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Lauren Lowen

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If you didn’t already know it from her art, that smirk on her face gives it away. Lauren Lowen is our resident Queen of Snark, and she expresses her infectious humor beautifully through her work. Since graduating from the Illustration Department at The Rhode Island School of Design, Lauren’s artwork has appeared in magazines, on book covers, and even as stickers! She taught Illustration at both Montserrat College of Art and RISD before starting a new chapter working in the gift and stationery industry. Lauren lives with her husband in Nashville, creating whimsical illustrations and surface design for a variety of markets including editorial, publishing and licensing. She said “You can find me currently teaching at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film and probably eating sushi,” her favorite food. Lauren’s clients include Scholastic Klutz Galison/ Mudpuppy Press, LG, Capstone, Mindware, Girls' Life Magazine, Peaceable Kingdom and Utne Reader. As for personal stuff, “If I weren’t an illustrator I think part of me would love to be a chef.” In her free time Lauren finds herself reading a lot of biographies by comedians. She has seen “A Fish Called Wanda” several times. Lauren said “I would like to travel to Tokyo! I have been there twice and would love to return ASAP.”


Cartoon, Digital, Lettering, Special Effects, Texture, Floral, Whimsical


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