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Fausto Podavini

Omo Change

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This project was to bring awareness to the poor conditions of the people in the Omo River Valley. Due to the oil spills, the river has been polluting the water this village relies on and killing their ecosystem. View the gallery of photos and support the cause through the link below:

Omo Change

Madeline Ryan

illustration of Rome, Olympics, sculpture coming to life, transforming, transformation, sport athlete figure, athletic, illustration, digital, typography, pink background, roman football player, soccer, Nicolo Zaniolo, number 22, promote, players, Italy, Foro Italico, Olympic stadium. Bring to life history, Photoshop, Illustrator.
illustration of interior, church, Rome, Trastevere, cathedral, Santa Maria, glowing, gold, mosaic, watercolor, textured paper, reflection, pillars, detailed design, beautiful, breathtaking, god, christ, religion, holy spirit.
illustration of Girl, red lips, watercolor, brunette, yellow hat, short hair, closed eyes, at peace, sleeping, traveling, lots of colors, colorful, textured fabric, coat, bold, purple, defined features, beautiful.
illustration of Soldier, greek, Greece, Athens, Red sun, red feathers on helmet, wings, gray and orange and blues and reds and pinks make up the color palette. Sunset feel and look. Full of adventure, poise, and strength.
illustration of watercolor Italian women bold colors, black, line work, pen and pencil, sass, sassy poses, older woman, white hair, shock, rude, Italy, Rome, texture, brown and black and white, limited color palette, cute older women, simple line work.
illustration of Family, watercolor, greens, bushes, green grass, summer, bright, reds and blues, brunette, blonde, tall, on knees, posing for painting, smiles, detailed, lots of kids.
illustration of Window, shutters, woman, earthly tones palette, teal, tan, browns, girl in window, gaze, childlike, watercolor, cute, imaginative, dreamlike, texture.
illustration of Pantheon, the fountain outside, in front, Roma, statue, face, water coming out, ducks, color, marker, watercolor, ink, Italian, Italy, old, ancient, history, frozen statue, freshwater, cold fresh water stream from Italies mountain range, clean flowing water.
illustration of Washington state, WA, Tacoma narrows bridge, gig harbor, beach, watercolor, blue. green, a man on beach, sand, rocky, natural.
illustration of lighthouse, washington, beach, red, blue, white cream colored, cloudy day, Washington state, watercolor, natural, light.
illustration of Women in a deep hole, pen lines indicate depth and dimension. Women looking up, hatching, pen and paper, mud, landscape, log, hair wrapped, skirt, holding on, look of fear, darkness, shadow, black and white.
illustration of barista, baristas, coffee, espresso, machine, masks, covid, shots, coffeeshop, India ink, black and white, line work, simple, counter, open sign, flannel shirt, two girls, pitcher, milk, latte, cafe, perspective.
illustration of Owl, cute character animal wildlife, digital illustration, adorable, twig, small eyes, texture, pink background, tan, kid decor, child, childlike, whimsical.
illustration of Bunny, cute, illustration, wildlife, nature, gray, texture, fur, big bunny ears, fluffy tail, big eyes, digital. Kids decor, children, childlike animal characters.
illustration of Raccoon animal wildlife textured digital illustration pink background childlike kid kids room decor black and white cute.
illustration of Fox character illustrated in a child-like whimsical and playful way. Textured line work mixed with crisp edges create cute and playful animal.
illustration of Childlike bear looking straight, pink background, brown bear, paws, cute, texture, hairy, character, cubby, kid, picture, poster, friendly.
illustration of Deer, character, c
illustration of A pattern of animals in the wild for children's decor or merchandise. Owl, bear, raccoon, bunny, deer, stump, tree, birch tree, berries, red, brown, leaves, lilies, flowers, flower, stripes, lines, rows. Nature, natural, child, childlike, kid, pattern, variety.
illustration of Flowers digitally painted with an emphasis on texture, color, and light through simple shapes and a limited color palette. Pink, red, and yellow flowers in bloom create a retro vintage look. Still life, growth, big leaves, healthy, happy.
illustration of Little yellow flowers and red clovers big dark leaves growing bloom, still life, beauty, feminine, simple shapes, curvy, beauty, sweet smelling, golden to yellow, ruby red to pink, dark to light.
illustration of Yellow and blue flowers illustrated in a retro vintage style. Digital, digitally painted, simple design, simple color palette, playful, curvy shapes, colorful, growing, plants, roots, bloom, in season, bright.
illustration of Wedding, fall, variety, color, orange, pink roses, olive green leaves, red roses, purple, blue, dark green, crazy, beautiful, leaves, petals, bride, invites, wedding illustrations, pattern, happy.
illustration of Bouquet of flowers illustrated painted in India ink. Painterly, flow, lifelike, life, growth, wildlife, texture, light and dark, black and white, variety, roses, leaves, babies' breath, buds, berries, fall, wedding, still life, pocky, smooth, feminine, bridal bouquet.
illustration of young girl, native american, cute, playing pretend, imagination, colorful, texture, smokey, legends, legend, white buffalo calf girl storybook, braids, creativity
illustration of native american land west canoe tepee, stream, textures, children's story book colors bright blue tans
illustration of legend, imagine, imagination, little girl, native American, buffalo turn into a woman, braids, blue Pancho, tights, hut, dirt floor
illustration of Emersed in nature waterfall trickles down the rocks and sticks and branches as the leaves splash and move with the stream. Linework and painterly mixture create a soft scene with texture on top to create depth and points of focus. Natural colors, varied greens, browns, tan and white water as it splashes down the hill.
illustration of Salad wrap food cart truck simple watercolor, earthy tones, teal, brick street, light bulbs, cute, childlike, travel, new foods, eat on the go
illustration of Drum, Drumming, man, Native American, ceremonial, mohawk, happy, joy, high in spirits, child-like, character, line work, shading.
illustration of Man, beer, flannel, tan, tan background, smiles, curly hair, painterly, beer advertisement, smile, stylized, caricature, portrait, purple shirt, young, 21, texture, fabric, glass reflection, attention to detail.
illustration of Coffee women girls happy big smiles soft painterly style, bright colors, gold, soft blue, pink, red, browns, fabric, fabric folds. Light and shadow, cafe, latte, cappuccino, sweet caricature.
illustration of Bar, man, and woman, bar sign, lights, Christmas 
time with lights, garland, green glow, tan wall, texture, soft painting, clothing texture, fabric, vest, flannel, bottled water, coat, wool, clutch purse, doorway, a moment in time, gazing off, in a daze, looking in the distance, slight smirk, content.


Capturing the moment is why I'm an artist. It's more than my passion, its what I am good at and what I'm made to do. Let me bring to life your vision through Illustration and/or Graphic Design.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Impressionistic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Digital Sculpture, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Motion


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, Mural, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Sports, Still Life, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Urban, Branding