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Eric Barclay

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illustration of Cute unrealistic animals with patterns.
illustration of Winter polar bear ad bird with snow and holiday patterned accessories.
illustration of Panda design for products.
illustration of Eco orange cat gift.


An illustrator, designer, and the author of I Can See Just Fine (Abrams Appleseed) and Hiding Phil (Scholastic), Eric has always been interested in art, and took oil painting classes from the time he was 12 to when he was a senior in high school. From there he went on to study journalism and graphic design at University of Texas at Arlington. Classic cartoons, modern art, mid-century design and everyday mishaps heavily influence his style. Eric lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, two beautiful young daughters, a dog and two cats. Clients include American, Express, American Greetings, Disneyland Paris, Hallmark, Marian Heath, Papyrus, Toys R Us, Westin Kids Club


Cartoon, Photoillustration, Whimsical, Design, Pattern


Nature, Licensing, Product, Children's Products, Wildlife, Packaging, Children, Environmental, Animals, Youth, Greeting Cards, Holidays