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illustration of A voluptuous wine bottle next to 2 empty wine glasses- full color, pastel look, dramatic lighting, quick understanding of concept, conceptual, wine speak, humor, red wine, white wine, wine labels, wine imagery,  cabernet, merlot, pinot noir, zinfandel, legs, clarity, taste.
illustration of Sunset on Rocky Mountains in Colorado and some of the peaks are toking weed while one is using a bong.
illustration of Corporate types are pointing fingers at each other not taking responsibility for anything. Ducking and covering.  Note founder's finger in painting above. Full color, oil look, pastel look, dramatic lighting, boardroom, middle managers, no responsibility, finger pointing, not me, you, haggling, humor, typical boardroom, fighting, stalemate.
illustration of Texas gunslinger with tiny wine bottles in bullet holders with empty wine glass in his holster- he is ready to draw. Colorful, oil pastel look, humor, dramatic lighting, closeup detail, Texas theme, pink shirt, gun belt, wine belt, quick draw drinker, jeans, cowboy, wine lover, cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, malbec, vineyard, winery, wine label.
illustration of Corporate and financial types are sitting on toilet seat watching with sadness dollars going down the drain. Colorful, dramatic lighting, corporate woes, money loss, bottom line, cash flow, expenses, deficit spending, losing money, bankruptcy, suits, oil pastel look, oils look, pastel look, sadness, workers, money, bucks, greenbacks, losing money, in the toilet.
illustration of Every skier comes upon a double diamond run that is way over their skill level. Who does these runs? Who makes them? This could mean a trip to the first aid hut if I don't be careful. How did I even get here?
illustration of One of the most iconic holes at Augusta with the azelias and white sand backdrop. I added a touch of humor with the partner trying to hex his opponent's put.
illustration of Cats love to wake you up early for breakfast or a need to go outside. Hey they sleep most of the day so getting up at 5:30 is no big. And they will paw you or make noises so you obey. And obey you will.
illustration of Once we let him up on the bed to sleep with us it is all over. He will take over the middle and edge you towards the perimeter of the bed, if not on the floor. And don't push him, or he'll growl at you. And you don't want that. Dad is annoyed because he can't access Mom. And Mom is apprehensive because she was the one who invited Dogus in the first place.
illustration of Cat's are demanding and when they want food, you will know it. This cat has the remote, smoking a cigarette and demands a certain food. Better get on it.
illustration of This was for Wells Rich Greene and IBM. IBM got into offering software and hardware for education.
illustration of Dogs will let you know when it's time for a walkie.
They'll bring the leash and look pleadingly at you- you know you have to get out and take him for a pee or poop walk, don't you. After all the walk is for you as well. Dog w leash checking his watch, it's walkie time.
illustration of Balloons as hearts. Colorful and with meaning.
illustration of Everyone is on their phones or ipads and not paying attention to the world coming apart.

And while we are not watching the world, a lot of drivel is being communicated amongst ourselves.
illustration of Dogs fill up the space in a dog park. This one seems a bit over full.  Dogs on top of dogs. But oddly they fit.
illustration of A dog is happiest when he's sticking his head out the window as cars whiz by. Nite or day it's a thrill.
illustration of A very relaxed cat is expecting his owner to open the can of cat food. He actually thinks of his owner as his personal servant.
illustration of With one foot on land and the other on the sunken golf cart, he attempts to make par.
The long suffering wife looks on.
illustration of Dog w glasses on abstract background
illustration of Humorous golfer finds lost wallet and bodes poorly for vacation.
illustration of A financial advisor swoops down from clouds to assist a woman before she invests.
illustration of Woman shows hotel manager her bug bites which means a lawsuit is coming soon.
illustration of Bugs are moving in with luggage for a long stay
illustration of Mixed media using acrylic for leaves and oil pastel for tree/wall. the technique is DRAWING WITH COLOR.
illustration of An armadillo happily in a full wine glass- mixed media acrylic and oil pastel
illustration of A wine bottle sprays the husband as a couple dines.
illustration of Qantas Koala Bear in therapy due to too many tourists coming to Australia
illustration of chemicals can eat your home.


Are You Laughing At My Art? Fine art humorist, Jeff Leedy. This is an artist who comes to make you laugh. Wait a minute. This is ART! I'm not supposed to laugh, am I? Yes you are, this is the work of Jeff Leedy, nationally known fine art humorist. Whether you crack up at "Counsel Approaching The Bench" or "Dogus Interruptus", you’ll find yourself in a lighter, happier mood. " I laughed so hard, I almost forgot I was an attorney." After graduating from Syracuse U. just after the Spanish American War, Leedy began a career in advertising after being told, "Advertising would be the most fun you could have with your clothes on." Hah! Several big NY ad agencies including Y&R used his talents until he braved his way to San Francisco in ‘74 where he won a Clio, the “Oscar” of advertising. After that, he worked as a freelance humorous illustrator and did so with top national clients like IBM, BofA & Qantas. Then, he needed a big change. “I felt I needed to do my own creations, my own art. In other words, be a starving fine artist. “God gave me this strange set of contact lenses and this is how I see life.” Two turning points happened simultaneously First, Leedy entered—and won—a gold medal in the NY Society of Illustrators (a very conservative bunch) first Humor Show, beating out 3500 international entries. And second, his new oil pastel style was accepted into the Sausalito Art Festival, the #1 outdoor show in the country, (where he has exhibited for 18 years). The horse was out of the barn and the word got around. His work is being licensed onto magnets, mugs, calendars, etc. as he creates new works in his Boise, ID. studio. The public welcome and acceptance of his two galleries Art That Makes You Laugh© formerly located in Sausalito and Mendocino and at the hundreds of juried outdoor art shows has been overwhelming. His wife Elaine states that up until recently, Leedy has sold over 375,000 of his works. (so where’s the money?) Now in Boise, his passion and humor are directed towards humorous video blogs he calls The Funday Sunnies©. Jeff feels it is his mission to share and spread the humor that he was given by God. Art That Makes You Laugh® does just that. Simply put, Jeff Leedy's art just makes people happy.


Acrylic, Animation, Black & White, Cartoon, Conceptual, Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionistic, Line with Color, Pastel, Storyboards, Stylized, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Character Development, Children's Books, Editorial, Landscape, Leisure, Mural, People, Americana, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Environmental, Branding