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illustration of A drawing of a female illustrator with a pencil in her mouth, depiction of inner landscapes and a postcard form holidays in the mountains
illustration of Conceptual illustration of two women wating for the rain, for change and growth; editorial, poster, digital, vector illustration, female, civil rights, womanhood, relief, flat image, contemporary art, clouds, better world
illustration of Three women of different skin color hugging, interacting with each other. Woman, feminisms, feminine, girls, poster, portrait, character design, emotional bond, female illustrator
illustration of Concept art representing redundance of everyday activities, here cooking and doing dishes; life, woman, struggle, fried egg, double, vector illustration, geometric, digital illustration, twin, character design, editorial, poster
illustration of Vector illustration of a well-dressed woman in a bar sipping red wine; editorial, concept, art, woman, femininity, vine, bar, story, beverage, poster, people, lifestyle, girl life, single, beauty, feelings
illustration of Conceptual art, fears and feelings from coronavirus lockdown, blond woman locked in a squared box, anticipation, wait, geometric, visual balance, curled, freedom, stuck
illustration of Editorial illustration created during lockdown, coronavirus, covid-19, stay home, self-isolation, vector, protect lives, houses, flat, poster, digital, character design, flat illustration, protect lives, waiting, woman, girl, yellow,
illustration of Even a femme fatal can sometimes be a femme fetal, foetal position, curled up, femininity, nakedness, vulnerability, pink, nature, waters, womb, vibrations, safe space, digital art, poster, editorial, concept art, vector, flat design,
illustration of A portrait inspired by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez designed for a drawing challenge called Powerful Women Week. Women with vision, female, character design, flat art, vector, color blocking, strong woman, female power, feminism, fighter, social democrat, congresswoman, portrait, poster, art, female figure, heroine


I’m a freelance illustrator and nomadic creative currently based in windy Edinburgh. My experience spans the fields of illustration, photography, collage, graphic design and traveling! I’ve had the pleasure of creating work for clients like The Guardian, The Telegraph, Bravery Magazine, Like the Wind Magazine. If you want to say hi, talk about adventures or commissions shoot me a message Thanks for visiting!


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Concept Art, Vector


Botanical, Character Development, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Travel, Web Illustration, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth