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Scott Mooney

illustration of This is a concept for a comic series.  I love making cover art so I invented a title to make covers for.
illustration of The artwork was originally created for UpHere Business Magazine.  Then I repurposed it as part of my concept comic series, which I've titled
illustration of I created a concept for a comic series called Traverse as a vehicle for designing images that imply stories and stimulate people's imaginations.
illustration of I reached out to one of my favourite clients, Evan Fraser at the Arrell Food Institute, the University of Guelph, for help to create an infographic about COVID-19.  I knew with his help I could make one with really relevant information about an under-noticed issue arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  What came of that was a great collaboration to create this unique infographic.
illustration of This is from a series of illustrations for a manual for people in plus/minus HIV relationships.  Thankfully HIV has become a manageable disease, at least in Canada and other countries where effective treatment is accessible to everyone. The manual helps guide people with tools to live full and healthy lives.
illustration of Relaxation techniques illustrated as part of a booklet for the Guelph AIDS committee (now called ARCH) to support HIV positive people optimize health through stress reduction.
illustration of This was a full-page illustration for the award-winning magazine, UpHere Business, a publication about industry in North America's Northern communities.  The ran an annual awards ceremony and likened it to the Golden Globes. So I put a glowing globe in there and made the illustrated lettering reference the Northern Lights, and calving glaciers.
illustration of This is a full-page illustration, with room for titles and headlines and bullet points, for UpHere Business Magazine. The topic was about building a rail line to service the mining industry in Northern Canada. My goal was to make a shiny red train with that feeling of crisp cold frost on its hull.
illustration of I worked with Professor Evan Fraser at the University of Guelph to create an educational graphic novel about global food security.  I built a great design and art team to complete this project in about a 6 month turnaround time... much gratitude to my talented team!!
illustration of I designed this image, John Perlock, my main assistant on this project, inked it.  We worked quite interchangably on rendering the artwork in this book.  

I'm particularly pleased with myself for the clever lettering design in the store's signage.  The store is called
illustration of This is a privately commissioned cartoon portrait.
illustration of A few excerpts from the story of Moses for Pearson Canada, in a textbook for the Catholic School Boards of Canada.
illustration of This poster art for the Hillside Folk Festival in Guelph pays homage to Aesop's fable about the crow and the fox.  The crow was perched up in a tree with a piece of cheese. The fox wanted it. The fox convinced the crow to sing a song and when the crow opened its beak to sing, the cheese dropped to the ground and the fox ate it. The raccoon and the squirrel are there for backup!
illustration of Testimonial:

Scott helped us represent a complex business offering into a single infographic. This work has helped us tell our story and win new business.

Cam Shapansky, CEO
Blue North
May 6, 2020
illustration of For the Ontario Trucking Association.  an animated comic designed to be part of a video highlighting the courage and good thinking of some excellent truckers.
illustration of I dove pretty deep into learning Emotional Freedom Techniques and even had a life coaching business built around it for a little while.  I decided to stay focused on my illustration career and use my talents there to teach the technique.
illustration of This is a page from the graphic Novel #foodcrisis.  Early days of trying to figure out dynamic ways to show interactions via phone texting in a visual medium.  I took my inspiration from the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock series.
illustration of The original layout and pencil drawing for this page were made by me.  John Perlock, a great illustrator in his own right, assisted greatly in producing this book and was the inker of this image.
illustration of This is from the graphic novel by Andrew Foley, called Parting Ways. Nice big splash page, a satirical depiction of the City of Dis.
illustration of A buddy of mine designs dog parks.  He asked me to make him this. The helmet is from the Mercury spacesuit, which is about as sci-fi as you can get in its original design!
illustration of A private commission to commemorate loved ones.
illustration of From a comic book project for Zeroes to Heroes, a series about the War of 1812 in Canada.
illustration of I made this cartoon to put a bug in the ear of Andrew Foley to create a crossover graphic novel and hopefully hire me to illustrate the book.  It didn't work, but this illustration is still one of my favs! The crossover idea was to combine the worlds and characters of both original graphic novels he produced.


Canadian comic-book-inspired educational artist. Subjects orbit around health, anatomy, social issues, and cartoon portraits. Explainer videos, infographics, educational comics.


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