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Manuel Bortoletti

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illustration of Editorial commission for Le Guide.
illustration of Editorial commission for Le Guide.
illustration of Editorial commission for La Repubblica. An infographic world map with animals.
illustration of Front cover of RLab Magazine. Buildings and people.
illustration of Illustration for the inside of RLab magazine.
illustration of infographic illustration of an Oil rig.
illustration of Illustrated type and spot illustrations for Rlab Magazine.
illustration of Some bees and honeycomb are integrated into a building. Editorial commission for Les Echos Weekend.
illustration of Infographic timeline illustration of the solar system and planets.
illustration of Christina Koch and Greta Thunberg are merged in this poster style illustration.
illustration of Infographic chart illustration of Paris, France.
illustration of Cutaway illustration of an office space.
illustration of Illustrative charts and isometric office spaces.
illustration of Editorial commission for Eni Brand Journalism.
illustration of Conceptual, Digital, Line, Technical, Vector, Charts, Corporate, Information Graphics, Science, Scientific
illustration of Cover commission for Mathesia Outlook.
illustration of Map illustration of Berlin. Infographical style.
illustration of Cutaway illustration of the SARS Virus. Covid-2.
illustration of Illustrative chart style illustration of bones. Editorial commission for La Repubblica.
illustration of Chart illustration of fish.


Manuel Bortoletti is an award winning infographic designer born in 1990 and based in Treviso, Italy. He has a masters degree in Communication Design from LUAV university in Venice. His work tells stories using different visual languages. His work is often a balanced mix of data visualization and illustration. The functional aspect is accompanied by a great attention to the aesthetic one, using unusual color combinations contrasted with a clean and rational style. He believes that aesthetics attract the reader and motivate increased focus on the text. He likes to use maths in his projects. The skeleton of each of his infographics is a grid, a set of invisible lines that help organize the various elements according to mathematical properties. His illustrative style is geometric too, he loves using isometric projections for their rationality and clarity. He mainly works for the editorial and publishing fields. Previous clients include: The Economist, La Repubblica, Les Echos, Macmillan, Il Sole 24Ore and Transparency International. His work has been recognized by various organizations including D&AD, ADI and European Design.


Conceptual, Digital, Line, Technical, Vector


Architecture, Charts, Corporate, Editorial, Information Graphics, People, Science, Scientific