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Melanie Adele Williams

illustration of Three artworks were commissioned for a reader for African children. The story was about a young girl playing at the side of a river. A Green snake appears from the rushes and she runs away. This artwork was created in Photoshop.
illustration of This commission was to produce the digital artwork a DPS. This was for the children's page of the wild magazine produced in Cape Town.
illustration of Vector and Photoshop elements were combined to form this food types artwork, in a pie chart format, representing specific percentages.
illustration of I was commissioned to Produce an A2 poster to communicate all the elements explored in the Solutions Grade R syllabus. It had to be colourful, fun and engaging and represent all the types of activity and content in the booklets shown in the library. This artwork was created in both illustrator and Photoshop.
illustration of The brief was to create a book jacket artwork for a story about a Sangoma (medicine woman). The artwork was created in Photoshop.
illustration of The artwork was to depict the wonders of the sea life in the ocean and to show certain creatures and organic life. This artwork was created in Photoshop for a magazine insert.
illustration of A comical illustration was required for a book artwork insert. The story line was based on the hair and the tortoise but using an African slant on the story using a chameleon and lizard. The lizard taking the short cut, showing the use of working in a cleaver manner.
illustration of This artwork was the illustration used for the book jacket of the book. It was created with a mixture of vector and Photoshop effects. The book had to reflect the culture of the African people and san artwork was used as my inspiration.
illustration of This artwork was used for a book illustration created in Photoshop, to tell the story about a piece of crochet and it's travels in the wild.
illustration of This eps was created for the children's page of the Wild magazine created in Cape Town. The brief was to depict the grasslands biome and the animals that live there. This artwork was created
in Photoshop as an A3 DPS.


Abstract, Design, Digital, Figurative, Vector


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Charts, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Information Graphics, Landscape, Nature, Posters, Religious, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Ethnic, Environmental