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Inspire by Kim - Kimberley Kay

illustration of Ski illustration for those magic, powder days of off-piste skiing. 

#ski #skiing #skiillustration #sport #snow #holidays #woman
illustration of Created these skier themed Matryoshka dolls to illustrate the travel feature that I wrote after heli-skiing in Russia. I loved my matryoshka dolls when I was a child. 

#ski #toys #snowsports #mountainsports #sport #conceptual
illustration of Female skier in an x-jump position. Created in watercolour and gouache. 

Ski illustration for the letter ‘X’ in the Ski A-Z book. 

Ski Skiing #womenwhoski #sport #skiing #woman
illustration of Intending to capture the atmosphere after a day on the slopes and feeling everything from euphoria of achievement, to relaxing relief.

The artwork features a live music band entertaining skiers and snowboarders, dancing on tables, relaxing in deck chairs, romance on the balcony, and a light hearted snowball fight is underway.

And because Apres-Ski is reputed to be a party straight from slopes, whilst still wearing ski boots, it’s all happening in a ski boot.

#ski #skiing #apres-ski
illustration of Come across to see my work at
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illustration of Children's book double page spread illustration for the story of two characters with a wanderlust for travel.
illustration of #ski #illustration #sport #cycling #tennis #snorkelling #skiing #vacation #skiing #feelgood

‘Joynal’ concept – a lovely book in which to note and track fun times, and joyful days.

Representing women who ski, trail ride, snorkel, play tennis and enjoy relaxing on a sun lounger - all with a zesty, citrus theme.
illustration of Avalanche Kit Essentials - visual aide memoire and checklist for skiers and snowboarders 

Page illustration for the Ski A-Z book I'm working on. 

Training for Avalanche scenarios is advisable as part of a tool kit of knowledge and equipment for mountain users. 

#ski #snowboard #mountainsports #snowsports #sport
illustration of Editorial Illustration inspired by the The New York Times Magazine article, ‘The Social Life of Forests’ by Ferris Jabr. 

This was the second of two concepts demonstrating the fungal networks through which trees can ‘communicate’.

“Carbon, water, nutrients, alarm signals and hormones can pass from tree to tree through these subterranean circuits.” Reported Ferris Jabr on the research findings of Suzanne Simard. 

#nature #forests #trees


Art and illustration to inspire and uplift. I create joy in paint, paper, and digital. Using creative visual solutions and Public Relations techniques I provide a fresh approach to promoting products and services. I love to engage audiences on the themes of sport, wellbeing, travel, and the environment. Ski, Skiing, Mountain Sports, Women, Leisure, Nature, Enjoyment


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