useless” liberal arts degrees have become the hottest ticket in the tech industry.
illustration of Planning your future is pointless: the how and why of embracing uncertainty
illustration of How fast food reveals secrets of the economy.
illustration of Why your house is a terrible investment
illustration of For many teens, heroin addiction begins with wisdom tooth surgery.
illustration of Power corrupts: how leaders lose mental capacities—most notably for reading other people—that were essential to their rise.
illustration of The ultimate rich kids were the children of famous explorers.
illustration of “A restaurant critic turns chef”
illustration of “You’re unhappy because you haven’t grown up.”
illustration of Smart ways to handle an inheritance
illustration of The case for letting the restaurant industry die.
illustration of Why so many planes are flying nearly empty.
illustration of Higher education today resembles a massive Ponzi scheme
illustration of A study shows that we may subconsciously deceive ourselves in order to deceive and manipulate others.
illustration of Millenials aren't apathetic, they're remaking the Democratic party.
illustration of Religion is about emotion regulation, and it’s very good at it.
illustration of Americans are saving money like it’s the 1980’s
illustration of The end of open office spaces: how experts are re-thinking the workplace.
illustration of The hipster effect: why anti-conformists always end up looking the same
illustration of Teen cyberbullying
illustration of Gaining control over those who have power over you
illustration of A belief in meritocracy is not only false, it’s bad for you (the critical role that luck plays in success)
illustration of Coronavirus marks the end of the office as we know it.
illustration of
illustration of The female problem: how male bias in medical trials ruined women’s health.
illustration of The groceries that no one wants to panic-buy
illustration of The microfinance delusion: how small loans undermine the economy in the long run
illustration of What does it mean that trust in government is on the wane?
illustration of The dark side of charisma
illustration of How vitamins went from medical marvel to marketing scam.
illustration of “I lost my life to Airbnb”
illustration of How to get a job without prior experience
illustration of Stop the food label fear-mongering: we all lose when food manufacturers create labels that play on consumer fears.
illustration of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids with limited tech—and it should have been a red flag about our own smart phone use.
illustration of In the 23 And Me era, kids of sperm donors are using social media to find each other.
illustration of The hidden menu tricks used by restaurants to increase sales
illustration of Does DNA determine happiness?
illustration of How to reduce digital distractions: advice from medieval monks
illustration of Remote work means anyone can take your job.
illustration of Knitting has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce depression and slow dementia.
illustration of How the Bitcoin boom is bad for the environment
illustration of Deleting genes could boost lifespan by 60 percent.
illustration of You’re never going to have a legacy, so give up trying.
illustration of Conservatives who feel excluded working inside of the tech industry's predominantly liberal culture


Editorial and conceptual illustrator with a minimal style.


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