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Paul Bateman

illustration of Self initiated digital conceptual graphic collage/photomontage inspired by the word fly & all things connected with flying. art, decoration, mask, face, fun, fantasy, design, skull, retro, steampunk, travel, bird, aeroplane, butterfly, time
illustration of A graphic collage Illustration for feature in Independent newspaper Travel section on short breaks in New York City and the different things to see and do. culture, travel, america, new york, design, art, fun, retro, decoration, tourism, funky, edgy, multiple images
illustration of Graphic Collage illustration for TMW Agency for Flora Vitality showing the different ways you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Food, exercise, music, mind, brain, health. retro, fun, woman, beautiful, girl, humour, fashion
illustration of Collage illustrations for regular weekly column in a teaching magazine written by anonymous teacher Ms Anne Thrope. Character, Portrait, fun, humour, series, girl, woman, head, cute, people, young, face, photomontage, nature, flowers, cinema, hollywood
illustration of Collage illustration for an article in Spirit magazine about the meaning of dreams. Art, mask, fun, sleep, dream, decoration, graphic, face, fantasy, culture, design, woman, girl, character, retro, nature, nightmare, symmetry, night
illustration of Illustration for TES magazine for a feature on the importance of Mathematics in Schools and Colleges. Math, science, girl, colorful, decoration, design, retro, woman, children, education, portrait, numbers, graphs, statistics
illustration of Series of colorful monthly photomontage illustrations for Cycling Plus magazine about famous bike riders. Bicycle, Cycle, VIP, Celebs, travel, wheel, pedal, music, motor racing, tv, film, pop star, driver, doctor, presenter, humour, fun, vibrant, composition.
illustration of Digital Illustration to accompany article on the dangers to pupils in schools and colleges from technology and social media apps. Study, uniform, students, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, WhatsApp, youtube, computers, phone, laptop, screens, eyes, fear, bully,
illustration of Collage illustration for article discussing the moral problems of plagiarism by students and academics at Universities and Colleges. Art, cheat, study, books, articles, publishing, theft, stealing, dishonest, corrupt, science, education, head, conceptual, retro, face, symbol, paper, ephemera, man, brain, knowledge
illustration of Illustration about the Umbrella Revolution Democracy movement in Hong Kong and the demonstrations against more control from China. Politics, political, propaganda, graphic, face, eye, symbol, flag, nation, communism, democratic, art, style, control, free speech, censorship, freedom, expression, law, human rights


I am a collage and photomontage illustrator with many years of experience working with clients in Publishing, Design and Advertising. Clients include: TES Global, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Radio Times, BBC Worldwide, CAFOD, Penguin Books, Little Brown Publishing, Lion Publishing, Pearsons, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Expedia, Avery Labels, Cadbury’s, Elle, GQ, Cycling Plus, Haymarket Publishing, Marketing Week, Campaign, New Statesman, The Observer, Mail on Sunday, Dennis Publishing, Future Publishing, Snickers, Gaia Publishing, Northumberland College, BBC Focus Magazine, NME, PR Week, British Airways, Insurance Times, Channel 4, Sony, Boots, NatWest, Royal Mail & many more


Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Montage


Humor, Annual Report, Book Covers, Character Development, Computers, Editorial, Education, Health, Holidays, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Science, Travel, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Spiritual, Ethnic, Edgy, Urban