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Philippe Nicolas

illustration of Interior scene 
Design interior, fashion, woman, inside, phone addict, minimal, vector style, brand illustration system, bold color,
illustration of We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. To high for see them. Editorial illustration about Refugees and migrants crisis. social differences, north & south differences. difficulty, trouble, danger situation, country, movements, immigrants, displaced people, refugee, asylum seeker, border, security, economic, political, societal, protection, family, child, immigration crisis, failure, Naturalization, global, unaccompanied children, violence, violent, war, travel, security
illustration of An editorial portrait of a photographer.  artist, photographer, American, European, female, art, photo camera, woman, Georgia, inspirational, figurative art, mid century, minimalistic style, navy, retro, regular, trendy, face, advertising, student, romantic, romance, political, friendship, smiling, beauty, girl, body, cosmetics, healthy, female, colorful, advertisement, camera, photo, photographer, reporter, journal, news, luxe
illustration of Portrait of a fashion man, old fashion New Yorker. Rap, Rapper, Hip Hop, Music, Portrait, Beard, Jewelry, Black Man, New York, California, Editorial, Fashion people, mode, Music portraits, rock, rocker, ska, London, english, trendy, music, musician, hipster, professional, fresh, artist, Black, American, label, face, front, person, celebration, star, life style, bold, positive, model, cap, sun, outside,
illustration of Series of travel illustrations - Japan - Asian, restaurant, Japanese food, fugu, fish, street, night, bold color, minimalist, night life, kombini, traditional, vectorial illustration, Sci-Fi, Tokyo, Osaka, tourism, lights, alcool, drinking, music, place, market, minimal, symmetric, postcard, local, yakuza, colorful, blue, police, building, lifestyle, flat, illustration, vector, sign, traveler, travel, discover, hide,
illustration of Women portraits series - vector, portaits, women, series, business, asian, data, design, report, graphic, modern, set, background, web, document, collection, concept, economics, sign, visual, presentation, symbol, template, retro, education, vintage, advertising, conceptual, communication ui, digital, marketing, technology, flat, icon, submit, material-design, application, register, software, flyer, cover, photo, print, brochure, geometric, catalog, paper, style, promotion, branding, identity,
illustration of Series of map illustrations - transportation, borders, bird eyes, cartography, land, digitally, Europe, architectural, architecture, architect, plan, project, construction, view, home, top, map design, workspace, studio, renovation, casual, designer, lifestyle, house, hipster, season, box, local, outdoors, city, urbanism, urbanist, plan, sky view, scale, building, central, citified, inner-city, municipal, non-rural, ophidian, popular, public, town, village, downtown, megalopolitan
illustration of City illustration for Volotea Airline - tourism, tourist, book cover, headline, round, brown, love, feelings, passion, amour, greeting, stylize, celebration, gift, beauty, romantic, new, happy, trend, scrapbook, chic, blossom, city, invitation, event, lettering, congratulation, classic, quality, architectural, street, pin, navigation, cloud, party, diversity, summertime, sun, sunlight, tourism, tourist, vacations, activity, backgrounds, panorama, sunny, plane, airplane, traveler, trip, vacation,
illustration of Illustration portrait series - full vector - simple, reporter, camera, portfolio, adult, male, character, people, portrait, face,  stylish,  model, autumn, black, journal, old fashion, daily, gazette, magazine, memoir, newspaper, tabloid, correspondent, editor, interviewer, composer, creator, essayist, ghostwriter, journalist, affair, portraits, model, colorful, photograph, picture, portrayal, snapshot, vignette, community, american, african, european, old fashion, retro style, bold color,
illustration of The US President Donald Trump bannished from his favorite platform : Twitter. 
Social network, YouTube, ban, @realdonaldtrump, social media, Twitter Rules, tweet, election, riot, Impeachment, official account, punished, capitol, authority, #byebyemisterpresident


Philippe is a French illustrator with over 10 years of professional experience. He has developed an intuitive way of working that has resulted in bold, colorful, and minimal style of simplifying shapes to their essence. Philippe works collaboratively with The New York Times, Olympic Games, FIFA, UEFA, IAAF, École Normale Supérieure, Agence France-Presse, Wired, LIFE Toronto, Good Magazine, Slanted, IdN, and many others.


Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Type Design, Vector, Apps/Mobile


Annual Report, Architecture, Book Covers, Celebrities, Editorial, Education, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Historical, Icons, Information Graphics, Landscape, Maps, Music, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Americana, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Logos