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Cynthia Cliff

illustration of An illustration for a story told in rhyme about a fairy and her ghostly friend.
illustration of A small child and his grandfather visit a book shop and find a cozy plant and cat filled corner to read.
illustration of A collection of agent folk, carry lights on a winter night to welcome the season.
illustration of Two friends, a tiger and teenage girl, enjoy a book together in an outdoor cafe.
illustration of Mother takes her canned goods to the cellar and her children watch from the stairs. The cellar is a scary place and they will not go down into it.
illustration of A bear family is on vacation, looking for the perfect place to spend the night. They pass by small, one roomed cottages that all have enticing signs and statements about how wonderful they are. But, really, will the bears fit in one of those cottages? Even for one night?
illustration of This illustration is based on a folktale about a witch who can turn into a hare. While a hare, she is chased by a large black dog who bites her.
illustration of Two young friends decide to bake a blackberry cake. They are such good friends, that they do not need to talk and just enjoy each other's company as they work.
illustration of Two dads take their daughter shopping. She wants to make a cake using zucchini and her dad is not so sure he'll like it, even though she is going to add his favorite chocolate chips.
illustration of A young girl in a beautiful moth dress lets her little bird go free one spring. She is sad, but knows that he will love his freedom.


I am a self-taught artist and illustrator, and a trained graphic designer. The subject matter and styling of my art is influenced by a childhood growing up in a tiny, historic village along an old bison trail in rural Virginia. I was surrounded by folk art, homemade things and tons of adventures. I spent the bulk of my time outside exploring, climbing trees, and tending to animals and gardens. This background informs my work, my interests and my voice. I now live just outside of Washington D.C., USA.