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Leave No Trace Confessional

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for November/December 2020 issue story about a hiker who admits to rolling boulders down the mountainside for fun while knowingly putting other hikers in danger

James Decker

James Decker

illustration of A new way to detect Parkinson's--by smell.
illustration of The disadvantage of teamwork
illustration of The key to better sleep is not a bedtime—it’s a wake-up time.
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illustration of The corn of the future is hundreds of years old and makes its own mucus.
illustration of Hormesis: why low amounts of free radicals in fruits and vegetables are good for your health.
illustration of How an English energy crisis helped create champagne.
illustration of How to bypass resume-reading software.
illustration of A pandemic is a terrible time to buy real estate.
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illustration of Higher education today resembles a massive Ponzi scheme
illustration of Illustration for Backpacker Magazine article about hikers who pollute trails with banana peels and other discarded food.
illustration of
illustration of “I lost my life to Airbnb”
illustration of Planning your future is pointless: the how and why of embracing uncertainty
illustration of How Neapolitan cuisine took over the world.
illustration of Why your house is a terrible investment
illustration of Self-destructive perfectionism
illustration of Millenials aren't apathetic, they're remaking the Democratic party.
illustration of A study shows that we may subconsciously deceive ourselves in order to deceive and manipulate others.
illustration of Smart ways to handle an inheritance


Editorial and conceptual illustrator.


Black & White, Conceptual, Digital, Graphic, Silhouette


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