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Phil Nicholls

illustration of Big cat walking under the shade of the trees.
cartoon, lighting, shading, shadows, forest, jungle, tiger, lion, panther, wildlife, nature, cat
illustration of A wolf on a morning stroll. wolf, nature, sunrise, sunset, texture, forest, digital, pen, ink, bushes, scene, halftone,
illustration of Spider-man collage. superhero, superheroes, marvel, action, photo collage,
illustration of The Thing from the Fantastic Four. superhero, superheroes, comicbooks, comic, comic book, villain, bad guy, character design, cartoon, marvel, marvelcomics, fantasticfour, pencil, coloured pencil, colored pencil, editorial, sci fi, science fiction, action, adventure, fighting, fight
illustration of greater kudu, kudu, antelope, deer, animals, africa, african, safari, animal, wild animals, antlers, scenery, desert, sand dunes, editorial, article, blog, endangered species, endangered animals, savannah, lesser kudu, happy, simple, orange, red, yellow, hot, heat, summer, funny, silly
illustration of Mockup concert poster.

turnover, poster, tour poster, show poster, concert poster, concert, show, tour, dog, cartoon, bone, punk, band, music, skeleton, bones, skull, dog skull, stylized, stippling, men i trust, reptaliens, 3d, illustration, brain, graphic design, animal, dogs, 3d glasses, dog bone,
illustration of going for a walk, walk, character, silly, funny, cartoon, chill, nighttime, night, dawn, sunset, sunrise, otter, dog, animal, animals, beanie, cool, lazy, bulldog, stroll, pen drawing, lighting, pen, ink, ink drawing, simple, flat colour, flat color, colour, color
illustration of cat, semi-realism, texture, magic, mystical, pencil, fantasy, dream
illustration of stinky guy, stinky, smelly, gross, disgusting, guy, dude, man, portrait, caricature, funny, silly, flies, rotten, pungent, odor, odour, sweaty, sweat, old man, boomer, unibrow, pen drawing, ink drawing, pen, ink, flat colour, flat color, colorful, colourful, editorial, article, blog,
illustration of boxing, boxer, monster, devil, demon, up against the odds, against the odds, skinny, wimp, bully, bullying, standing up to the big guy, standing up, fighting, fight, villain, editorial, article, boxing ring, blog, metaphor, silly, cartoon, funny, caricature, pencil, simple, texture, vintage, retro
illustration of coronavirus, corona virus, corona, stay home, self isolation, isolation, covid 19, covid, colours, colors, colorful, colourful, chips, elephant, lazy, quarantine, social distancing, social distance, alone, chilling, couch, snacking, snacks, simple, funny, cartoons, cartoon, silly, flat, flat colour, flat color, humour, article, blog,
illustration of When someone walks in on you plotting your evil plan

evil plan, awkward, embarrassed, embarrassing, blush, caricature, evil, villain, cartoon, funny, silly, faces, face, guy, man, dude, old man, boomer, moustache, pen drawing, ink drawing, pen, ink, editorial, article, blog, anger, emotions, angry, mad, plotting, yikes, oops, caught red handed, red handed
illustration of mosh pit, pit, open the pit, hardcore, cartoon, graphic, texture, orange, halloween, monster, man, demon, hairy, hairy man, blood, angry, mad, savage, pen drawing, ink, editorial, blog, article, simple, moshing, punk, punks
illustration of donkey kong, dk, donkeykong, mario, nintendo, smash bros, super smash bros, super mario bros, silly, cartoon, video games, gaming, pen drawing, pen, digital, fun, simple, editorial, article, blog, wii, switch, nintendo switch
animation of psychedelic, dog, hypnotized, hypnotize, hypnotizing, hypnosis, hypnotise, hypnotising, hypnotised, gif, frame by frame animation, frame by frame, animation, traditional animation, silly, cartoon, colourful, colorful, crazy, trance, dogs, puppy, psychedelics, drugs, acid, shrooms, mushrooms, magic mushrooms, lsd, psychedelic drugs,
illustration of coronavirus, corona virus, corona, stay home, self isolation, isolation, covid 19, covid, colours, colors, colorful, colourful, quarantine, social distancing, social distance, alone, chilling, simple, funny, cartoons, cartoon, silly, flat, flat colour, flat color, humour, article, blog, socks, shorts, house, happy, calm, fun, dog, ethics, morals
illustration of This is a mockup Walrus cover. The illustration is based on the article “Who Gets to Be Gifted” by Katrina Onstad. 

metaphor, visual metaphor, magazine cover, magazine, school, class, classroom, teacher, students, colour, color, simple, article, blog, kids, class photo
illustration of dog, comic, cat, cute, comics, sharing, kitten, cuddle, cuddling, editorial, article, blog, funny, silly, flat, color, colour,
illustration of Mockup concert poster.

gza, the genius, wutang clan, wu tang clan, hip hop, music, rap, rapper, tour, show, concert, poster, dragon, monster, stippling, stipple, dark, scary, funny, beast, pen, ink, graphic, design, detail, detailed, shading
illustration of funny face, blue, man, guy, dude, pen, ink, drawing, simple, flat, colour, color, bald, sleepy, high, old, happy, sleepy, stoned, portrait, silly, relax, relaxed
illustration of bear, cartoon, selfie, paper collage, funny, silly, wildlife, animals, wild, owl, deer, landscape, nature, forest, editorial, children's book, childrens, book, fun,
illustration of For an article about how zoos can be overwhelming for children with autism.

article, editorial, blog, giraffe, animals, zoo, confused, overwhelmed, overwhelming, confusing, lost, stairs, staircase, kid, autism, funny, silly, simple
illustration of crosswalk, walk sign, traffic light, traffic, rush hour, waiting, patience, comic, funny, comics, silly, pedestrian, car, cars, wait, dog, animals, animal, dogs, crossing, patient, colour, color, colorful, colourful, simple, fun, flat,
illustration of Kyle Lowry, klow, k low, toronto raptors, toronto, basketball, nba, sports, pen, ink, article, blog, celebrity, athlete, athletes,
illustration of A portrait of Toronto Raptors player, Serge Ibaka,

serge ibaka, toronto, raptors, happy, athlete, athletes, celebrity, nba, basketball, sports, pen, simple, ink, flat, colour, color, article, blog
illustration of A portrait of the rapper, Nas.

nas, rapper, celebrity, illmatic, hip hop, music, nasty nas, rap, 3d, glasses, portrait, pen, ink, risograph, riso print, graphic, design, poster, musician


Animation, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stipple, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Whimsical


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge, Urban