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illustration of “Racing thoughts are a common feature of anxiety and other mental health disorders. Patricia Harteneck
illustration of “People suffering from anxiety have a low sense of controllability. So, they are not confident about their ability to tackle dangers. So, a person with anxiety works laboriously and diffusely to address a “what if …” event at a high psychological cost and at the expense of the present moment.”
illustration of ‘Mentally, my anxiety is like a nonstop running loop in my head. I will think the same thing over and over. I will think through situations that have not even happened, just playing out all the ways they could go in my mind.” Emily Thompson
illustration of This image is about personifying anxiety disorder with a grouping of hands pointing at the person in the form of an abstracted monster. The person is captivated by these demons and believing what they are suggesting to the person experiencing them. Based on various articles on Anxiety Disorder.
illustration of An editorial styled illustration about the tragic shooting in 2020 of the police officer who shot a civilian seven times in the back. We have to do better. We must do better.
illustration of Editorial geared piece from my MFA thesis with Savannah College of Art and Design. The entire series was on Anxiety Disorder and the symptoms and aspects that may seem invisible to the public eye but are very real, very present and intense to the individual.
illustration of An editorial geared piece for my MFA thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design. This piece is Peace in Chaos due to the 2020 pandemic triggering a lot of mental health issues as well as Anxiety.
illustration of An editorial geared piece for an independent study in 2020. This was created right after the news that started the year off with Trump’s Red Line and Iran.
illustration of Editorial geared illustration piece for my MFA thesis with Savannah College of Art and Design. This series was based on Anxiety. This piece is based on the emotional toll of camouflaging yourself from the limelight as a protective barrier.
illustration of I was so honored to be chosen as the illustrator for the cover of SCAD SCAN magazine in early 2020. The theme of the magazine and front cover illustration was Spring, rejuvenation, and growth.
illustration of Editorial geared illustration for an independent study. This was developed in the initial stages of researching and gathering information for my thesis work. It was based on an article about facing what seems larger than yourself when experiencing anxiety.
illustration of I was taken back and honored to receive the Top 100 Annual award for Creative Quarterly in 2020 for this piece. It is definitely a mixture of editorial and book related as well.
illustration of An editorial geared piece from my MFA thesis about Anxiety Disorder. This series involves extensive research, interviews with various psychiatrists and therapists, as well as numerous articles from magazines that take on editorial illustration. This piece from the series is about the effects of trauma from a young age to adults.
illustration of This was an editorial geared piece with a mock-up of TIME Magazine as if this would be the cover during the start or beginning of this pandemic entering the US. TIME is a dream client of mine, but I do not own the rights to that title. I created this during an independent study.
illustration of After seeing the editorial pieces from this portfolio, here is still a conceptual piece but geared towards Edgar Allan Poe poetry - specifically, The Bells. I really enjoyed digging deep into his symbolism and metaphors. So many about the mind, love, losing loved ones, and troubles he face.
illustration of A series on Edgar Allan Poe poetry, and diving into the deeper meanings of his poems and illustrating this messages verses themes from the words. This was the book cover piece to the interior illustrations.


I am an Atlanta based artist, muralist, illustrator, and designer. I recently obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in Illustration. The main focus in my work overall has involved mood, light, and texture driven elements inspired by psychology research, world happenings, pop culture, and heavily geared towards the editorial world. With a background in textile design and fiber arts, a blend of traditional textures, media and digital technique bring a unique style and aspect of storytelling to the digital and editorial illustration industry today. . As a Georgia native, I grew up with surrounding views of the Appalachian mountain region. My love and appreciation of being in the presence of nature and an avid ballet dancer for 15 years became key inspirations throughout my artistic endeavors as well.


Abstract, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Mixed Media, Painterly, Silhouette, Stylized, Texture, Monoprints


Animals, Book Covers, Editorial, Education, Health, Medical, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Science, Lifestyle, Youth, Edgy