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Isabella Thermes

illustration of This is a mixed-media illustration (originally drawn in pen and paper then digitally manipulated) that I did to enter the AOI WIA2020 competition.
'The Secret' has made the longlist.
The drawing style is a good fit for graphic novel/comics.
illustration of Cécile is a vector portrait representing  a French young woman and her whippet. Set against a pink and purple wallpaper, she is dressed in stripes and wears a silk scarf on her neck.
Cécile is part of a series of 5 women's vector portraits I have originally done for my shop on Society6.
illustration of This is a vector image that has been heavily influenced by certain minimalistic Japanese illustration. It shows two cats on a red pillow resting on one another.
It is part of a series of 7 cat-themed images, a collection called 'Cats Unlimited', which I have created with a view to print making.
illustration of This is a mixed-media illustration (originally made with Rotring pen and liquid inks on paper) that I have made for the home page of my website. It represents 5 young women bound by a red thread: its meaning is open to interpretation.
illustration of Alice is a whimsical portrait, representing a chic London young woman posing in a room with quirky wallpaper and interior décor.
Portrait of Alice is one out of 5 women's portraits initially thought for my Society6 shop.
illustration of Sayuri is a sophisticated Japanese young woman whose designer outfit recalls something out of a Prada collection from 2017. The portrait is set against a golden wallpaper background and a bonsai tree in a colourful pot.
This is one of 5 women's portraits I have originally made for my Society6 shop.
illustration of This is the first image in the 'Cats Unlimited' series: born as an experiment to strip an image out of most of its details to be left just with an essential shape, it allowed me to focus on pure design. The illustration represents a black cat playing with bundle of wool.
illustration of Legs is a vector illustration with an emphasis on composition, design and colours. It is part of a series of 5, three with vibrant colours and two in black, grey and red.
It is an image thought for prints or a fashion editorial.
illustration of 'The Empress' is a mixed-media illustration (originally done in black and white with Rotring pen on paper) that's a cross between a graphic novel character and a Mucha woman.
For its emphasis on details and aesthetics, it's a good fit for a print or a poster.
illustration of This is a vector illustration that was directly designed on screen (no previous sketches were done). It represents the Japanese Daruma Doll in a stylized version and it is intended as part of an ongoing series whose title is 'Kawaii Japan', where I have revisited cultural symbols of Japan.


Isabella Thermes is an Italian who lived and worked in the US and London before moving to Berlin in order to pursue a career as illustrator and graphic novelist. She has held exhibitions and worked on private and commercial commissions. Her first graphic novel, 'The Human Heart' is currently under submission. Her illustration style is built on creating vector images with an emphasis on colours and patterns and hand-drawn illustrations using a Rotring isograph pen and a limited palette of liquid inks: black, red and greys. The accent is on precise, clean drawing. Her work is often digitally manipulated and reworked as mixed-media.


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Decorative, Concept Art, Vector, Rich Picture


Animals, Book Covers, Comic Book, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Greeting Cards, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, Portrait, Posters, Product, Travel, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Ethnic