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Robin Boyden

illustration of Sample image for Terry Pratchett's 'Tiffany Aching' series. Armed with her trusty frying pan and the assistance of 'the wee free men', Tiffany takes on the snowy wilderness and whatever lies in wait.
Girl, Fantasy, Publishing, Books, Cover, Pratchett, Blue, Snow, Winter, Wolves, Wolf, Run, Running
illustration of I was commissioned to create a cover with an open brief for The Phoenix Comic's issue number 405. They wanted something fun and energetic that told a story children would find engaging.
Comic, Illustration, Fantasy, SciFi, Space, Spaceship, Pirates, Kidlit, Publishing, Flying, Aliens, Planets, Stars
illustration of I worked on David Solomons 'My Brother Is a Superhero series' for the final three books, creating illustrations for the front and back covers as well as the interior chapter heads.
Nosy, Crow, David, Solomons, Time, Travel, Superhero, Hero, Humour, Comedy, Kidlit, Childrens
illustration of An illustration from a book for Oxford University Press Tree Tops series. The story follows the adventures of Carson the spaceman as he explores a planet filled with carnivorous plants.
Space, Spaceman, Planet, Spaceship, Hero, Action, Adventure, Kidlit.
illustration of An illustration in my picture book style, using soft pencils and digital colouring. Willow rests up after a long day playing in her blanket fort.
Pencil, picture book, children, toys, colour, dog, bear, girl
illustration of Cover illustration for the US edition of Andy McNab and Phil Earle's kid lit novel 'Get Me Out Of Here.' 
Cover, river, water, canoe, kayak, publishing, book, boys, boy, trees, mountain, camping, tent
illustration of Gerald the guinea pig, from 'Gerald Needs A Friend', publishing April 2021 with Francis Lincoln.
illustration of Cover illustration for The Spybrarian, written by Jon Mayhew and published by UCLAN.
illustration of An illustration of three young children enjoying some trick or treating.
illustration of A reimagining of an illustration I made many years ago, featuring various animals on a wintery shopping expedition.


I have worked as a full-time freelance illustrator for nearly ten years, spending time in the editorial sector before moving into children's publishing. I work with soft pencil line and digital colouring for my picture book style, and a bolder digital line for my chapter book and middle grade work. Clients include: Puffin, Nosy Crow, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Oxford University Press, Capstone, Wired, The Guardian, The Independent, Heineken, Macmillan, Royal Kensington Palace and many more.


Cartoon, Digital, Graphic, Line with Color, Pencil, Stylized


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Futuristic, Holidays, Nature, Sci-Fi, Textiles, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Youth