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Authors and Co.

The One

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This short animation has been created for Authors and Co. company based in UK to represent their special program called The One.

Daria DiCieli

Daria DiCieli

illustration of Fashion, Illustration, Paris, Restaurant, Beauty, Dessert, Food, Coffee, Tea, Clothing, Woman, Lady, Accessories, France, Traveling, Architecture, Buildings, City, Urban, Eiffel, balcony, Terrace, France, Travel, Traveling, Laptop, Macaroons, Purse, High end, flowers, coffee, tea, breakfast, hotel, summer, inspiration, lady, feminine, red, high tea, brunette, long hair, jewelry, accessories, earrings, bracelet, necklace, happy, positive
animation of jet, flying, airplane, couple, champagne, woman, man, suit, elegant, luxury, luxurious, drinking, celebrating, vacation, getaway, fashion, stylish, shoes, dress, white dress, blonde woman, accessories, clouds, sky, fly, rest, relaxation, traveling, dreaming, black suit, windows, going away, rich, abundance, people of color
animation of breakfast at tiffany's, elegant woman, hat, coffee, cafe, self care, book, reading, vacation, traveling, black, black dress, chic, audrey hepburn, style, chic, luxury, paris, london, city, urban, roses, flowers, green, downtown, center, inspiration, women empowerment, summer, chair, table, gloves, accessories, jewelry, car, luxury car, walking, catwalk, flag
illustration of Self Care, Women, Empowerment, sleep, champagne, dreaming, book, reading, sleeping mask, vacation, relaxation, rest, brunette, lady, girl, false eye lashes, manicure, spa, happy, positive, bed, blanket, pillow, berries, blackberries, flowers, petals, lavender, lingerie, sleepwear, hair, cozy, vacation, resting
illustration of beauty, fashion, floral, woman, feminine, chic, elegant, meditation, spiritual, hands, butterflies, crown, flowers, lipstick, makeup, fashion, flowers, figs, raspberries, peonies, roses, brunette, hair, magazine, cover, garden, false eye lashes, fruits
animation of Fashion, Beauty, Animation, hair, self care, botanical, smoothies, greens, tea, organic, lavender, figs, raspberries, butterflies, garden, face cream, cosmetics, promotion, ad, feminine, inspirational, bird, cooking, lemon, bergamot, roses, flowers, oil, elixir, spa, health, healthy food, healthy drinks, happy
illustration of Holidays, lifestyle, fashion, cat, pillows, decor, home, woman, red dress, couch, palm tree, decoration, greeting card, christmas, celebration, lady, earrings, jewelry, red nails, manicure, blue, gold, red, smile, makeup
animation of Holiday Fashion Animation, red car, gifts, christmas, christmas tree, ornaments, women, fireplace, decorating, gifts, ribbons, table, tablewear, candles, happy, celebration, door, wreath, house, building, urban, rooms, living room, interior, architecture, black and white, stylized, black dress
illustration of Fashion, portrait, floral, woman, accessories
animation of Book Writing Animation, interior, celebration, party, book signing, books, feminine, fashion, dresses, dress, earrings, accessories, stage, empowerment, women, entrepreneurs, success, champagne, flowers, floral, shoes, garden, bird, restaurant, home, window, balcony, scroll, house, box, delivery, doors, books, speaking, event
animation of Paris Fashion Animation, chandelier, books, high heals, roses, curtains, interior, chic, black and white, women, group of women, book signing, accessories, home, inspiration, empowerment, chic, elegant, party, france, travel, traveling, sexy
animation of Children Breakfast Animation, kids, boys, girls, boy, girl, apple, flowers, floral, fruits, healthy, nuts, almonds, herbs, cooking, pot, steam, mother, serving, meditation, acupuncture, health, healthy, friends, robe, mint, pistachio
illustration of wedding dress, wedding, bridal, romance, veil, woman, flowers, earrings, love, in love, couple, dressed up, groom, husband, wife, celebration, holiday, car, taxi, ribbon, crystals, sparkle, kiss, hug, feminine, pretty, lady, fashion, bridal fashion, bracelet, engagement ring, bow tie
illustration of Paris, Dessert, Fashion, macaroons, roses, florals, woman, elegant, eiffel, tower, macaroons, gift, dessert, croissants, orange juice, table, breakfast, high tea, purse, accessories, travel, traveling, downtown, buildings, store, cafe, restaurant, food, sweet, berries, blackberries, zebra, brunette, hair
animation of Beauty, Salon, Animation, self care, spa, car, luxury, paris, woman, palm tree, buildings, france, travel, entrepreneur, salon owner, black hair, video, driving, beautiful, face mask, walking, dress, facial, false eye lashes, treatment, health, credit card, payment, butterfly, entrance, door, roses, floral, interior, furniture, face cream, cosmetics
illustration of tiffany's and co, gift, box, ribbon, emerald, necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, sparkle, jasmine, garden, flowers, floral, petals, balloons, happy, smiling, dreaming, woman, lady


Daria DiCieli is a whimsical illustrator and animator. She loves to draw all things beautiful. Her work has been seen in: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Madame, Hallmark, Papyrus, Tesco UK, SOGO, Hamilton Jewelers, Mann's Jewelers, Glamour and more.


Animation, Black & White, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Motion


Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Products, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Travel, Web Illustration, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Urban, Branding