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Nadya Bonten-Slenders

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illustration of Whimsical watercolor of a squirrel in winter coat and hat kneeling in snow looking thoughtful, other animals in background playing in snow.
illustration of image of older girl and younger child in dinosaur costume waiting at bus stop under an umbrella.
illustration of Animals arriving for a tea party in a bear den, a red headed girl is seated in the den with teapot.
illustration of Bee flying with mail bag delivering letter to a standing bee.


From The Netherlands, Nadya lives with her husband, son and bunny. She works in her art studio from their home in Kerkrade. Nadya has been drawing and writing ever since she was a little girl and enjoys it a tremendous amount to this day. Her art is often an expression of her love for a wide variety of animals, big and small. She started working as a freelance illustrator in 2012, mostly focusing on painting commissions and the creation of whimsical animal prints. After the birth of her son, Luke, in 2014 she found a great passion for picture books. She brought her wordless picture book Wanderlust to life in the years that followed. Nadya loves to draw and paint traditionally as well as digitally, often combining multiple media within her works. Through her art and stories, she invites young children and their parents to visit a world of imagination, meeting her cute, whimsical and adventurous characters along the way.


Pastel, Watercolor, Whimsical


Animals, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Family, Nature, Wildlife, Ethnic