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Lisa Holley

illustration of Osprey, catching and composed from native fish in the Rocky Mountain area.
illustration of Content Key for
illustration of Composed for Macy's Department Store.  2001.  Used for all print advertising and promotional materials.
illustration of Coco the Gorilla lived in captivity and learned to sign over 300 words.  She was housed in Woodside, CA and even had her own kitten she named
illustration of From the Namesake Series.  The 2 rabbits are composed from Hare Bell wildflowers.
illustration of Small watercolor ( 5
illustration of Hummingbird composed from the flowers which he likes to collect nectar .
illustration of Identification content key for the Great Blue Heron watercolor
illustration of Trout, composed from the wet and dry flies which they are attracted to for
illustration of A content key to identify the garden flowers which the deer have consumed at the height of the domestic garden's glory.  Refer to
illustration of Mare and her Filly, composed of all the fruits, flowers and other plants they like to eat.
illustration of Composed from the vegetation around 1 million years ago which the Cat would hide behind.  The animals the Cat eats are composed from the vegetation.  The content key helps!
illustration of The content key shows the plants which the Saber Tooth Cat would hide behind before lunging and taking down his
illustration of 2 male elk in the fall, the receding one is bugling to attract a female and to send the one in the foreground to another area.  The base of the antlers form the ski runs on the mountain indicated in graphite.  You Are What You Eat, series
illustration of When a garden is at it's peak of full bloom a neighbor's cat, or yours, makes a bed in the middle of the blooms and takes a nap!  The cat's eyes will follow you!
illustration of Viola player, composed from violas, used for an invitation to a viola recital.  Graphite.
illustration of You Are What You Eat, series.  Birders refer to barn owls. as
illustration of The 2 dogs are composed from all the flowers whose name are dog related.  ie:  Dogwood, dog tooth violet and flea bane.
illustration of Hummingbird composed from one of his favorite flowers, Columbine.
illustration of Composed from the favorite flowers of the celebrating couple.  Gifted to the couple by the relatives.
illustration of The pecking order of hummingbirds.  The Rufus is the largest of the hummingbirds in Idaho so he gets the highest and most tender part of the Fox Glove flower.  Next, the Black Chin in size, then the Broad Tail and finally the Calliope (bottom 2) who weigh only 2 oz.  All the Hummingbirds are composed from the flowers from which they enjoy sipping nectar.   You Are What You Eat, series.
illustration of Mama bear has sent her cub up the tree to knock down the bird feeder.  The Canadian Jay is angry and the removal of his bird feeder.  Mama has started to eat the bird seed, even before the baby has returned.  You Are What You Eat, series.
illustration of From the
illustration of From a series of small watercolors depicting flowers and the
illustration of 3 male penguins tending the eggs in their colony waiting for their female mates to return from feeding (2-3 months) so the males can go to feed and the females and warm the eggs.  You Are What You Eat, series
illustration of The concept was taken from a popular song in the 1940's,
illustration of This Labrador Retriever is composed from willows which frequently the hide behind while hunting.  Within the willows are animals (geese, fish) or objects (tennis ball) that they enjoy.  You Are What You Eat, series
illustration of The trout is composed from live flies which the trout enjoys eating.  The title,
illustration of You Are What You Eat, series.  Hummingbird is composed from the flowers he has been enjoying.  This was translated from a photograph a friend of my snapped.
illustration of Commissioned by a tortoise rescue person.  He is composed from what he eats.  And, at dinner time he will come when called to get his fresh vegetables!    You Are What You Eat, series
illustration of Commissioned for a winter concert series.


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