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Kasia Kozakiewicz

illustration of Life in the jungle seeing through the perspective of a frog - one of the residents of the dense and exotic landscape.

Frog, Jungle, Botanical, Exotic, Digital Painting, Textures, Line work, Vivid, Wild, Wilderness, Bush
illustration of Illustration of native to New Zealand bird - Tui, which will always remind me of an adventure of rescuing one of them in Whirinaki Forest. 

New Zealand, Tui Bird, Indigenous, Endemic Native Species, Bird, Green, Greenery, Lines, Linework, Ferns
illustration of Editorial Illustration for polish Pismo Magazine for an article about the current life of beavers in Poland.

Beaver, Animal, Swimming, Swim, Water Reflections, Brush Strokes, Blue, River, Leaves
illustration of Illustration created for Nottingham's magazine 'Left Lion' for an article about local Undertakers and the everyday life of funeral directors.

Editorial, Funeral, Emotional, Editorial Illustration, Press Illustration, Digital Art, Undertaker
illustration of 'Taking a dive' is an illustration created as part of a week challenge on Instagram called 'Animals Adventures Week'. It shows a happy underwater life of seals.

Digital Art, Digital, Illustration, Nature, Water, Sea,  Seals, Underwater, Sea life, Environment, Environmental, Textures, Colourful
illustration of My personal memory from polish forest, where during the fall season people go to pick mushrooms. 

Fall Season, Fall, Forest, Mushrooms, Mushroom Picking, Walking, Wandering, Sun Rays, Trees, Colours, Happy Girl, Childhood Memories
illustration of My dream destination during pandemic would be polish summer in my family town where I spent every single holiday as a child and adult, where one of the most amazing activities would be kayaking on the river.

Kayaking, Kayak, Holiday, River Sports, River, Plants, Summer, Digitally Painted, Vibrant, Water, Reflections
illustration of Illustration created for Nottingham magazine 'Left Lion' for an article about Extinction Rebellion Activist which is supposed to show their voice and fight for the better environment.

Magazine Illustration, Activist, Activism, Artivism, Environmental, Pollution, Polluted, Worldwide, Yellow, Fighting for better future, Mask, Anonymous
illustration of Digital illustration depicting living in the van in New Zealand in all weather - from sunny and hot to stormy and windy days. 

Van life, Campervan, Holiday, Camping, Landscape, Outside, Cooking, Storm, Sun, Relax, Textures
illustration of Imagination of a day Safari trip in African Savannah.

Safari, Elephants, Africa, Puma, Birds, Mountains, Sunset, Dream Holiday, Into the Wild, Graphic, Drawing Tablet


My name is Kasia Kozakiewicz and I’m a self-taught illustrator based in Nottingham, originally from Poland. I am an architectural graduate who decided to take on a different path and follow her dreams to become an illustrator. What inspires me the most is the surrounding world of flora and fauna and experiences from everyday life. As part of the challenge as an illustrator I focus on bringing up issues in my works which show human impact on environment and animal world.


Conceptual, Digital, Gouache, Graphic, Line with Color, Texture


Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Editorial, Family, Holidays, Landscape, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Sports, Travel, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Environmental