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Duke Magazine

Special 2020 Issue

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Illustrations created for two short stories in the current online issue of Duke Magazine

Steve Feldman

Steve Feldman

illustration of pig, jockey, race, bad day, unlucky, unfortunate, grim, distressing, humor humorous, humour
illustration of grim reaper, sands of time, surprise, science, health, medicine, editorial, hourglass, eternity, life, eternal
illustration of disparate cultures, alien, fantasy, adventure, children’s illustration, ya, tweens, mg, book cover, kidlitart, girl
illustration of Will a pandemic scare lead to societal breakdown?, coronavirus, covid-19, prepper, bug out, bunker, shtf, survival, teotwawki
illustration of Juvenile delinquent, halloween, bully, bullying, dog, boys, mom, house, suburb, suburban, children, kids, boys
illustration of decay, inner city, cities in America, urban blight, transportation, municipal, bus, people
illustration of It’s never too late to invest!, money, financial, economics, investing, retirement, saving, elderly, senior citizen, old woman, aging, editorial
illustration of After the show there is a question of where the money will go, kids, actors, performers, belly dancer, ventriloquist, magician, dancer, children, confrontation, magazine illustration, ethnic, multi-cultural, multicultural, asian, hispanic, latina, african american, black
illustration of Pooch feeling left out as people are absorbed with their technology, beach, crowd, tech, recreation, fun, relaxation
illustration of Story of a young woman and her cat who plan an escape from their grim circumstances in the colonial Dutch East Indies, history, cat, prejudice, servant, ethnic, servitude, woman, ya, story illustration, night, moon, night time
illustration of A boy & girl on an expedition using a drone aircraft have discovered an ancient mummy burial site with surprisingly modern technology, kids, children's illustration, adventure, action, jungle, products, advertising, history
illustration of Hunter reluctantly harvesting a trophy retirement account, money, financial, savings, piggy bank, coins, editorial
illustration of Environmentalist v climate change denier, kids, yard work, neighborhood, neighbors, boys, bully
illustration of fantasy, surrealism, surreal, dream, dreamlike, message in a bottle, snail, treasure chest, sea, crown, woman
illustration of Boy texting while biking, suburb, bicycling, cat, teen, street, fall, autumn
illustration of Mom & Dad are tired and the kids are causing trouble, biker, restaurant, vacation, dog, brother, sister, night
illustration of veggies, bedroom, monster, health, diet, nutrition, nutritious, boy, night time
illustration of neighborhood, black lives matter, kids, african american, ethnic, minority, play, playing, fun, having fun
illustration of games, play, snappin, diversity, surprise, multi generational, multi cultural, grandmother, family, interior, home, african american
illustration of bully, bullying, kids, boys, angry, scared, prejudice, kidlitart
illustration of history, china, chinese, village, archaeology, han, dynasty, soldiers, siblings, kids, brother, sister
illustration of horror, ghost, graveyard, cemetery, surreal, surrealism, darkart, creature, woman, sci-fi, science fiction, ghosts
illustration of aliens, sci-fi, science fiction, history, surprise, wagon train, pioneers, pioneer, desert, little green men
illustration of garden, horticulture, greenhouse, surreal, sci fi, seedlings, girl
illustration of alien, extraterrestrial, sci-fi, science fiction, girl, horror, surreal art, possessed
illustration of terror, horror, sci-fi, science fiction, cave, scientist, professor, kids, ya, mg mglit, tweens
illustration of kids, detective, concession stand, fast food, people, fair goers, night time, summer night, boy, girl, couple, mg, kidlitart
illustration of finance, saving, money, investing, investment, fund, funding, capital, hazard, danger, editorial, ice climbing
illustration of wine, vineyard, tuscan, tuscany, landscape, roman, ruins, celebration, drink, spirits, bottle, sunset, italy, italian, mediterranean
illustration of gardening, pests, animals, bear, deer, racoon, squirrel, bird gopher, humor, humorous, satire, editorial
illustration of school bus, team, baseball, kids, middle grade, book, children’s book, transportation, road trip
illustration of horror, humor, vw bus, terror, panic, frightened, scared, road rage
illustration of Famous woman pirate, history, historical, children’s illustration, mg, kidlitart, educational, sailing ship
illustration of darkart, cabin interior, cat, dog, man, work from home, humor, satire
