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Mizuchi Adams

Spirit of the Ocean

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The Japanese, dragon spirit of the ocean is a mythical creature the client wanted to depict within modern surf culture, in a fantastical and exhilarating way. The modern version of Mizuchi protects and defends the wave riders during each session.

Angie Samblotte

Angie Samblotte

illustration of
illustration of Private commission, in watercolor and pencil. The mystical sea dragon, Mizuchi, protects and serves ocean riders— the surfers, their boards, and their spirit.

Surf, japanese dragon, serpent creature, folklore, fairy tale, book cover, story telling, water spirit. surfboard, label, waves, editorial, narrative, culture, beach, longboard, shortboard, honor, respect, scales, colorful, vivid, lucid, dream like, surreal, blue green, yellow, sunset, imaginative, nature
illustration of Watercolor, psychedelic painting. Soul arching longboarder surfing a wave of light into the future.

Colorful, red orange, warm, tribal, pattern, water, ocean, surfer, sun rays, eyeball, organic, nose riding, free spirit, focus, nature, seeing, fine art, painting, movement, freedom, lines, surreal, sport, surf, athlete, aqua, gold, spiritual, beach, wave rider, tubes, longboard, poster, feel, alive, exhilarating, speed, style, man.
illustration of An abstract and symbolic emblem signifying Unity Consciousness through a Vision in Oneness. Harmony is created and permeates throughout when We see Love spiraling outwards from within.
I created this as a response to the social upheaval in 2020.

Gradient, spiral, eyeball, nature, shell, together we stand, peace, harmony, unity, evolution, revolution, humanity, vision, love, psychedelic, surreal, colorful, passion, compassion, pattern, logo, spirit, colorful, trippy, spiritual, watercolor
illustration of Abstracted, symmetrical psychedelic flower design for Mother's Day card in watercolor. 

floral, botanical, simple, nature, green, blue, pink, plants, herb, seeds, blossom, perennial, leaf, sprouting, curves, swirl, grow, colorful, unique, shapes, pattern, card design, poster, biological, magical, imaginative.
illustration of A private commission celebrating the accomplishments of surfer Joel Tudor in the longboarding community. 

pencil, watercolor, colored pencils, portraits, portraiture, famous, history, beach, wave, water, ocean, surfing, green, blue, longboards, style, classic, performance, sports, athletes, contest, soul surfer, competition, fine art, california, san diego, los angeles, hang ten, shapers, hawaii, malibu, huntington beach, san onofre, championship, professional, skateboarding, WSL, contest
illustration of Watercolor portrait illustration for World Surf League 2019 Champion Italo Ferreria from Brazil. 

pencil, published, editorial, professional, young, man, male, realism, portraiture, hawaii, competition, brasil, blue, yellow, head shot, profile, face, man, masculine, proud, gratitude, winner, fighter, strong, shortboard, wetsuit, surfboard, beard, mustache, tour, sports, front cover, magazine, article, energetic, world best, beach, wave, ocean, hawaii, billabong, sponser
illustration of Digital, pencil portrait illustration for LA Record Magazine about underground hip hop, electronic, los angeles based artist, D33j.

young, man, male, portraiture, editorial, published, record, artist, producer, professional, american, man, color, painterly, blue, ep, studio, albums, remix, wedidit, anticon, soundcloud, mixtape, rap, singing, lyrics, masculine, features, spotify, line work, emotional, feelings, brushwork, design, texture, pattern, photoshop, digital.
illustration of Imaginative and figurative illustration depicting an allegorical, internal struggle we all face: our inner demons attacking our other demons; ourself against ourself.

Storytelling, vivid dreams, self realization, psychology, psychological drawing, reflection, Freud, symbolism, literature, fiction, mythology, folklore, alchemy, religion, mental, mind, thoughts, awareness.
illustration of A distorted and layered portrait to characterize artist Holly Herndon's experimental, avant garde electronic music style. 

simple, black white, technology, electronics, software, hardware, musician, pencil, photoshop, musical landscape, progressive, experimental, pop, technical, spacey, engineer, los angeles, american, berlin, composer, computer research, spotify, black and white, surreal portraiture, line work, lines, sound, red bull, resident advisor, ai, artificial intelligence
illustration of Psychedelic imaginative plant for a personal series,
illustration of
illustration of Psychedelic imaginative whimsical flowers for
illustration of Psychedelic fungi mushroom for
illustration of Watercolor illustration for my Youtube video: art as a tool for self -discovery, -expression, -empowerment; We are a seed needing consistent curiosity, nurturing, delving deep within Self for truth of who we are so we can sprout, blossom, shine in this world.

nature, card design, plant, flower, surreal, fairy tale, folklore, children's book, growth, meditation, reflection, self love, staircase, roots, fairy, myth, narrative, spot, story book, botanical, purple, green, inspirational, flow
illustration of Bright and energetic tiger, expressing a strong source of passion from within.

Watercolor, animal, bengal, screaming, teeth, fang, tongue, cat, fire, strength, courage, blue, violet, orange, yellow, alive, fur, hair, Indian, endangered, species, white, siberian, spirit, personal, power, instincts, surreal, stylized, anger, angry, emotions, feelings.
illustration of Detailed tattoo design, stylized wise owl, art trade.

blue, purple, swirl, rendering, shading, lines, pencil, watercolor, symmetrical, face, animal, spirit, native, american, feathers, beak, big eyes, soft, portrait, bird, nocturnal, vision, silent, shaman, talon, flight, flying,
illustration of Tattoo design of traditional japanese samurai on a frog! 

Spot illustration, figure, character design, toad, card, poster, sword, fight, kimono, armor, design, costume, energetic, watercolor, navy blue, cherry blossom, flower, jumping, japan, motion, attitude, monochrome, fairy tale, surreal, whimsical, magical, children's story, story book, amphibian, red, pink, sharp teeth, hat, fantasy, shield, wardrobe
illustration of LP Record cover for electronic musician. Abstract dancers move and melt into each other, losing one's self in the groove. 

blue purple grey, swirls, lines, watercolor, flow, watery, majestic, magic, dancing, figures, man, woman, dissolve, disappear, music, hip hop, underground, lo fi, EP, crate digging, hands, feet, legs, body, bare, naked, let go, feel, present, tempo, rhythm, pattern, twirl, together, twist, spiral, shake
illustration of Art for Gallery 1988
illustration of A surreal, dreamy vision of a tea party with characters of the subconscious.  Watercolor and pencil. Nonsense is the essence of a humorous reality.

strange, imagination, high heel, shoe, children, tail, liquid, pour, pastel colors, vivid, breasts, fingers, growing, flowers, whimsical, fairy tale, psychological, story book, narrative, mind, day dream, fantasy, distraction, attention, meditation, playful, curious, alice in wonderland, abstract, fingernail, carpet,


My work is primarily in pencil and watercolor. It is an examination of the fine line where the unseen world meets our physical reality, and how they are effortlessly and beautifully intertwined. What I love to draw most are faces, plant life, the feeling of surfing, and the limitless and surreal imagination that combines them all. Life is a fantastically fun ride, and I hope to share it with you! — Angie Samblotte is sown and sprouted in Southern California; Surfs when the waves are calling her name; and laughs whenever possible.


Abstract, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pencil, Realism, Watercolor, Decorative, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Editorial, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Icons, Landscape, Licensing, Medical, Mural, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Sci-Fi, Sports, Toys & Games, Web Illustration, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Environmental, Urban, Surface Design