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Lynn Dooly Marek

illustration of Red-haired faerie girl jumping over red dots and green leaf, blue hair ribbon, balloons, digital art, colour, wings on girl
illustration of Faerie flying through the air on a fly, pink leaves, wings, purple, red eyes, flowers, plants, whimsical, digital, faerie tales
illustration of Faerie with red hair dancing with arms outstretched shaping the letter O, colour, numbers, letters, blue, dancing, yellow, orange
illustration of 3 froggies playing and jumping into the blue water, green leaves, yellow frog, lily pads, leaping, action, jumping up
illustration of Children climbing up a blue hill carrying green  leaves, purple leaf, red, pink, yellow, bright colours, jumping
illustration of Lyndybin is a little girl wearing a blue dress, she wears red shoes and a red bow in her blond hair, green leaf, pink, yellow, bright colours
illustration of The Princes and Princess standing beside mattresses, digital, purple, blue, gold, story, fairy tales, royal crowns, lines and bright colours
illustration of Faerie with wings and blue hair dancing in a field of flowers, red ballet shoes, purple tutu dress, green grass, faerie tales
illustration of Faerie walking delicately and quietly through white flowers, pale green leaves, ballet tutu, calm, gentle, soft colours
illustration of Lyndybin, a little girl, tells the boys in black to smile, tall hats, red shoes, red cape, bright colours
illustration of A row of cartoon boys and girls walking carrying leaves, bright colours, green leaves, yellow, red, pink, green dresses, playful, happy
illustration of Cartoon frog prince sitting on lily pad looking sad, green leaves, yellow lily pad, blue water, crown on head, small row of leaves in front, fairy tale
illustration of Faerie dancing in the moonlight with arms outreached, wearing a blue outfit surrounded by pale white flowers, dark green and black background, quiet, soft colours, illustration for an old poem.
illustration of Three birds sitting on a branch talking with each other, with green leaves, birds are grey, red and purple,
illustration of Thumbelina, a tiny girl with long red hair, talking with a bumble bee, surrounded by tall green leaves, faery tale,
illustration of A line of cartoon courtiers walking with the king who is not wearing any clothes, faery tale, bright colours,
illustration of Tiny Tom Thumb is walking through tall green leaves carrying 2 balls, red shorts and red hair, purple flowers,
illustration of Red hair faerie in a purple dress sitting on white flowers in a garden, green, faerie tale
illustration of Troll crouching in middle of clock with green leaves, bright colours, red, blue, yellow
animation of An video book for children with illustrations and old and new poems, bright colours, cheerful, fun
illustration of A pink Norwegian troll, pink leaves, crouching down, long nose, nasty, red shorts


"Lynn is an artist of colour, vibrancy, and feeling" Lynn is an international award-winning artist. Born in Montreal, raised in England, studied in France. Childhood summers were spent in Athens, Greece, where her grandfather was stationed as Canadian Ambassador. For decades, Lynn exhibited in art shows. Her series Bistro & Marché of the World continues to be an ongoing success story. Her art hangs on walls around the world. An original hangs in the office of the Mayor of Toronto. Her work was featured twice on the back covers of Readers Digest. Lynn teaches figure/life drawing to the animation students at Durham College. Lynn has received the order of la Société Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres, an old academic/arts society in France dedicated to the education and encouragement of the arts and sciences. It began in 1915. Her paintings were displayed in le Salon des Beaux Arts @ the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, France in 2016, 2017, 2018. She returns in 2021. Founded in 1855, it was created for the Impressionists to display their paintings. Every submission accepted into le Salon is approved by the Louvre. "To paint in Provence is to change an artist forever" - Lynn


Animation, Cartoon, Digital, Line with Color, Painterly, Whimsical, Motion


Humor, Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Textiles, Toys & Games, Web Illustration, Feminine, Youth