illustration of celebration, rally, crowd, gathering, speech, politician, mg, mglit, cartoon, kidlitart, poedtry, limericks, limerick
illustration of ceremony, cake, bride, groom, bond, dog, animal lover, wedding cake, b&w, black and white
illustration of cityscape, city, street, devotion, dog lover, animal rights, woman, rain, dedication, woman, humor, humorous
illustration of dog show, judge, performance, naked man, humor, judged, competition, event, humorous, humour
illustration of dog leash, cartoon, satire, educational, historical
illustration of noise, noisy, loud, distraction, living room, appliances, dog, home, b&w, black & white, satire
illustration of Image printed on envelopes containing a promotional mailer, 1950’s, nostalgia, sci-fi, science fiction, sci fi, old movie, satire, humor, humorous, teens, little brother, 50’s, flying saucer
illustration of occult, paranormal, supernatural, black magic, psychic, mystic, seance, witchcraft, kids, sepia toned
illustration of adventure, spirits, evil, evil eye, malediction, jungle, ancient, ruins, explorer, mystery, horror, terror
illustration of Political cartoon tackling the subject of healthcare. Tommy Douglas, devil, congress, politics, insurance, Canada, universal healthcare, medical, medicaid, medicare, humor, black & white, b&w
illustration of marching band, music, slapstick, chapter book, b&w, parade, event, concert, children’s illustration
illustration of death, grief, sorrow, solidarity, anti-racist, mother, daughter, book cover, neighborhood, suburban, family, home, black lives matter, african american, sunset
illustration of couple, vacation, honeymoon, caribbean, mixed couple, happy, leisure, relaxation, relaxed, lounging
illustration of health, nutrition, childhood obesity, vegetables, junk food, obese, fat kid
illustration of school yard, classroom, girl, african american, ethnic, hope, wishful thinking, dream, aspiration, aspire
illustration of confidence, inspiration, inspirational, empowerment, children's book, children's books, magical, fantasy, whimsical, city, cityscape, desire, kids book
illustration of fast food, restaurant, family, suv, son, car, dinner, dining out, vacation, travel
illustration of outer space, skiing, snowboarding, planet, kids, extreme sports, boys
illustration of Editorial illustration depicting a wealthy family living in a bubble not realizing how quickly their financial position could turn for the worse, money, finance, corporate, investment, investing, concept, conceptual, realistic, realism,
illustration of mental health, crisis, therapy, therapist, stormy seas, psychiatrist, treatment, session, patient, man
illustration of animals, girl, african american, ehtnic
illustration of comic, comics, comic book, sequential art, medieval, royalty, great wall of china, poetry, limerick, mglit, children’s book
illustration of comic, comics, comic book, sequential art, heaven, insect, st. peter, airport, poetry, limerick, mglit, children’s book
illustration of comic, comics, comic book, sequential art, kids, sick, vomit, barf, sunset, poetry, limerick, mglit, children’s book
illustration of comic, comics, comic book, sequential art, underwater, mermaid, shipwreck, limerick, mglit, children’s book
illustration of comic, comics, comic book, sequential art, restaurant, diet, nutrition, obese, obesity, poetry, limerick, mglit, children’s book
illustration of Louise shrinks down and rides in Rosie’s ear as they are off to solve another mystery on the gritty streets of LA.
illustration of Bighorn sheep on a steep cliff in Hells Canyon with the Snake River far below.


Steve Feldman works as a freelance illustrator and artist from his studio /home overlooking the old Oregon Trail in scenic northeast Oregon. Working both traditionally with acrylics and watercolors and digitally with a drawing tablet, he creates thought provoking images that often contain a humorous twist or an edge. Some of the well known clients Steve has worked with include The New York Times, Random House, St. Martins Press, Scholastic, Delacorte Press, Wright Group/McGraw Hill, Time Inc., Six Red Marbles, Mondo Publishing, Heinemann, Merck, Pfizer, Cleveland Clinic, Virgin, Chiquita and the Discovery Channel. Steve is a PAL (Published & Listed) member of the SCBWI. Call, text or e-mail any time to commission your next illustration, license usage of an existing image, purchase an existing piece of art, get more information or just to chat about the weather. It’s always perfect here!


Acrylic, Black & White, Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Line, Pen & Ink, Realism, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding