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Johan Thörnqvist

illustration of Drawing on a photo I took with my phone. Lemons, tree, factory, lemonade, small world, intricate, quirky, outside, veranda,
illustration of Illustration for billboard advertising. Camelot, knights, castle, rocks, trees, small world, rapunzel, at&t, cellphone, walkway, rope bridge, medieval, story, blackberry,
animation of Video in made for the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. Director: David Thörnqvist Animator: Anna Karlsson. 
Educational, emotional, Swedish, animation, school, kids, welfare, sad, life, animation, counselor, parents,
animation of Husk belte - også i bussen
Illustrations and Animation for a video and campaign site promoting the use of seatbelts on the bus

Road safety, animated, bus, countryside, animals, elephant, shark, dinosaur, moose, elk, walrus, bus crashing, road, seatbelts, psa, information, mixed media, snarlik, cartoon,
illustration of Image for corporate client in the fruit and veg business. 

Summer, beach, water, palm trees, ocean, splashing, jungle, pineapple, peach, strawberry, watermelon, corn, raspberry, blueberry, chili, sunglasses, sunbathing, surfing, parasailing,
illustration of Illustration on a photo I took with my phone. Coffee, tea, motorboat, sea captain, pipe, miniature, small world, fun, goatee, mixed media, illustration on photo, cartoon, snarlik, drawing,
illustration of My first image made almost entirely in Blender . For Dearvalley agency and their client erelko who works with pipes. The headline is in Swedish and is a punny pun (rör = pipe röriga = messy), the equivalent in English would maybe be something about pipe-dreams…

3D text, pipes, hoses, water, pluming, intricate, 3D illustration, 3D ad, blender, fun, interesting, snarlik, advertising,
illustration of Illustration on Ylang Ylang plant for client,

Whimsical world, detailed, balloons, nature, gangways, fantasy, dream, line art, mixed media, illustration on photo, snarlik, fruit, vegetables, nature, gardening, plant,
illustration of Cover illustration,

aurora borealis, northern lights, adventure book, brothers, book cover, fantasy, adventure, silhouettes, action, dream, siblings, boys, gravity, space, trees
illustration of Illustrations for 3 spreads in Norwegians inflight magazine about moving the town of Kiruna to make way for mining.

Winter, ballons, floating houses, reindeer, snow, mixed media illustration, drawing on photograph, Kiruna, Sweden, winter landscape, foxes, wolfes, snarlik, floating city
animation of Video in Swedish teaching families how to do a fire drill in your own home. Fire drill, Sector Alarm, fire safety, kids show, fire alarm, house, house cross section, animation, cartoon, fun, educational, quirky characters,
illustration of Focusing on the flame

Mind control, boys bedroom, kid, fantasy, adventure, night, moody, candle, helicopter, water gun, firetruck, robot, focus, imagination, drawing on photograph, drawing on 3D render, snarlik
illustration of Vector illustration for corporate client

Digital twin, technology, vector art, vector illustration, digital world, robot, lorry, balloons, airplane, windmill, future, industrial, factory, blue sky, blueprint, packaging
illustration of Image for a children's book about supernatural abilities. Scary, ghost, sleep, birds eye, fly on the wall, out of body experience, night, bedroom, dreaming, dream
illustration of Image for the theme #createdinquarantine which i made on original photo of deserted New York street during lockdown.

New York, deserted, fantasy, imagination, animals, cherry blossom, illustrated text, penguins, elephant, deer. monkey, shoes, urban, city street, mixed media, drawing on photograph, photo collage, snarlik
illustration of Illustration for children's book showing when gravity is fading away. Park, leafs, fall, autumn, wind, walk, walking dog, scarf, mixed media, illustration on photo, cartoon, snarlik, drawing,
illustration of Illustration on post-it note. Whale through the window. Flying whale, city, window, clouds, view, trees, post it art, post-it illustration, balloons,
illustration of Two kids trying to send telepathic messages to eachother. Telepathy, satellite dishes, zeppelin, air-ship, kids, bedroom, Messages, airplanes, balloons, train set, imagination, cross section, house, machine, communication, technology, imagination, mixed media illustration, Illustration on photography, 3D render, Johan Thörnqvist
illustration of American Express asked me to reimagine their credit cards. 

Credit card, illustration, finance, factory, metal, numbers, computers, mixed media, drawing on photograph, cf frost, snarlik
illustration of Photoshop composite for corporate client

Elephant, forrest, 3D render, drawing on photograph, sitting in tree, fantasy, imagination, green, fall, autumn, clear day, green, strength, durable, heavy,
illustration of Finding your way through traffic, green line, maze, cars, intersection, traffic jam, roi, colorful, bus, busses, busy street, puzzle, snarlik, texture, color, lines, way-finder
illustration of Illustrated French house on photograph of Paris, Inventor, zeppelin, blimp, observatory, French city, urban, green house, adventure, dog, building, construction, telescope, look out
illustration of Drawing I made for my daughters room

Elephant, desert, umbrella, girl, riding elephant, moon, dusk, dawn, colorful, playful, dreamcatcher,  birds, jungle, Africa, giraffe, moody, imagination, snarlik
illustration of Drawing on a photograph of a street lamp.

Street, Victorian, small city, floating city, buildings, fishing, floating bike, floating car, old town, vintage, drawing on photograph, photoshop, textures, snarlik
illustration of Illustration imagining how the body works. Body, lungs, heart, kidney, liver, stomach, intestinal, doctor, drunk, smoking, love, computer, whimsical, concept, machine body, gauges, snarlik
illustration of Part of series made for

Car, under water, headlights, seabed, illustration on photo, mixed media, colorful, imagination, adventure, moody, dream, snarlik
illustration of Illustration for children's book. Flying cars, future landscape, green buildings, alternative energy, blue sky, trees, view,
illustration of Illustration for annual report

Architecture, green house, solar power, future housing, city, concept, waterfall, mixed media, skyline, cutout, urban, green, urban farming, urbanization, snarlik
illustration of Illustration on photograph I too with my phone

Kitchen, apartment, view, coffee cup, tea cup, boat, small boat, driving boat, captain, miniature, small world, miniature world, pipe, goatee, drawing on photograph, mixed media, snarlik
illustration of Illustration for anual report. Machine, gears, tears, hearts, music, puppies, computer, complex, feelings, technology, digital, analog, emotion, propeller,
illustration of Image advertising Hydrogen Water

Water splash, Japanese, health, humbug, Antioxidant, strength, anti inflammatory, aluminium can, water explosion, surf, mixed media, photo illustration, product focus, snarlik
illustration of Ad showing layout of denim factory. 

Birds eye, map, way finder, factory, clouds, environmentally friendly, scenery, icons, ecosystem, snarlik
illustration of Illustration of a tree-house village on a photo of some vegetation, Tree house, village, mixed media, illustration on photograph, cable car, snarlik,
illustration of I made 7 detailed illustrations for a iPhone game for kids. This is 1 of the illustrations.

Space, moon, iPhone, astronaut, comet, lander, mainlander, Tintin, lunar rover, space, adventure, game, puzzle, kids, snakes, aliens, augmented reality, rocket, rocket powered, weightless, drawing on photograph, detailed, mixed media, snarlik
illustration of Comic about a game-concept

Comic, Paris, hamster, falling, dancing, city, fun, night, evening, old lady, baker, dog, city block, rooftops, game concept, puzzle, adventure, snarlik
illustration of Illustrations for a article about artificial reefs in b.inspired magazine.

Diving, under water, reef, jelly fish, crab, shark, seaweed, subway cart, diver, under the sea, mixed media, drawing on photo, bubbles, editorial illustration, article, fun, adventure, quirky
illustration of Concept and production of interactive video assets for main stage

Circus, merry go round, Ferris wheel, acrobat, clown, hot dogs, lights, horse, plume, acrobat, carnival, fair, show, hanging lights, dusk, dawn , photo montage, 3d montage, drawing on photograph, drawing on 3d, snarlik
illustration of Illustration for annual report

City, Traffic, bus, pram, walkway, bicycle, Norway, Oslo, subway trees, walking, running, walking dog, birds, urban, urban transport, drawing on photograph, mixed media, snarlik
illustration of Illustration for article about cinema in Africa,

African cinema, Benin, Lights, Camera, action, director, camera man, directors chair, boom operator, boom mic,
illustration of Illustration showing digital innovation in physical stores on an iPad. 

Digital inovation, wifi, mall, store, layout, way finder, map, overview, cafe, 3D illustration, drawing on photograph, drawing on 3D model,
illustration of Drew on a picture from my phone 

Building, dawn, dusk, zeppelin, airship, car window, street sign, moving car, mixed media, drawing on photograph, dream, imagination, colorful, snarlik
illustration of Illustration for article about digital storage using physical storage to illustrate the challenges. 

Warehouse, storage, overview, way finder, people, crowded, mall,
illustration of Poster advertising start of construction. Carneval, construction, breathing fire, explosion, Helsingborg, h+, abstract shapes, illustrated text, crane, cranes, construction cranes, city block, skyline, shoreline, event, snarlik,
illustration of Drawing on photograph of Fire hydrant

City, Detail, grunge, imagination, dream, buildings, skyline, crane, balloon, mixed media, drawing on photograph, snarlik


Illustrator and animator working in advertising, magazines, children's books, games and apps. I love creating worlds and combining photo manipulation and illustration in interesting ways. I have made illustrations for advertising, editorial, games, videos and books and can prepare artwork for any intended use. In the past I have worked with brands like AT&T, American Express, Sainsbury´s, Norwegian, GroupM, Bohus, Charity commission and Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Animation, Black & White, Cartoon, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Fine Art, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Montage, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Photoillustration, Stylized, Technical, Texture, 3-D Collage, 3-D Rendering, Decorative, Whimsical, Vector


Humor, Action, Adventure, Annual Report, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Health, Mystery, Nature, People, Posters, Product, Sci-Fi, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Game, Environmental, Urban, Logos