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Meg Wagler

illustration of Reflection is a digital illustration by Meg Wagler showing a female character resting on a lime wedge, overlooking the cosmos, seeming to be fishing for something. This abstract surreal concept was used for editorial content written about self understanding and meditation.
illustration of Snake Cramps is a digital illustration in response to the Stay At Home Order issued in the United States during the COVID Pandemic. Abstractly conceptualizing feeling cooped up and stuck in one place, this editorial piece using a snake in a small jar resonates with many. Layering texture with rich blue and black on a mint green backdrop, the illustrative white lifework on the snake helps to create a visual guide.
illustration of A delightfully offbeat orange peel reveals unexpected pattern and color
illustration of Editorial web Illustration for The Honey Pot Company, depicting the variety of ways a couple can be intimate.
illustration of Illustrative, whimsy botanicals grow around a self love message to: Embrace Your Wild
illustration of Lemon Poppy is a surface pattern design intended for textiles to compliment the In Bloom collection debuted by Meg in 2020. Bright yellow paired with a clean white backdrop creates an unmistakable feeling of sunshine and springtime and makes a lovely gift wrap design as much as it does a textile pattern.
illustration of Illustrative botanical branch with blooming florals in watermelon, blue and teal hues
illustration of Queen Bee is a digital illustration celebrating bright and bold colors in a unique representation of the insect kingdom. Bright yellow, blue and mint green stripes create the shaping of the wings while watermelon magenta pink compliments the rich black accents and two antennae frame a golden yellow crown with rubies. Illustrative lifework helps create a playful and approachable style to this bold illustration.
illustration of Skater Girl is a digital character illustration by Meg, originally for Boys & Girls Club of America, showcasing a female character catching epic air on her board in her Nike shoes and white tee shirt.
illustration of Biker Babe is  digital illustration by Meg Wagler featuring a female character riding her bicycle. Originally used as an editorial illustration for an active lifestyle blog (web illustration). The girl character is wearing tube socks with long blonde hair and a blue helmet on a pink bike.
illustration of Home Sweet Home is a digital illustration, transitioned to a print. Botanicals playfully frame a cozy illustration of a home (house) with rich black texture, white illustrative lines and bright blue floral accents. Smoke gently rises from the chimney (rooftop) and hand lettered typography reads
illustration of Vase In Bloom is a digital illustration featuring a representational botanical arrangement in a vase. Bright colors and hand drawn lines playfully juxtapose rich blacks to create a bold and harmonious use of color and composition.
illustration of Retreat is a digital illustration created for editorial use depicting a blue female character in the fetal position, seeming to be protected by the coils of a black snake with white lines wrapped around her. This piece is in response to the emotional exhaustion of working through many of the hardships through 2020, specifically the racial injustice and protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd.
illustration of The Future Is Bright is a digital typographic illustration with hand drawn lettering, ultimately used for a mural installation in the Ozarks. Using bold colors and sweeping lines, Meg creates visual interest with simple lettering to provide a legible and exciting note of encouragement.
illustration of Fish Bowl is an editorial illustration created for Louder Than the Storm (UK) and depicts a female character with her head in a fishbowl, breathing water with fish swimming. Meg explores the use of texture in this digital illustration to create a gritty sense of apprehension to juxtapose the bright colors. Pink, blue and green combine to balance the use of black to create a thought provoking environmental piece.
illustration of Hour Glass is an editorial illustration created for Louder Than the Storm (UK) and depicts a colorful botanical bouquet trapped in an hour glass appearing to turn to sand as time implies to run out. Meg explores the use of texture in this digital web illustration to create a gritty sense of apprehension to juxtapose the bright colors and pretty floral illustration. Yellow, rose pink, blues and teals combine to balance the use of black to create a thought provoking environmental piece.
illustration of Start Somewhere is a digital typographic illustration with altered text and custom hand lettered calligraphy. Using bold colors and sweeping lines, Meg creates visual interest with simple lettering to provide a legible and exciting note of encouragement.
illustration of Community is a digital illustration originally created for an editorial piece on the importance of community in the efforts to repair climate change effects, particularly on Earth Day celebrations. Meg later turned this illustration to print for stationery cards to share the botanical illustration with all who care about empowering others to do their part to protect the earth.
illustration of Be Nice Or Leave is an illustration intended to print and product design as part of a collection to inspire kindness. Botanical art surrounds a red (magenta) hand suggesting for the viewer to stop and read the hand lettered typography:
illustration of Hot Legs is an original illustration turned into a seamless repeating pattern for textiles featuring stylized bananas with illustrative line work and polka dots. In addition to bananas, the highlight of the illustration is the art of a banana peeling back and revealing a pair of dancing female legs with black heels. Playful and unique, this illustration was intended for a delightfully offbeat textile pattern for a national apparel brand.
illustration of Happy Nesting is an editorial digital illustration of a  stylized smiley emoji popping out of a Russian nesting doll whose top has separated from it's base. Colorful and graphic, this piece is eye catching.
illustration of Vote For Peace is a digital vector illustration promoting the right and importance of voting during the 2020 US presidential election. The use of calming salmon pinks and gradients in peaceful blues and mint greens, this illustration of a stylized dove bird carrying a banner reading
illustration of Packed Like Sardines is a digital illustration in response to the Stay At Home Order during the COVID19 Pandemic in 2020. It is an editorial piece depicting the feeling of being stuck inside with a large family in a small space and the feeling of being cooped up. The use of texture and rich blacks pair playfully with the use of bright teal blue/green colors to create an engaging and eye catching illustration.
illustration of This editorial spot illustration is 1 of 14 illustrations created for Feast Magazine on a piece highlighting mushroom varieties and the many ways to enjoy them. This spot illo showcases the ability to rehydrate mushrooms in a stock pot to create soup with onions, peppers, and other vegetables. This food art was published in the October 2020 issue.
illustration of Mental Health is a digital illustration by Meg Wagler featuring two protective tigers surrounding a custom typographic treatment reading
illustration of This playful illustration is a satire on the typical Seasons Greetings during the Christmas holiday season and instead celebrates and highlights the Halloween (Fall/Autumn) season. With stylized witchy illustrations like skulls, snakes, potions, crystals, cosmos and the inner eye, this illustration of a hand (bone) holding fern leaves beneath hand lettered typography is a fun take on a standard concept.
illustration of In Bloom is a seamless surface design pattern by Meg Wagler, depicted here as a colorful botanical package design for a fragrance.
illustration of In Bloom is the hero seamless pattern designed and illustrated by Meg in her debut collection: In Bloom. Featuring bright, bold and graphic botanical illustrations, this colorful surface pattern design looks gorgeous printed on fabric, textiles, paper and other products.


Meg Wagler is a visual artist and illustrator in the Midwest, USA known internationally for her colorful works, hand lettering, and message of self love. With a BFA in graphic design and illustration, Meg started her career as a designer and art director before establishing her solo career. Her work in agencies propelled her proclivity to work across several mediums and inspired her current work in mural installations, fine art, editorial and surface design illustration.


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