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illustration of “Racing thoughts are a common feature of anxiety and other mental health disorders. Patricia Harteneck
illustration of “People suffering from anxiety have a low sense of controllability. So, they are not confident about their ability to tackle dangers. So, a person with anxiety works laboriously and diffusely to address a “what if …” event at a high psychological cost and at the expense of the present moment.”
illustration of ‘Mentally, my anxiety is like a nonstop running loop in my head. I will think the same thing over and over. I will think through situations that have not even happened, just playing out all the ways they could go in my mind.” Emily Thompson
illustration of This image is about personifying anxiety disorder with a grouping of hands pointing at the person in the form of an abstracted monster. The person is captivated by these demons and believing what they are suggesting to the person experiencing them. Based on various articles on Anxiety Disorder.


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