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Martin Conway

illustration of Poster depicting fictional psychedelic band Acid Cats. Haring, poster, psychedelic, grunge, punk, typography, graffiti, cats, neon, music,
illustration of Catch it while you can. Covid, flu, health, cold, sneeze, germs, tissue, handkerchief, bold, catch,
illustration of A day in the life of a musician. Musician, busking, homeless, glam, guitar, gutter, street, fashion, cigarette, lemons,
illustration of Poster depicting fictional bubblegum punk band Swirly Whirly Girlies. Punk, bubblegum, feminist, bright, smoking, riot grrrl, swirls, gang, teens, music,
illustration of Poster for fictional garage band Girl.Boy. Hergé, The White Stripes, garage rock, Fender, P bass, stratocaster, typography, 00s, naughties, stripes,
illustration of Character focused concept art. Lo-fi, character design, youth, attitude, typography, braids, plaits, hair, grunge, alternative,
illustration of Editorial illustration with health/injury focus. Hand, bandaid, plaster, injury, medical, bold, bright, colour, fingers, collage,
illustration of Experimental drawing incorporating use of pattern  on unconventional canvas. Pattern, profile, poster, character design, feminine, fashion, face, lips, trendy, angst,
illustration of Sci-fi focused illustration highlighting relaxed approach to technology within modern society. Sci-fi, robot, relax, technology, tech, social commentary, snake, abstract, color,
illustration of Roller girl concept illustration. Roller derby, rollerskating, roller girl, Whip It, riot grrrl, roller-skates, character design, figurative, laces,


Illustrator, artist, shop manager, life model, possible workaholic (terrible boyfriend) located in the idyllic city of Cambridge. A product of the 90s with an ingrained fondness for sludgy guitars, wrestling theatrics and low poly video games, taking visual cues from the three Hs (Haring , Hergé and Hewlett, obviously). Championing the innocent and aggressor, creating original characters bedecked with shapes, scribbles and type, showcased predominantly through the medium of poster. His work has adorned music venues, record sleeves and magazines.


Abstract, Cartoon, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Pattern, Concept Art


Character Development, Comic Book, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Health, Medical, Music, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Americana, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Edgy, Grunge, Urban